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Why dance fitness cardio is the answer to getting your groove back as a mom

Why dance fitness cardio is the answer to getting your groove back as a mom

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As a mom, you might need some help getting your motivational mantra back or should I say “sexy back”. But I got you, girl!

All you need is a spot in front of your TV, workout gear and gym shoes to help get you back into your prebaby body. But this isn’t your normal kinda workout. (hint, hint)

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It’s no joke that having kids can make you more self-conscious. Our bodies go through so many changes.

Feeling sexy again while wearing milk stained clothes isn’t gonna really bring alive that confident woman.

For some going to the gym as a mom is either not an option, not affordable, or just plain intimidating. The next best thing is working out home but boring cardio routines aren’t about getting your Gigi glow back either.

The 51st shade of grey dance cardio fitness

Dance cardio fitness is one of the best ways you can reach your fitness goals as a mom. Dance cardio fitness is about rediscovering your body. Moving your body in rhythmic ways that waken your vixen or alter ego.

When you dance for your health and for yourself it helps stimulate your inner diva while giving you the ultimate body workout, builds muscle and rewakens your lioness.


It’s hard to feel confident, attractive, and sexy again after the baby.

Believe me, I know! Mama of 3 here and I am on the road again to returning to my pre-baby weight.

Dance cardio routines help to get you into the right mindset when you don’t feel like exercising. You don’t think of it as a workout and it’s a lot of fun.

Dance has a positive impact on your health.

  • It increases your Serotonin ( My what? I’ll explain more below)
  • Helps improve your memory,
  • You stress less because it’s a mental escape
  • It’s fun ~ ya, I know I kinda said that already
  • Helps with balance and coordination
  • You can do it no matter what fitness level you are at

The 4 top channel’s I follow and workout to help me to make exercise a daily habit. It also helps me stay motivated as a stay at home mom. Below I will go through each one and why I love them.

First a quick science break…

How dance cardio increases your happy chemical known as serotonin

Here is some quick info about us moms who suffer from low serotonin and why it affects us.

According to Medical News Today serotonin supports our nervous system and affects our moods, sex drive (a.k.a ever heard the words low libido), sleep patterns, appetite, our emotions, motor, cognitive, and autonomic functions. That’s a whole lot of stuff mama!!!

As if dealing with hormonal imbalance isn’t enough as a mom.


Alright back to the awesome fitness channels, first up is…

1. Popsugar fitness

I recommend Popsugar Fitness as number one because it has a variety of workout routines to chose from. However, the dance cardio videos are my favorite.

Dance FitSugar is where you will find all the dance cardio Youtube workout routines. They offer many different dance styles such as Latin, Hip-Hop, Kick-box inspired, belly dancing, Barre Toning, and Carribean dance.

2. The fitness marshall

If your sassy alter ego needs a swift kick in the butt then Fitness Marshall can get your booty in gear.

Caleb creates unique energetic workout routines that move to the beat of the latest hits of today. His charisma makes you laugh and enjoy the routine the entire time.

Caleb’s routines are all about being free and letting loose. His Youtube channel grew into also offering a membership site to get exclusive perks. He even grew to sell out doing tours around the world.

On his tour to Chicago, I had the opportunity to attend his workout event with another mama friend. We had an absolute blast. After the workout, we got to do a meet and greet with photo opportunities.

It was a high-intensity workout with a room full of women of all ages. All dancing along to his routines. Many of them we knew as he performed many from his Youtube channel. Some of them were new and special for the event.

The Fitness Marshall Chicago 2017 Tour

I am telling you mama Caleb’s videos are such a blast and you are guaranteed to burn some calories.

3. Dance Fitness by Jessica

Being an active mom is one of my personal goals and maybe one of yours too. Creating an exercise routine with dance cardio fitness can help you do that.

Maybe you want to join a dance fitness class but can’t afford it and one isn’t offered in your area. Well, mama’s then you will love dance fitness by Jessica.

So here is a bit of why her videos are different. Many of the videos are recorded live and then posted on Youtube. She offers a unique video view of her doing the routines with a live class.

Typically it is a room full of women in her studio. Unlike most fitness videos that have professional trainers or people who have memorized the workout routine. Her videos are with normal every day dedicated people having a blast and working out.

Jessica has a Youtube Channel and her website is where you can learn how to be an instructor too. She also offers a subscription to live-stream her videos.


Zumba has been around for a while but has gone through some changes since the beginning of its inception.

Zumba with Ysel is a fresh new way to look at Zumba but is an awesome dance cardio workout. Ysel creates awesome Latin beat routines.

Though she speaks Spanish don’t let that stop you. Her high impact routines will have you raising your heartbeat and burning calories.

You will have a blast like having a dance party in your room. What I love about Ysel routines is that the style of the workout and the music is constantly changing.

For example, her choreography has an amazing blend that goes from salsa to bachata then merengue and a then hip hop all within the same 30-60 minute workout.

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Most of the moves are fluid and don’t require previous dance experience.

Dance like no one is watching

If you made it down to the bottom of this post and are a person who is intimidated by dancing and maybe this is a bit out of your comfort zone don’t worry mama.

The most important thing to remember is to move your body. Don’t stress about getting all the dance moves correctly the first time.

Don’t even think about how “awkward you think you look”. Dance is a learned skill just like anything else. First, feel the rhythm, then start with maybe the footwork and master a few steps.

Don’t overthink when you are dancing let your mind free and enjoy the music and your heart pumping. Once you have mastered a few steps consider adding on a few more or maybe add in the arms.

When I used to ballroom dance even though I danced all my life some moves came difficult for me.

But don’t let your fears and being taken out of your comfort zone make you stop dancing. Instead, challenge your self to let go and be free.

I promise the mental escape is well worth it in addition to the health benefits.

Your wellness as a stay at home mom

Staying home and homemaking can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally different than being a working mom.

That’s why dance cardio fitness can be one of the best things to help you focus on you its a form of self-care.

Personally when I became a stay at home mom the adjustment, really took a toll on me. I forgot to take care of myself.

Like many I am juggling motherhood, a part-time job, cleaning my house, and keeping up on laundry. And having three kids all day long with two under the age of 5 is tough.

Everything was so subtle that I didn’t notice the extra pounds creeping on, and how tired I felt.

Let’s face it: motherhood IS an adjustment and I hadn’t figured out what I needed to adjust to stay healthy, now that I was a lot busier with more kids and responsibilities.

It took some time and some trial and error, but I figured out how I could exercise with my toddlers in tow, and how to get more restful sleep than I had been getting.

My dance cardio exercise routine was one of the ways that helped me. The other thing that helped was joining No Excuse Moms.

Maybe this is where you are now. But it doesn’t have to be that way mama. Check out the Youtube videos I suggested. Get your dance shoes a.ka. gym shoes on and dance your stress away.

In particular, it includes a ton of resources for eating real food, how to detox your home and your diet, balance your hormones, and more!

Dance your Beyonce diva back and gain control again with the Women’s Wellness Bundle!

If you need a support buddy hit me up on Facebook or Instagram!! I will be glad to cheer you on.


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