Discovering your mom village and places to find your tribe

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Discovering your mom village and places to find your tribe

in Mom Life - 2 Comments - 6 min read

Are you looking for awesome mom friends who just get it? Are you a new mom and just wanting to get out of the house? I am talking people you can hang with and have playdates with. Those who you can be comfortable with when your in sweatpants and who don’t care that your house is upside down. You are looking for your tribe of moms.

As a mom, you need these kinda people to just be in the season of motherhood with you. Finding other women who understand can be frustrating and feel like you are dating, just like these moms refer to in this awesome video.

But where do you begin?

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This was exactly me and what we decided for when I was going to be a stay at home mom after the birth of our second child. The choice was clear as day after looking at daycare cost, commutes and quality of life for our kids.

For a while, I was in heaven but then isolation started to creep in. So I set out to start getting out of the house with our son. This began the journey of finding my mom village.

Whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom. Finding your village of mom’s who understand and can support you is imperative.

Why you need a village

Motherhood is full of ups and downs it takes a village to get you through it. People who will be there when times get tough. People you can count on for advice, a shoulder to cry on, emergency babysitters and everything in-between.

They will also be the people who send you gifts just cause. They are there for you when you or your family gets sick. They celebrate accomplishments with your family and show up to your events. Their kids create friendships with yours and you gain a support system.

There will be times in your life where you will need a good laugh dealing with the craziness of being a parent. These people will understand. They help you when you feel lost as a parent, keep you grounded, remind you how awesome of a job you are doing and will go through the seasons of motherhood with you.

How to find your mom village

Not all villages look the same, yours will be unique to you. The first step though is to show up. Yup, it’s as simple as that, get out the house and go places.

In the beginning, it will feel a bit weird, you will see some moms already with mom friends or their circle. Don’t let that worry you. Your village will come. Your village is out there.

When you have children your life changes and so do you.

Where to meet your mom village

Find local Facebook events and start attending them with your kiddo. Use your local park district if you have one and get involved in all the programs you can. Start taking your kid to cool places and enjoying daily adventures.

This is how I started and now 4 years later I have friendships with a group of moms in my area.

One of the best places to find a fellow mom friend is to attend local mom groups. This can serve best for your little one and for you. Social time is so vital for your child’s development and so necessary for your mental state as a mom. Staying behind 4 walls all day will indeed make you crazy, don’t do this to yourself!!


No Excuse Moms This free workout group will help you jump start your health journey. This includes challenges within your local group and even national challenges. A dedicated Facebook support group. Most workouts are with your kids. This group is so judgment-free and motivating you will love coming back each time.

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Through my group, I learned how to eat better and prepare better meals for my kids. I gained tips from other moms on where to find better whole foods and new recipes. I discovered the world of creating me time with essential oils and holistic/natural path doctors.


Mops International Known as Mothers of Preschoolers. These local groups offer meetings with topic discussions and connect with other moms. Most groups offer daycare as well.

“ MOPS International encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.”


Fit4Mom this group has fitness and wellness classes for moms. This community offers classes and online courses. Specialty classes such as stroller strides, run clubs, stroller barre and so much more.


MomcoMoms this unique group connects moms through playgroups. They offer mingle kits, crafts, and snacks. Awesome freebies of must-have mom products. This is a Facebook run group where you can find your own local one or join to lead one.


Church A church home can work wonders for your spiritual growth and connections. Join small groups in your church or create one yourself. If your church does not have a group of moms who meet, considering starting one during the summer months. Meet once or twice a month and go on field trips to the zoo or local areas.

I have gained some awesome faith warrior mom friends through my small group. People who I can lean on when I need to refill my soul as a mom. People who understand that God doesn’t expect perfection and that being a mom has so many challenges. The women who support my faith as a Christian mom.


Use the Momiego App

If there was ever a time to say…”There’s an app for that”. Now would be the time. I would like to introduce you mamas to Jennifer Whyte. A mom herself who set out on a mission to connect mothers.

She is the founder of the MomieGo App. An app dedicated to connecting you with other like–minded parents, who feel they deserve to have just as much fun as their kids.

This free app is like a Tinder-style app. It’s as simple as logging on Facebook to connect to the app. Next, you follow the screen prompts to create your profile.

You add some basic information of your children such as age and gender. Then move on to information about you.

In your about you section you select from pre-populated categories. Things related to your personality, activities you enjoy, and then set-up your location.

After that, the fun part begins. You begin to see other profiles of parents who have similar interest as you.

You swipe right to like a profile or swipe left to skip a profile. If the other person also likes you, you will be able to chat.

Finding your support and being there for your community

Friendship after motherhood creates a whole new person in you. These little people demand so much of you and it can be overwhelming. This is where your village can fill in the gaps but you have to be willing to also be there for your community.

There is no perfection in this game of life. So don’t forget to be vulnerable. You won’t find mom friends if you pretend like you have all your $hit together all the time. That is not even real.

We all have bad days as moms. Mom fails and screaming tantrums. We have doubts and plenty of mom guilt. I am not saying to spill your guts to every mom you come across. As you engage in conversations learn more about them. Share in the woes of motherhood and the joys of it too.

It takes a village to raise children and a mom.

I hope this inspires any mama out there looking for her village. I hope you enjoy this blog dedicated to creating a community and a source of information to support you and all things involved in being a mom.


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  • This is such a great post! Finding our village is so hard as a stay at home Mom. You provided wonderful resources and tips to make that transition easier, thank you!

  • Jordan at

    Love this! It’s so important to build a support network after having kids! Those days at home can feel so long and lonely! Such great tips 😊

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