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13 Essential Tips for Stay At Home Moms (How to Avoid the Common Mistakes)

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Make Stay-At-Home Mom life Work for You

Needing strategies to rock your SAHM life and feel fulfilled? Keeping reading my multitasking warrior. You are about to enter the basic stay-at-home mom training program. You will learn actionable tips for stay-at-home moms.

The foundation for success in stay-at-home-mom life combat takes dedication, determination, and support. Oh and a whole lot of coffee!!

Stay-at-home mom life is unique. It is challenging and sometimes lonely. Most importantly it is time you can never buyback. Time with your kids and yourself. It’s an exhausting and thrilling ride.

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These 12 best tips for stay-at-home moms will create a master plan on how to thrive as a stay-at-home mom. How to avoid common mistakes. And how to never lose the single most important person. YOU!

1. Find mom friends near you

Making mom friends is the first thing on my list because it takes time. Because you need resources. You NEED comradery! So that’s where we are going to start.

Read this post here: Making friends as a stay at home mom

Having a network can help you thrive as a stay-at-home mom. It’s imperative you have people to talk to. People who understand the hard days and can be there in case of an emergency. You also gain a network of resources because together moms are stronger. Whether that means finding ways to make money from home. Or just having playdates together.

2. Create a daily house cleaning checklist

Yes, your primary duties are going to be homemaking and caring for kids. But if you spend your day cleaning and running circles. You will feel resentful, exhausted, and fed up. Instead, create a simple house cleaning checklist.

The most important thing to remember is that a cleaning routine will streamline your housework. It will create a margin in your day.

Each day you will have ABC things to get done! That’s it.

Don’t try to clean the whole house in a day. Set realistic expectations. Don’t declutter and try to clean at the same time. Minimalism is your friend!! The fewer things you have the less you have to clean.

But cleaning can be hard as well when kids are home all day.

Kids will destroy the house if you let them. Instead, consider organizing the toys. Learn the art of toy rotation. Keeping toys to a minimum and a central location is a HUGE help.

3. Plan your weeks and days

Listen up!!! The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results.” This means staying home mama all day!

If you have the means to drive, go somewhere. If you can walk, get your steps in, and if you have access to public transportation utilize it. Find another mom friend and carpool.

Here is how to plan your outings as a stay-at-home mom

Step 1. Grab your favorite planner or app

Step 2. Log on to Facebook to find local kid-friendly events

Filter events by CATEGORY (example: Kids, Kid-friendly, Family Friendly)

For detailed help on using the search go here

Once the list of events has popped up scroll through and add them to your calendar.

Step 3. Join Local Mom Groups or Stay at home mom groups in your area on Facebook.

Use the search feature under groups and search for (stay-at-home mom, moms in “your area” )

Here are two of my favorite groups to join. Just click the link: Stay-at-home mamas support, Stay at home moms adulting together

Step 4. Grab your local magazines and newspapers

Looking through your local magazines and newspapers. Any things that list events and activities will help you to find things to put on your calendar.

Step 5. Fill up your calendar

No more – what are we going to do today kinds days. For free printable calendars to help you plan your outings join VIP access to my library.

4. Stay motivated by doing something you love

Easier said than done some will say. I actually think it’s easier done than said. Many moms lose their identity as a stay at home moms. This is very hard to get back not impossible but a journey.

Depending on where you are in your stay-at-home mom life journey. Whether a newbie or a few years in.

I want you to stop and think about what lights you up. In fact, I want you to write this down.

Do you enjoy art? Do you like to craft? Do you like to cook, or maybe hike? The list can go on. Write down at least 5 things that excite you or make you happy.

Now after you have written down these 5 things. I want you to think about what pockets of time can you fit this activity in during your day or week.

Then I want you to schedule this time in your calendar! Yes, you are scheduling this time in your calendar.

Lastly, you are going to make a promise to yourself that you are going to do at least one of these things regularly. Frame the page if you have to.

It’s ok that your interest changes over time. You may find that some things you love to do will have to reorder things in your family life. Guess what?! That is ok.

Because you matter to mama! There was a person before she became a mom.

