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Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist, 81 cleaning tips, and a free printable

Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist, 81 cleaning tips, and a free printable

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The smell of fresh air, birds chirping, the beginning of longer days full of sun shining means spring is here. It’s time to open up the windows spring cleaning is among us, and it’s time to tackle all the deep cleaning in your home.

When you have been locked in the house all winter long with kids, finally being able to let them go out and release some of that energy is also like heaven. You can focus on getting the house back in order and get some cleaning done.

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These easy 81 simple best cleaning tips are what I do as a mom. I will share with you how to clean hard surfaces, how to use natural cleaning products, and how to deep clean certain areas. This post also includes a bonus free printable spring cleaning checklist and spring cleaning schedule to help you stay on track.

Pssst…Want to print this checklist NOW? Get it below

When it comes to a proper deep clean, it will take time, and so you will need to schedule time. This is very critical in order to get the amount of work done without feeling overwhelmed.

Having kids around while trying to get clean done well can also slow you down. You will have to find pockets of time to schedule a sitter or a visit with the grandparents that would be helpful. If that is not an option, try tackling a small task a day.

Spring Cleaning with a 4-week schedule

Setting up realistic expectations for deep cleaning your home will help you. It is impossible to deep clean a home on the weekend.

This basic schedule will be your guideline. You can change the schedule on how you see fit. Move things around based on your life, responsibilities, chores, children, church, etc.

Cleaning should not be a stressful task and should not make you feel disgruntled. You are curating a sanctuary for you and your family—a place of love and comfort. Cleaning has overall health benefits as well as mental health benefits.

So let’s get to it!!

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What month is Spring Cleaning?

National cleaning week begins on the fourth Sunday in March. You can start this whenever it is best for you. But typically, between the end of March and the beginning of April is when to get it done.

Tackle all the Spring cleaning tasks with ease. Refresh your home for Spring and get a jump on enjoying the outdoors more.

This planner has been created to give you a heap of ideas to last the whole season – and make you prep your home for the Spring months a breeze.

This set of Spring cleaning, maintenance, and bucket list printables includes:

  • Spring cozy home makeover checklist
  • 4 home maintenance checklist for indoor and outdoor (including decluttering items)
  • Spring fun bucket list to enjoy with the entire family
  • 4 Fill in the blank bucket list
  • 4 monthly Calendars 

Gathering your cleaning supplies

When it comes to cleaning my home, I try to go for the most natural cleaners. But I am not 100% natural. Of course, the choices are boundless when it comes to buying cleaning products. Just don’t fall for all the hype and false advertisements.

Get yourself a cleaning caddy to carry around the cleaning stuff you will need as you move along. Makes the job easier.

You don’t need 7 cleaners filled with chemicals to clean your house.

Here are a few natural staples you will need to clean

Use #NationalCleaningWeek and #CleaningWeek to follow and share your cleaning tips.

81 Best Tips to deep clean your house

I love this list from Good housekeeping. There are 50 cleaning tips that are super helpful. In addition, there are 20 more spring cleaning tips from house However; I am going to add a few more for ya. To make a total of 81 Spring cleaning tips.

Deep clean your dishwasher

Deep clean your dishwasher

Empty your dishwasher. Sprinkle baking soda inside the whole machine. Place a cup of vinegar in the center of the bottom rack. Run it as usual with no dishes in it. It will shine like new. Pro tip: be sure to clean out your dishwasher drain. Find a Youtube video for your particular model.

Get rid of mold in bathroom shower

Get rid of mold in the shower

Take a bottle with pure white vinegar and spray down the entire shower. Wait an hour, and then watch the yellow/red/black mold wash away. Pro tip: for mold under the surface it may be time to call a professional. Once mold has passed the pores of your tiles into the grout it’s time for a pro.

Clean kids plastic toys

Clean non-washable Plastic toys

Plastic play toys can get damaged in the dishwasher. Wipe them down. My favorite spray to use is CleanSmart Toy Disinfectant Spray

Clean your washing machine and use Ecoegg laundry alternative

Smelly Washing Machine

Most washing machines have a clean cycle nowadays. Fill that bad boy up with some vinegar and run the cycle to rid of smells and dirt.

My other favorite thing to us is Affresh washing machine tablets. They work like magic.

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Cleaning oil of clothing

Oil stains on clothes

Drops of oil on your clothes can ruin a great outfit. Place a little flour on the oil and let it sit. Then wash it in the machine. You can also try baking soda as well.

Clean your tea kettle

Stains in your tea kettle

Boil 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar in your tea kettle to remove the stains.

Cleaning windows

Cleaning sliding glass door trim

Place a towel near the track. Pour some vinegar with baking soda. Watch it bubble the dirt away. Then wipe clean.

Cleaning Spray bottle

Use a Magic Erasers to clean

The power of Magic Erasers can clean. Gym shoes, walls, counters, whiteboards, stain in highchair trays, baby dolls baseboard scuffs and so much more.

Vacuum Carpet

Vacuum your floor vents

With kids, the craziest things end up in your floor vents. Remove them and vacuum them out. You might even find spare change in there to pay you for your great efforts.

Child in car seat

Clean the yuck in car seats

With boundless travel adventures and snacks. Car seats are sure to get dirty. Remove the cover and throw it in the wash. Wipe down the car seat without the cover and be sure to wipe out the cup holder. There are tons of germs in there read more about that here.

Thieves Essential oil cleaner and diffuser

Clean your essential oil diffuser

After running your diffuser several times oil build-up will begin to form. Gently remove all access water and clean out your diffuser with mild soap and water. Insider the diffuser if you see exposed metal pieces clean them with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.

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Some additional tips for you. As you clean your home and find items you need to get rid of think about starting a giveaway box.

When you find an item that hasn’t been used in 6 plus months, truly think about it if it will be used again. You are bound to run into things as you clean your home. The goal is to find it a home and if there is no home for it get rid of it.

You will be so happy you did.

Happy Cleaning to you mama!! If there are items you think I should add to the list let me know. Do you have some cleaning tips? Share below and I can add it in.

Spring Cleaning tips with printable Checklist & Calendar

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Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist, schedule, tips and hacks
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Wednesday 9th of March 2022

Thanks for sharing this checklist and printable, it's been very helpful! I've added dates on it so I can stay on track for my spring cleaning process, and I've even been able to get my kids to help out with some things. So far, I've done everything in the living room and bedrooms and I also got a carpet cleaning, but I can't wait to finish the rest of the list!

Lisa Van Groningen

Saturday 12th of March 2022

Hi Ella! That is amazing I am so glad that you found it useful and helpful. I love a good refresh. If you want even more details like exterior stuff dont forget to check out the shop as I have even more checklists there. Thanks for stopping by and following along.

Melissa Baker

Saturday 1st of February 2020

Great Blog! I've just subscribed!


Monday 3rd of February 2020

Awww thanks glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for subscribing!