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Decluttering tips for moms who are feeling overwhelmed

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Learn how to declutter your home easily and quickly with these simple declutter in no time tips even if your schedule is hectic as a mom


Let’s face it you have read or heard somewhere as a mom you need to declutter your home first and then start to organize.

Or there are piles that you can see staring right at you as you are reading this post. You don’t know where to start or how to find time to declutter.

It’s ok mama I am gonna share my best decluttering ideas with you even if you are overwhelmed.

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1. How to find time to declutter

I know how hard it can be as a mom to find time to do even the simplest of things. You are trying to keep proper meals going and kids alive. While running on that cold coffee you never got to finish.

But mama the goal here is to buy some time back. Ever heard the expression you have to spend money to make money. This usually relates to business-related stuff.

But, it’s the same thing. We need to spend a little time now to gain more time later. Decluttering and minimizing the things in your home will make your life easier. You will see that after getting rid of things you will be able to clean faster.

How to declutter in no time

Step 1: Choose the time of day that is best for you

Step 2: Set a time for 5 mins or 10 mins if you can

Step 3: Choose one area to work on and only stick to that area within those 5-10 mins.

Step 4: Continue this process daily until you have completed all areas you want

Decluttering tips for moms who are feeling overwhelmed

2. Create a decluttering plan

I find that when I start to declutter the kitchen and then try to go to declutter and organize the bathroom. I will end up with piles because I tried to tackle too many places instead of being focusing on one.

Thinking that I am making progress but then left with two unfinished rooms.

Let me save you from this mom friend of mine.

Stick to one room at a time. Even if it takes you one week of doing 10 mins a day to finish.

At least when you are done you won’t see unfinished piles. Or feel deflated and like you are not making progress at all.

For example, if you start in a bedroom instead of the goal of doing the whole dresser in 10 mins do one drawer at a time.

3. Choose a decluttering method

I know you are thinking wait there’s more than one method to declutter your home. Yes ma’am there are.

It was a new one even for me.

My method has always been one room at a time until I am done.

Learn about 6 other methods you can use to help tackle the clutter in your home.

Learn More About the MightyFix One Simple Change Each Month

4. Best decluttering home hack

I told you this was going to be decluttering tips for moms. Well, there mama friend here is the shocker.


Yes, this is the good honest truth. Yes, we are decluttering to create more time and eliminate stuff. But the trick is to never let the stuff return.

Once you have done the major overhaul of decluttering your home. You need to strategically set-up the on-going plan. So that you never have to declutter the whole house again.

Here are my best tips for ongoing decluttering that I do as a mom.

5. Keep a donate box at all times

I personally like to keep a box in my mudroom. It is an ongoing donation box. So when I do laundry and I see clothes that the family can no longer use after I wash. I toss it in the box.

Since our shoe rack is also in my mudroom. The minute the kids outgrow there shoes, welp into the box it goes.

The random little toys my kids bring into the home. As soon as I know they aren’t using them or I see broken or lost pieces into the donation it goes.

You get the picture. It won’t take long but prevent the stuff from pilling again as you do daily life.

6. Create a yearly decluttering plan for toys

I declutter at minimal twice a year when it comes to my kid’s toys. This means that no matter what I am going to choose two weekends a year. One in June and one in December to get rid of outgrown toys or toys my kids no longer play with.

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7. Enlist your entire family to help you declutter

Don’t think that as a mom that you need to declutter the whole house alone. Get the kids involved.

Turn decluttering into a game. Pick out your favorite music and tell the kids we are gonna play a game.

Say by the time this song ends I want you to pick 5 things that are in a room that doesn’t belong there and bring them to mom. Or you can say pick 5 things you no longer use or want.

Find a fun way to get the kids excited about decluttering. I talk more about decluttering toys like this in this post.

Easy tips to declutter your house for busy moms

Ask your husband to help. There are things in his closet or tools he might not be using. He just needs to inspiration to finally get rid of it. 😉

8. Look for clutter prone areas in your home

Chances are there are some areas in your home that seem to attract piles daily or weekly.

They stick out like a sore thumb. This usually means that an organizing system is needed.

If mail is the problem and paper piles seem to be piling up. Then it might be time to create a better filing system. Maybe you need to go paperless. Maybe create an inbox.

Too many shoes or coats in your mudroom or by the door. Set a family rule only 2 shoes per person or seasonal items are put away. ”

9. Stay away from “maybe” piles

When it comes to decluttering your home the worst thing you can do is touch an item and move it to a maybe pile.

This is because it then becomes an unfinished task and sits there lingering taking up space in your home. And worst of all then a nagging visual reminder of something you didn’t finish.

You can use the Mari Kondo method “Does it spark joy?” or use what I love as a mom. If we haven’t used an item in over 6 months to a year.

It is obvious that no matter what season or time it is. Our family doesn’t use this item and it is time for a new home.

Make a choice and move on.

Tough words I know when there might be something you run across and think “we can use this one day”.


Release the clutter and resist the urge. You will be glad you did.

Ready to declutter your home?

Start making those small changes that make a big impact. Set that 5 minute timer and get down to business. Divide and conquer with the help of your family.

Let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful.

I hope these simple tips help you create the haven you desire. If you use any of these tips be sure to tag me in instagram #yourmomvillage


Saturday 11th of March 2023

Decluttering is difficult because the accumulation of goods is often a sign of success and in some cultures a symbol of God's providence and good-standing. If a family member dies there are often many objects and possessions that the deceased may have had and used that hold a sentimental value to the other family members; this as well as the real notion that people need to save and prepare for extreme weather and uncertain political times are all reasons why decluttering a home can be very difficult and stressful.