Tips for stay at home moms

5. Turn something you love into an income

Now that you have your list of things you love. It’s important to keep your mind fresh and somewhat in the real world. Making a side income as a stay-at-home mom is lucrative. To your mindset, your finances, and your mental health.

Imagine some of the things that you love on your list could actually make you some money. Maybe you bake and sell baked goodies.

A great idea is to find something that can help simplify another’s mom’s life. She will be more than willing to pay if you are saving her time and frustration.

6. Exercise regularly

Don’t think that you can’t fit in time for a little health boost. Think again. I share more awesome tips on how I lost 25 lbs as a stay home mom here.

Making time to exercise is such a great way to do self-care. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Aim for at least 30 mins of activity. Kids are in the way.

Chase the kids around and play monster. Running up and down all over the house. You will get your heart pumping and they will have a blast.

Another idea is to dance and have fun. Check out this post here for awesome dance ideas you can do at home.

7. Have Routines

Routines will save your sanity mamas. Being an organized stay-at-home mom is essential. Sticking to routines will create harmony in your household.

I am talking not fighting to go to bed, me time, time with your husband, downtime, and a house under control.

The top three routines a mom should consider and put into place. Morning routines, nap routines, and bedtime routines.

Bedtime routines are the most important. Because children need their sleep. Not to mention the much-needed downtime you need as a mother.

When you don’t get this at the end of the day consistently. Your days will blend. You will have more problems being able to let down. This mama is so needed.

8. Prioritize your sleep

This is a hard one when your baby isn’t sleeping through the night. But creating routines will help with this. So you can maximize the sleep you get.

When you lack sleep it makes it more difficult to function.

9. Use nap time and TV time

Nap times are the best time for you to do what you NEED to do. This means if you need rest. Then rest. This means if you need to get stuff done then you focus on what should be done by importance.

Screen time is not all bad. Find educational shows and when you provide screen time be sure you use this pocket of time to

10. Dress for your own benefit

The stay-at-home mom attire is important. But what I mean is dress for what makes you feel good.

Often times as a stay-at-home mom I would get caught in the yoga pants and t-shirt look. Leaving cute jeans in the drawers and untouched makeup.

It may sound silly but getting dressed for you is one of the most uplifting things you could do. Yet again another form of self-care.

Find a style that is comfy and complimenting. Something that still speaks empowerment.

Do your makeup once in a while. Where those jeans that make you feel great.

11. Stay connected /Learn something new

If you were a career woman or working mom before becoming a stay-at-home mom be sure to stay connected just a bit. It’s important to keep your mind fresh. Some like to call it keeping one foot in the working world.

But find ways to stay current in your industry.

If you have no interest in staying in your industry then consider learning a new skill.

It is often better and more beneficial for a stay-at-home mom to become a life learner. Learning something new that can potentially gain her new skills or a job at any given time.

Keep your mind sharp!

12. Know your finances

This may be a trigger for some. And while this is not the intent. It is something that I have learned first handed. I want all my moms to be well taken care of.

About 3 years ago I almost lost my husband. He is the sole provider. I would have been left with 3 kids, car notes, and a mortgage.

However, because I am mutually on the same ground with my husband and handle most of the financials. I knew our situation and could have made an action plan and moved forward.

However, I have met some moms who have no idea what their financial situation is. This leaves them vulnerable.

One person I know had to learn everything the week her husband died. She had no idea what their finances were or how to handle all the accounts they had. Including home management.

It is a difficult situation when you are planning a funeral, trying to figure out your finances, and raising kids all at the same time. With no income coming in.

13.  Delegating age-appropriate household tasks to kids

Teaching kids how to start to pick up after themselves and help with simple house chores. Toddlers can help with putting toys back into a box. As they grow add on chores like putting dishes inside the sink. Creating simple habits they can learn to help around the house. Which can create space to be more present with them. Learning to care for the house as a family creates harmony.

You can learn how to start this by organizing your home to foster your kids’ independence.

In conclusion, being home with your kids is going to be a huge transition. You will experience many ups and downs emotionally. Mentally things can get rough.

So create your game plan. Don’t lose who you are. Understand there are seasons of motherhood. Be sure to care for the U in you!! And most importantly keep your mom motivated.

Your kids will grow and change but so will you!!