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Easily Make Exercising a Habit as a stay at home mom

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We all know we’re supposed to stay active, but how many of us have struggled to make exercising a habit daily or weekly?

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When we exercise throughout the week, we build our bodies, keeping our energy levels high, which makes for added productivity. But exercise is also good for us in other ways. Exercise helps you to sleep better and keeps you generally healthier as you age. Exercise not only keeps your body in top form but leads to better moods and overall mental health.

I could give up chocolate but I am not a quitter

As a mom, making an exercise habit for me is something that came a bit easier than my kitchen habits.

While they go hand in hand. Making small better choices in my food intake is easier. I feel overwhelmed with trying to stay consistent with my workouts and all the kitchen no no no’s.

It’s a working progress for me. My future goals. I do very well with water since that is all I drink. Literally!

I am not a pop/soda drinker or other stuff. Coffee is 50/50. My downfall is chocolate and cooking. Blah cooking and cleaning the mess after annoys me.

If you haven’t read my other post, I am the kinda mom/blogger that follows other food mom/bloggers cause I suck at meal planning. I enjoy learning from them and watching the meal planning gurus.

Movin on…

Exercise after kids

First off let me say I have not gotten back to my original pre-pregnancy size but I was 20 went that happened. So ya know that expectation is not real.

But I have my journey. When my daughter was about 5-6 I lost almost 40 lbs. I worked out almost every day then.

After my son, I lost 25 lbs. When he finally slept through the night at 18 months I was able to join No Excuse Moms. These ladies are my freakin rock stars. They motivate me and I have gained some awesome friendships.

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Yesterday I had a photo shoot with my local @noexcusemoms group. This group of women are so inspirational to me. They motivate me. When I first joined I lost 25lbs after my second child. I am getting back in the groove now that my 3rd child is sleeping through the night. This community of moms is one of the best things I did and as a mother and woman. If you are looking to find your community and need inspiration checkout my blog post. (How to find your mom village) If you have found that your fitness journey needs a little #fitspiration then this is the place ladies. LINK IN BIO for my blog post. #fitmoms #fitmomlife #momspiration #healthstartsathome #mombloggersofinstagram #momlife💕 #chicagoparent #workoutbuddies #momtribe #momtribestrong #mombloggerstribe #motherswhoblog #noexcusemoms #noexcusemom

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Now I am beginning my next journey. Making exercise more of a daily habit and starting to get more of a routine.

My 3rd baby is now 18 months and she is sleeping through the night. I have begun working out again. Right now just 2 times a week.

I recently won a free membership to Fitbodyboot camp. I heard about it through one of my other moms. I won on a Facebook give away.

It was the perfect timing I tell you.

So now I begin my next journey to creating a stronger healthier version of myself.

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My First Workout/using my free membership I won

I am starting with just exercise because I know for me I can’t do both at the same time. It works better for me to start working out and then mentally I strong enough to start making better food choices.

It’s so real for me. I gain mental strength after I start working out. Maybe it is that way for you too.

Working out at home

Once this membership ends I will be back to working out at home. I also will go more regularly to my No Excuse Moms group.

Tips for working out at home

  • Find an accountability partner
  • Use free programing on your TV
  • Use Free Youtube videos
  • Buy workout tools from Five Below, Walmart or Garage Sales
  • Make awesome workout Pandora stations
  • Workout with the kids – lift them while doing squats (get creative)
  • Start working out once all your kids are sleeping through the night
  • Incorporate workouts like bike riding as a family
  • Compete with other moms on your apple watch or something like a Nike running app. It’s all in good fun. Supporting each other.
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How to make exercise a daily habit

So how do you make exercise a daily habit? Follow these step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be on the road to building this healthy habit in no time!

1. Set time aside in your schedule. Being deliberate about when you exercise means that it’s more likely to happen, even when life is busy. Also, it trains your body that it’s time to move at a specific time each day. Before long, you’ll find yourself craving movement and the many benefits it offers.

For example, I am working out 30 mins a day twice a week on the same days.

2. Use your smartphone. Set a reminder on your phone for when it’s time to exercise, so you don’t forget.

3. Prepare yourself. Layout your exercise clothes and gear the night before so you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have time to find everything. Keep your exercise bag right near the door and ready to go.

If you decide to workout from home create a workout station. The key is to make it easy to do the task at hand. Getting rid of those excuses by being prepared.

4. Just leave when ready. Is it time to go? Don’t overthink it. Just go whether you feel like it or not. Your body will click into gear once you get started.

Don’t let a crazy morning with kids derail you. Your kids will also start to fall into the routine with you if you stick to the plan.

Pack the bookbag/snacks the night before.

5. Take baby steps. By starting small, you won’t overwhelm yourself, or worse, do damage to a body not ready for a heavy workout. You can always increase your time/reps later when you become fitter.

As I mentioned above I am only working out two days a week. Then I will increase my days when I am ready.

6. Keep it fun and interesting. Noting screams boredom more than the same routine day after day. Mix up what you’re doing – run a new route or try a new exercise machine at the gym. Adding new types of exercise also makes sure you are working all your different muscles too.


I love to mix in dance videos into my home workouts. My favorite person to follow is The Fitness Marshall. His routines are fun and so energetic.

7. Take a break – occasionally. As you build your new healthy habit, you don’t want to skip days. Consistency is key. However, it’s good to have the occasional lighter exercise day when you’ve recently upped your game or when you are especially tired or sick.

I am a huge advocate for rest days. Especially as a mom rest days are so necessary. Never look at a rest day as a negative. It’s only negative if you have a week of rest days. 😉

Remember that a rest day could be a self-care day. Paint your nails, take a long bath, do some Yoga. If you need self-care ideas to check out my post on that. You can download a free 30-day self-care idea calendar.


That is one of the most important things that I can tell you. Your number means nothing. Strength and health matter most.

Comparison is the number one cause of dissapoinment by yourmomvillage

Benefits since exercise is a part of my daily life

Now that I have begun my new routine I find that I can keep up with my kids so much better. I am sleeping better at night.

None of the “can’t shut off the mommy brain” stuff happening.

Oh, true story!! One day I took my kids to an indoor climbing place. Normally I hangout, outside. Well, my 20-month-old gets stuck so I had to climb all through the structure with her.

It was so much easier. I actually had fun. My kids loved that I could play with them.

It really made for a fun play day. I contribute that to exercise allowing me to feel better about my self and being much stronger.

Once you make exercise a daily habit, you’ll come to look forward to it. You won’t even think about it; you’ll just do it. With so many benefits, it’s obvious that keeping a daily exercise habit is essential to a happier and healthier you!

So what are you waiting for mama today could be your day 1!!

What kinds of things do you like to do to make exercise more fun? Let me know in the comments below.

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