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I wish I knew about the Seasons as a Mother

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If you are reading this as a mother yourself I am sure you can pick out a handful of things that you may have struggled with as a mom and what you would tell to a newbie mother to be. Things that maybe could of lessen the burden of the hardships we face during our years of motherhood. Best described as the seasons of motherhood. We all go through them we all experience each one in our ways.

If there is one thing that I wish I knew almost 17 years ago when I first became a mom was that motherhood is made of seasons. Seasons of amazing joy, pain, heartache, sadness, worry, happiness, feeling overwhelmed, soul-sucking, rewarding and just plain exhaustion on so many different levels.


Here I am on my third child with sixteen years between my oldest and my youngest. Still experiencing the sleepless nights and exhaustion of our youngest. But let me tell you I stop sleeping almost 17 years ago, sleep is only one part of motherhood.

mother and kids

There is a saying I love to tell other people who ask me about my kids and family. I usually say “One wakes me up all night, the other keeps me up all night.” I often times will wake from sudden noises from the little ones. Then there are nights I wake in pure panic, fear, terror, anger, and once in while full out in tears worried about just if I am doing the right things to raise my kids.

Rainbows & Rain

Being a mom is such a wonderful gift from God and I can never get enough of the baby kisses, strong hugs from my little man and my moments of being proud when my teen finally gets it. Ya know they don’t listen like EVER!

But I would be lying to you if you asked me, do you love being a mom all the time? Or telling you that being a single mom is harder than being a stay at home mom. I have lived both extremes as a mother and each has its own challenges. When you have those bad days realize it’s ok. Learn from them and move on.

So why I am I telling you this. I telling you this not to scare you off motherhood if you are new to it. I am also not telling you this because I regret motherhood. In fact, my motherhood journey gave me life, gave me purpose, made me closer to God, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!!!

Ever-changing Seasons

I am telling you this because I wish someone would have told me. That it’s ok, it’s normal to have crazy days. To tell you that each season you need to take a step back and truly enjoy it, because they don’t last. Even when you may feel like it’s never gonna end and your world is crashing down.

The days you feel so sick because of the lack of sleep, you are not a bad mother for reaching out for help. Learn how to accept help. The pressure of being perfect, don’t put that chip on your shoulder. The pressures of the world don’t let them sway you from the task God has given you. Remember he is always with you.

I offer comfort and compassion for the tears you shed behind closed doors and the smile you show the world when you are sometimes dying inside.

We mothers suffer often in silence. Fearful that we may seem weak if we speak about the difficulties we face as a mother. Even those mother’s who seem to have it all together. I have had my days of comparison. Reality is they don’t.

An’t no hood like motherhood

The seasons of motherhood can feel lonely and can feel disturbing when you think about the hardships in your head over and over. You are not going crazy. Even if you suffer from depression or the “baby blues” as they like to call it, remember this too shall pass.

Your feelings are valid, and the overcoming changes of creating life and birthing a human are a task that damn near will take you to an alternate universe.

One of my mom friends said to share the good, the bad and the ugly well here it is. You will experience seasons during your motherhood so enjoy the ride and its roller coaster with the tallest drops, twist and turns and heart racing speed.

My encouragement to you

Just like a tree, we are mothers who need to stand firm with our roots. Keep faith in the father in heaven. As the winds of change blow you to and from don’t be wary. For just like a tree you live through each season of motherhood but will bloom in the Spring once again and will be radiant in Summer.

With Love to all mother’s