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Pinterest Perfect: Expectations vs. Reality in your home

Pinterest Perfect: Expectations vs. Reality in your home

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When Pinterest inspirations become an expectation and make you feel inadequate and five tips to help

Do you ever do the Pinterest late at night scroll? For me, there are more days than I would like to admit when I can find myself scrolling social media, specifically Pinterest looking for pretty things to add to my ideas boards. It usually happens on sleepless nights or when one of my three kids has woken me for something.

I am a creative person and love seeking inspiration from others when I am working on projects. I am naturally drawn to perfectly organized homes or areas with expensive containers because I love to recreate them in my house to do it for less. And it’s calming to me. Yeah, I am wired that way cleaning and organizing is a past-time.

But It’s tons of fun to dream, isn’t it, my friend. If you are reading this, you know all too well the pins you have saved for inspiration, some we never go back to. Some we remember and take action.

But what about the rabbit hole you can quickly find yourself in as you continue to scroll and pin. When the inspiration starts, a conversation with your inner critic, and now you begin to feel feelings of inadequacy.

Has this ever happened to you?

You start to wonder, am I behind in my A-game as a mom. My house isn’t nearly as organized like that!

Maybe it’s the perfectionism bug that might buzz around. Adding to your, I have to do this and do it right now!

Pin image with a table and books.  With wording that reads "Pinterest makes me feel bad and inadequate and tips to help"

The Venus Fly Trap

Your mind has now fallen for the sweet nectar of Pinterest worthy homes that look amazing and seem glorious compared to your half done pantry or unmatched storage bins,

The comparison trap of “I not as good of a mom as them.” As if we don’t have enough pressures on what US moms should be doing.

You may have a list of undone projects in your home like me. But I learned something a long time ago.

THAT IS REAL LIFE! Depending on the season you are in, the budget, the time, the help the many factors affecting your life. Your home can and will be an ongoing project sometimes all the time. It may have to wait on the back burner for six more months until you adjust to your new season of motherhood.

And you know what, that is ok!

Sharing Inspiration

I now spend my days as a SAHM/WFHM sharing inspiration for other moms, but I stay true that my home is evolving all the time. Sometimes you see the end product of my sweat equity. But I try to stay true to how it’s a process.

As a cleaning fanatic mom at the core, I used to struggle with organizing. And those Pinterest-perfect homes actually would bother me because my feelings would bother me. Those container store items right now aren’t in the budget. But I need/want to get organized NOW!

Sometimes I would see a pin and think, wow, super organized, and it looked overwhelming to me. Maybe you have felt this too.

Wanna know another lesson I learned?

I discovered I was a macro organizer, and when I saw pictures of people who micro-organized, I thought, oh gosh, I don’t even know how to start to get to that.

I am no longer this way and found balance but also learned tricks along the way.

Screen shot of a Pinterest home search result with a text bubble which reads "Pinterest comparison the struggle is real"  Has pictures of home decor like shelves, pictures and a bed

Discovering your organzing personality

When it comes to creating a home you love, don’t think that it isn’t organized right because your cabinets don’t look exactly like someone else’s.

I learned that I prefer macro organizing over micro; in some areas, I prefer visual organization, such as my ADHD daughter would like.

Because each type of organizing serves a purpose, the areas in my life that required quick access needed less upkeep and a more tidy grab-and-go function.

So don’t get caught up in the pressures of comparison when scrolling through Pinterest or anything like that.

Suppose you are a perfectionist or struggle with perfectionism. It can take a toll on your mental health.

Because that perfect image you see is only one area of a person’s life, and you don’t always see them before the process.

Keeping it real

It’s why I strive to show the before and after. One because my systems and routines didn’t come automatically they were developed through trial and error. Because the areas that are now micro-organized took time and money.

Instead of aiming for aesthetically pleasing for every read of my home, my main goal is streamlining, simplifying, and creating more margin. The perfectly aligned same colored boxes can and will come later as I am able.

You can start with Dollar tree stuff and then upgrade.

But if you are trying to survive and learn how to get your home to an essential organizational point. I want to offer a few bits of advice from my own experience.

5 tip to help overcome feelings of Pinterest inaduquency

1. Comparison is a thief of joy.

Don’t compare your middle to someone else’s end.

2. Organizing, decluttering, simplifying is a living and breathing process just as much as your life is as a mother. Remember, we live in seasons of motherhood.

You must understand it will evolve and grow as quickly as your children do.

3. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Take perspective and a few deep breaths.

How will NOT having that perfect picture affect your life? Think about what you can do now to move closer to your goal and start there.

4. Learn to embrace your imperfections.

Just as I explained, I thought I was flawed because I didn’t organize like those perfect pictures I saw. Instead, I learned to embrace what worked for me, my family. And know the most important thing is the system, not how perfect it looks.

5. The challenge is not to be perfect…it’s to be whole ( Jane Fonda)

My dear mama friend, the goal is being a whole person for yourself and your family. They want a present and a happy mom. This is the reason we organize, clean, and declutter to live freely.

These tips will not all be easy, and you may need to work on them each day. But I also want to share some other inspiration to get you unstuck if you feel this way.

Suppose you have tons of pins full of inspiration. Don’t let them derail you. Instead, tackle them as you can.

  1. Organize your home based on the areas that will have the biggest impact of your life.
  2. Readjust your home goals. Strive for a lived in presentable home. Not a staged home like you would see if you were house hunting. It’s ok to be in this stage for a bit until you can create the look you want.
  3. If getting your home to a more organized state with pretty containers is the goal but money is tight. Use what you have. Left over Amazon boxes covered in fabric can do wonders. And then each month budget $20 towards your goals.
  4. Readjust your expectations. No one’s house who has young kids is absolutley perfect. If it seems that way think not of what you see instead focus on where they started and the journey it took. Theie kids may be older or maybe they have help.
  5. It’s important to know when to walk away if Pinterest is making your feel bad. Keep the visual research as fictional ideas on facts of your own life.

In the end, keep inspiration precisely in the box it should be in. Don’t let it slide into expectations of what your life should look like.