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40 Ideas on How to Shower When You Have a Toddler

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Learn ways to occupy your toddler so you can fit in basic self-care

She screamed bloody murder while sitting in her walker.  The walker was too wide to fit through my apartment door bathroom.  Which meant I could put her in the walker and she couldn’t roll away.

Life can seem pretty challenging when you have a child or multiple children at your hip.

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That was the shower scene of me being a first-time mom over 20 years ago. But after 3 kids I have the showering game down more to a science. At least that is what I convinced myself of. But let’s continue the story.

I had switched the shower curtain to a clear plastic one after having way too many showers playing peekaboo behind a curtain that was designed to match my decor.

If she couldn’t see me she would scream.  That was the daily routine every time I wanted to take a shower with my toddler.

And as she grew in toddler years so did my creativity in trying to do a simple basic human need.

As a mom, things get a bit more tactical like being in some special ops force.  You can plan it all out and worst-case scenario the rest.  So you can reach the target goal by taking a shower while the toddler was awake.

Toddler playing with moms makeup in the bathroom

That toddler in my story is 20 now at the time of this blog post.  And I am sitting next to my youngest toddler on the couch as I write this post she is 4.

With 3 kids and at one stage having an infant and toddler together while showering.  I have had my fair share of how am I am going to get this done moment.  

Below are as many ideas I could think of or have tried myself to help me get a shower in.  90% of the time I was alone with my kids and so this list is how it came about.

Some safety tools that helped as well are listed below

40 Ways to Occupy a Toddler While You Shower

  1. Change your shower curtain to a clear one so they can see you
  2. Put toddler in walker 
  3. Put toddler in the bouncer 
  4. Put toddler in a high chair 
  5. After they are asleep for the night
  6. Use your baby monitor and place them in the crib and give him a few toys to occupy them.  Attach toys to the railing so they don’t fall out.
  7. Set toddler in the bathroom with an activity and snack. 
  8. Set up travel pack and play inside if possible 
  9. Set up a tablet and toys around with the door locked.  Be sure all cabinets have safety locks on them. 
  10. Use a baby lounger and strap them in with toys or show
  11. Shower with little one inside the shower with you with toys, 
  12. Plan your showers around nap time
  13. Create a bedtime routine where after the toddler goes down you shower
  14. If possible wake to shower before the toddler wakes up 
  15. Opt for a bath instead of a shower with kiddo alongside you 
  16. Get a kiddie ball pit like this one and put them inside 
  17. Use an inflatable pool with toys- be mindful that the toddler can’t get out.  Or is in no danger. 
  18. Take a movable swing or bassinet to rock 
  19. Try bringing the stroller in and securing them in. 
  20. Attach a travel high chair to a dining room chair.  And place it near you so you can interact with them.
  21. Give them toilet paper rolls to stack if they are wrapped individually
  22. Let them pull handkerchiefs out of a tissue box ( or just give them a tissue box and stuff it back in)🤷‍♀️
  23. Give them empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls to play with as long as they don’t eat them
  24. Use an empty tissue box and have them put the balls in or out, or other fun soft items
  25. Give them empty pots and spoons from the kitchen
  26. Place objects inside tubberware and let them try to get at it or shake it
  27. Ball pit balls
  28. Snacks that dissolve easily to reduce choke hazard
  29. Tablet with their favorite show
  30. Window crayons to draw on glass shower door if your shower is glass and they are older toddlers
  31. Building foam blocks
  32. Stacking toys
  33. Shape sorting toys
  34. Plush educational toys like Melissa and Doug style ones
  35. Musical mat or musical piano mat
  36. Magic drawing doodle mat
  37. Inflatable toys
  38. Plastic cups
  39. Light up toys
  40. Blow up balloons – just grab a pack from the dollar tree

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What to do when you can’t get a shower in with a toddler

It’s a fact that you may have a few of those having to skip shower days. And when this happens take time to make sure you at least wash your face. Use dry shampoo for your hair.

You can do a warm towel to wipe down your body just to refresh yourself.

And most importantly communicate your needs. Your significant other needs you to communicate that you are needing help. It’s one thing to give your all to your family but we have to be better in communication that MOM has needs too. And there is NO GUILT in asking for this.

And when all else fails you need to find that really good mom friend. Invite her over and have her watch the kids for an hour while you shower. I wish I had that support system when I was having a tough time. This is why I am recommending it to you.

Listen up, mama friend. I totally get it. You just wanna wash your 7-day-old hair in a bun. And put on fresh clothes. Having a toddler at home and wanting to take a shower requires you to make some adjustments to your normal routine

There are some things you’ll have to consider when you do, such as the amount of time you have to spend in the shower, the space available in the said shower, and the age and state of mind of your child.

If you think about all of these things, then you’ll be able to have a relaxing shower with your child and not have to worry about any accidents from either of you!

What ideas would you add to my list let me know so I can add them in.