Hi Mama’s! 

Welcome to your new village.  This blog is for all of us moms.  Aiming to help moms achieve balance and to help them reach their personal goals.  You will find tips on time management, home management, self-care, healthy relationship with your finances and creating a work-life balance you truly deserve.  It takes a village to survive motherhood because of it’s ever changing seasons.  My goal is to support you through each and everyone.

My story

Hey there Mama!  I am just like you.  My name is Lisa.  From being a former single mom to a stay at home mom I truly get it.  The struggles, the hard days and the great days.  From working to never making enough to pulling your hair our because of the 24/7 constant with kiddos.  I hope this page can give you a virtual hug.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is to include people.  

I want to tell you it’s ok.  It’s alright to have bad days and it’s not selfish that you also have dreams of your own.  Self-care should not include guilt.  Because you can’t give your best to anyone if your own cup is empty.  My goal is to inspire, share my knowledge, uplift and to help in anyway I can.  To give back the support I received in my most needed times.  Let’s do this motherhood journey together!!  

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