Toddler Egg Carton Activities

6 Fun and Easy Toddler Activities with Egg Cartons

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Kids are funny to me. For example this past week my kids have been playing with a huge box from one of my Walmart deliveries.

I was like hey whatever works. Sometimes to thrive as a stay at home mom you have to go with the flow and find new ways to get creative with your kids.

But you see its a simple box and my kids just like other kids love it. They think its the best thing in the world.

Something as simple as an egg carton can turn into a fun toddler activity and craft just the box turned into a toy.

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What can I do with empty egg cartons?

With several learning exercises, fun motor skill development games egg carton activities for toddlers are perfect.

keeping those leftover egg cartons can be a fun way to do activities with your toddlers.

I have used egg cartons for holding paint, holding died Easter eggs and crafts. I especially love the cardboard ones because they are eco-friendly.

6 Fun and Easy Egg Toddler Activities with Egg Cartons

1. Egg Carton Caterpillar

Shannon over at Raising Hooks uses a cute idea to read the Hungry Caterpillar book and then make a caterpillar out of egg cartons. Cut it up into sections and paint it.

2. Coloring Sorting using Egg Cartons and Popsicle sticks

This is such a cute idea. Flip over the egg carton cut a few holes and add a few colored stickers the get some popsicle sticks. Your toddler has to insert the right popsicle stick into the match colored sticker. Caroline from the little learning club uses blank sticks and uses the same stickers to stick on the sticks.

I found these though to make the process even easier.

3. Q-Tip Egg Carton Push

I found this idea over at Happily Ever Mom. The concept again is flipping the egg carton over and having your toddler push the Q-Tips through. Seriously, I can totally see why any toddler would love this. My two-year-old loves to put food into her water cup opening. She thinks its funny.

4. Counting items

Amy a former teacher has a neat idea where you draw a couple of dots inside the egg carton spots. Then you have your toddler count out items. You can use rocks, marbles, pom poms, buttons, and cotton balls. They are tons of other little you may find around your house too.

5. Egg Carton Building Blocks

I know my kiddos love to build anything they can and get great gratification from knocking it all down. That’s why this idea will get your kids going.

This awesome idea came from Kim over at The Pinterest Parent. Cut up the blocks and paint them then use them to stack. She shares ways to do different stacking games.

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6. Flowers made out of Egg Cartons

This is such a cute idea, especially for a Spring craft or mother’s day gift. Jackie from iheartartsandcrafts walks you through a tutorial on how to make this cute activity. An easy craft that you can do with your toddler and they can show it off.

How do you dispose of Styrofoam egg cartons?

For any DIY egg carton activity above if you end up using a styrofoam egg carton remember that it is not recyclable. Sadly it has to go into the garbage. 😥

There are a couple of ways though to still reuse them. You can keep your activity for another day after you make it.

You can use the egg carton that is still in tact for example with the count items game and use is to store things.

Have you used egg cartons and turned them into fun activities for your kids?

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