Rocketbook the miracle smart notebook,17 reasons why moms need one

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If you are a person who loves composition notebooks or writing things down I get it. I am traditional when it comes to note-taking, I like to write things down for future reference.

There is also all the research and science behind how we retain information better when we write things down.

But if you struggle with losing your notes or having way too many notebooks lying around Rocketbook can solve many problems and make your life easier.

It’s so versatile, especially for busy moms.

That’s the reason why when I heard about Rocketbook it was exciting to me. Now, I no longer buy paper notebooks.

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What the heck is a Rocketbook?

Rocketbook is a smart notebook. It’s reusable, it feels just like paper and writes just like a regular pen and paper would.

After writing your notes, list or anything you want you to send it to the cloud. Keeping everything organized neatly with files of your choice to any of the supported cloud-based apps.

Once you have saved your notes. Using your Rocketbook cloth with a little water to wipe it clean it’s ready to use again.


Choosing your Rocketbook?

Rocketbook has multiple smart notebooks to fit whatever you are into. Let me break each one down for you.

Everlast: This is the one I have. It is the forever reusable notebook. Its only compatible pen is the Frixion Ballpoint pen.

If you like color pens don’t worry you can get colored pens and have fun with your notes or whatever you choose to write.

The Everlast notebook comes with pre-dotted pages. It comes in 4 different colors and 3 different sizes.

Letter Size: 8.5 in x 11 in / 32 pages
Executive Size: 6 in x 8.8 in / 36 pages
Mini Size: 3.5 in x 5.5 in / 48 pages

Wave: This notebook is called the wave, well because you actually put it in your microwave to erase everything you have written. I bet the kids would get a kick out of seeing that. Mommy can do magic tricks, lol.

With this book though it has a limited amount of times it can be used which is 5 times.

Standard Size: 8.5 in x 9.5 in / 80 pages
Executive Size: 6 in x 8.9 in / 80 pages

One: This notebook is a one time use notebook. But you can use any kinda pen you want. Could be a cool option for artwork.

Letter Size: 8.5 in x 11 in / 140 pages
Executive Size: 6 in x 8.8 in / 140 pages

Color: The color notebook is my top choice for my toddler/kids. Having the option to reuse the notebook over and over again. But being able to use Crayola dry erase markers in any fun color of their choice. The cover has colored rockets on the outside and you can write their name to personalize it in the inside cover. You can even use crayons and colored pencils!! WHOA! The first 4 double-sided pages are blank. There is 1 double-sided pre-dotted page. My favorite though is the last two pages which are lined paper. Where kiddos can practice how to write their letters and numbers. The Rocketbook color is the ideal notebook for kids of any age. It makes a great gift too. Because it can grow with them through the years.


Which Rocketbook should you get for you and your kids?

I recommend the Rocketbook Everlast for moms and the Rocketbook Color for your kids. The Rocketbook Everlast is the perfect replacement for any paper-based notebooks you are already using. I personally am in process of replacing all my composition notebooks with my Rocketbook notebook. Honestly, the Rocketbook is so affordable too.

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Ok, so how do you save everything to the cloud?

Each smart notebook page comes with a QR scan code and next to the code are symbols. Each symbol represents your chosen cloud destination. After downloading the free app. You configure your settings for each of the cloud services you enjoy. It takes a few mins to set each one up. But once it’s done, scanning and saving is EZ PZ !!

Rocketbook works with the following cloud services. I personally love GOOGLE! Like for everything! However, you can use Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage, or Email. Then you can just organize things the way you like. Once it’s in the cloud you can share it, print it, or archive it. Hail to no more paper piles in my house!! Just saying.


17 ways to use Rocketbook

  1. Organize – Busy moms need everything to be organized to help us manage our chaos of motherhood. No more piles of paper notes you can’t find
  2. Coloring Book/roll of paper in one – With the Rocketbook Color your kids can use Crayola reusable dry erase markers to draw to their heart’s content. You can save their drawings and then can start again.
  3. Bullet Journal – Rocketbook comes with premade dotted pages which can help you create an awesome bullet journal
  4. Homeschool – In the Rocketbook Color, the last few pages have lined paper that you can have your kids practice their writing skills or write a letter to Santa if you will.
  5. Re-useable Calendar – Create your own calendar and start fresh each new year
  6. Endless to-do List creator – Create a list save it to the cloud for future reference
  7. Digital Artwork – Create a masterpiece and save it to the cloud. Did you know you can make gifs with the Rocketbook!!
  8. Fitness/Food Tracker – Count your Macros or Calories you decide just create it to meet your own goals
  9. Lesson Planner – Create a Homeschool lesson plan/ review it and modify it at any time
  10. Turn your child’s recent craft at school into a digital file – Just place the craft or artwork on the page within the black borders of the page. Be sure not to cover the symbols and then use the app to upload. Now you can share it and keep a picture of it forever.
  11. Poem Book – Let your words flow
  12. Useable worksheets– create your own worksheet scan it and boom!
  13. PDF Paper Pages – print out the free PDF pages on Rocketbook.com to create anything you want.
  14. Whiteboard – Did you know that you can turn your whiteboard into a Rocketbook board. All you need to do it draw a perfect black line all around what you want to scan. Print a copy of the symbols and tape them to the board. Then scan just like you would a regular notebook
  15. Music Sheet – Rocketbook as lined printable music sheets available online for free or you can create your own lines in your smartbook.
  16. Graph Paper – Wanna teach your kid mathematical functions or experimental data and drawing two-dimensional graphs. You can do all this with a Printable page.
  17. Tello/Rocketbook – If you are a Trello user to help organize your entire household. You will love the fact you can even integrate your Rocketbook with Trello.

Future Rocketbook Miracles

The Rocketbook company is such an innovative company and I truly enjoy the Rocketbooks we own. I also enjoy reading their blog where I learn new ways to use my smart notebook and all the neat new things they are creating. They are so much more than smart notebooks. I am so excited about a couple of new things that they are working on.

On their website, they have a page called the “Ideas” page. This page is where customers can give them ideas to create new products and they give an update to the items the company has decided to create. I am looking forward to these few, reusable post-it notes, weekly planners and symbol stickers. They are revolutionizing the future and the possibilities.

Explore the miracle Rocketbook and let me know what creative ways you use it to be an awesome mom. 


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    1. It’s a lot of fun. My son loves his and coloring in it. I literally realized the other day how much paper I am saving. I am a huge note taker. It’s a game changer for sure!!

    1. I thinking of doing a live tutorial on it. It’s pretty cool. I love that know I am always like where is my book? Before I use to always use paper and my ultimate fav post-it notes.

  1. This sounds awesome! I have like 10 notebooks at a time so I need this!

    1. I was the same. Slowly I reducing my notebooks and I find my self now not looking for notebooks anymore but more pens. I realized even more how much writing I do! Glad you enjoyed!! Thanks for stopping by.

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