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Don’t hold back your dollar at Dollar Tree utilize coupons

Don’t hold back your dollar at Dollar Tree utilize coupons

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Have you ever shopped in your local Dollar Tree?  Do you overlook Dollar Tree as just cheap things and you won’t find much?  I am here to tell you, you are overlooking a mini gold mine.  You can get some awesome deals like organizational tools, party decor and more.  You can even get things for FREE!!

You work hard for money but sometimes people don’t work hard enough to save their money. Sometimes I think that’s where people miss out they put in hours to make good money but then don’t invest the time to learn how to maximize the money they have.

Why is Dollar Tree so cheap?

Ok so here is the quick summary of why and then we can move on to the FREE.

Dollar Tree is a single price point retailer it’s just a way to compete with pricing.  They buy things in mass quantities which means savings for as a customer.  They sometimes purchase overstock on items. They sell both brand items and off-brand items right next to each other and the size of some of the items are small like travel size or irregular size. 

Why you need the Newspaper

I love coupons and all the fun coupon apps out there.  Being a stay at home mom and living off one income can come with its challenges with raising a family.  When I was a single mom it was the same thing one income.  I mean if you aren’t using coupons or store Catalina print out coupons you are losing out. For now, we are gonna stick to the basics. 

Typically manufacture coupons come in the weekly paper. The bulk of the coupons are usually in the Sunday paper. However, paying for the paper to come to my house weekly is not what I consider budget friendly since not every Sunday paper has coupons and I don’t need all that extra paper around my house all week long. That’s not exactly earth friendly either.

We don’t have a subscription to the newspaper, but  I will occasionally purchase one.  Here is the kicker I don’t buy my newspaper from my local grocery store or newsstand I get it directly from the Dollar Tree and if you haven’t guessed it yet.  The price for the newspaper is $1.  Yup, the same one that cost like $3 in the regular store.  

Once I get my newspaper I take it home and cut out the coupons and organize them in categories.  Like office supplies, food etc.  I then take to the internet to find my Dollar Tree Deals. 

Finding Dollar Tree deals 

In order to make the most of my time and get the best deals I follow a few people  who are coupon guru’s and post awesome daily, weekly, monthly deals they find.  I am even a part of a Facebook group that has some awesome deals too.

So here is a round-up of the people I follow:

Raining hot coupons

Sarah is the awesome diva behind this coupon site.  She has kids and a couple family members that happen to be animals : ).  She post daily deals and does round-ups, freebies, giveaways and gosh so much more.  What I love about Sarah’s site is she has a menu for dedicated store deals.  One of those happens to be Dollar Tree.  

Sarah’s site is also phenomenal at teaching you how to coupon. Not only does she list the deal she breaks it down in easy to understand ways that anyone can do it. She also has videos and a awesome coupon binder.  You gotta check her out!!   

Krazy Coupon Lady

This site is a group of woman who’s goal is to cut your shopping bills in half or more.  You may or may not have seen them on 

Either way these ladies are on a mission and take it a  step further.  They have an awesome app you can download and videos galore.  They too have a whole list of stores where they tell you the best deals and how to get them. 

Their app and website has a place where you can create your own profile to save your favorites and keep up with your coupons.  Dollar Tree just happens to be one of the many places they give insider deals on.  Love them!!  You can check out their Youtube channel HERE

Living Rich with coupons

One of my other favorites is Living Rich with coupons.  I love the Dollar Tree mashups and blog post all about awesome deals and steals you can get.   One cool element on this site is the fact that you can create a list from their post.  

For example lets say there is a post about pens at the bottom of the post you can click the checkbox.  Then off to the side of their site a list pops up.  After you have clicked all the deals you are interested in you can export the list via print or email.  I mean how convenient is that? 

Tips for shopping at the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Dollar Tree are smaller than the normal sizes you can get at a regular retail store but when you combine the power of coupons you can make the right choice on if the deal is a steal.  Most often it is but never hurts to double check.

You should always read the coupon and the limitations listed on it such as Item size, quantity, discount etc.  This is important so that you can truly get the item for free.  The fine print on the coupon matters.  

policy here.

How do you get free stuff at Dollar Tree?

One of the most awesome things about the coupon policy at a store where everything is a dollar is that the price never changes.  So it’s great in the fact that the item price is already a given and won’t increase.  This is important because when you are using coupons at any other retailer the price changes can really affect the outcome of your savings.

So now all you have to do is find a coupon to a product that is sold at the dollar tree.  Take the coupon to the register for that item.  During checkout the coupon will be scanned and boom if your coupon was let’s say $1.25 off an item, you will get that item for $1.00 now for free.  No you don’t get the .25 cent difference back.  But you just got the item free.  

What do you like to get from the Dollar tree?  Please like and share if you found this useful.


Sunday 24th of February 2019

Love this! I never thought about using coupons at the Dollar Tree.


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I think it is something most people would totally look past considering things are already $1.00. Glad you enjoyed it!