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House Cleaning Checklist and weekly cleaning schedule

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One of the best systems that I use as a mom of 3 is a house cleaning checklist and weekly cleaning schedule. As a mom, you are pressured for time, attention, and a never-ending to-do list. If there is one thing that makes me lose focus and makes me a yeller as a mom, it’s a dirty house.

Here is how I curated a less stressful and manageable mess-free home. My mother always tells me “take it day by day”. Well, that’s exactly how I tackled my daily cleaning schedule. Each day I do a select amount of cleaning.

So how I do this is by doing a room each day. Depending on your situation your schedule will have to vary based on your time. But the most important thing is to clean at least one thing a day.

Setting up your cleaning tools

Place your cleaning tools in a convenient place.


Foyer with stairs





  • Cleaning towel in each bathroom
  • Cleaner spray

The location of your cleaning supplies depends on bathroom size and storage capabilities. In my powder room, I have a white cabinet that holds my cleaning supplies. Each of the other two bathrooms has its own brushes next to the toilet. I keep an extra cleaning spray bottle under the bathroom sinks for the other two bathrooms.  Having cleaning tools in each bathroom saves time. It is handy for when you need to clean the bathroom after potty training accidents or you happen to be the mom of a boy.

White storage cabinet

Floor Cleaners

Oh my goodness I get excited when it comes to cleaning my floors not because I love cleaning them. It’s because it’s one of the easiest things I get to clean in my home. On top of that when it comes to washing the floor’s my Hoover Floormate saves so much time! It washes and dries at the same time with one forward sweep and one backward sweep. I typically vacuum the floors to save time and backaches.  However, I found this broom about a year ago at Target. While looking for a long handle broom because short handle ones are backbreakers. It also was a personal goal to get a longer handle for my husband who is 6’8”. The broom handle has a nice soft green grip to reduce the pain you get between your thumb and pointer finger. It is super durable as well.

  • Mop

I don’t use my Hoover Floormate on my wood floors because I want to preserve them and not create harm to them. When I do mop my wood floors I use a simple microfiber mop head that has a reversible dusting/sweep side.


My home has tons of natural light which is awesome!  But with natural lights come all the views of the dust bunnies hanging around. I dust when needed I don’t have a schedule for it because it can vary. But I adore my dusters because they trap the dust and keep it from falling all over the ground.

Any non-electric floor cleaners I have hanging in our mudroom behind a door. My Vacuum and Hoover Floormate are in my hall closet hidden away. Which is a central location and near both sets of stairs. Underneath the kitchen sink, I keep more cleaning supplies. My favorite cleaning solution is Thieves essential oil household cleaner.  I am also a huge fan of magic erasers.  Once you have crafted an armory of your cleaning supplies in the best places to save you the most time. It’s time to create your cleaning schedule.
Thieves Essential oil cleaner and diffuser

Daily cleaning schedule for busy moms

When it comes to cleaning daily I live by this rule: It starts with the kitchen and ends with the kitchen. Dishes washed every single day and I wipe all counters and sweep all floors. Your kitchen is your family hub. keeping the family hub area clean and ready for the next morning creates a ready for the day feel. Waking up to dirty dishes and a crazy kitchen is not fun. Even if you don’t get to anything else in one day, make your kitchen your priority, trust me it makes a world of difference!


  • Scrub all toilets
  • Scrub all tubs
  • Wash all sinks
  • Empty garbage’s in bathrooms
  • Wipe all mirrors
  • Wash shower curtains & rugs
  • Clean glass doors, if you have those
  • Sweep bathroom floors and mop them
  • Wash all towels and carpets
  • Don’t forget to do the daily kitchen chores


  • Wipe down all surfaces like end tables
  • Fold yesterdays laundry
  • Sweep/Mop all floors
  • Don’t forget to do the daily kitchen chores


  • Dust blinds and surfaces
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wash a load

  • Don’t forget to do the daily kitchen chores

*Pro tip: Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpets to help cut odors


  • Empty out all garbage’s
  • Empty out the fridge of unwanted/spoiled food
  • Spray and wipe fridge down
  • Throw out junk mail and old school papers
  • Fold yesterdays laundry
  • Don’t forget to do the daily kitchen chores

*Pro tips: #1 Get you kids to help by gathering all small garbage’s from around the house  # 2 Use any leftovers to create a smorgasbord dinner   # 3 Take inventory of your food needs to help with meal planning


  • Wash a load
  • Clean bedrooms
  • Wash all bedding
  • Wipe down all drawers in the bedrooms
  • Wipe down all baseboards
  • Wipe down all cabinets in kitchen
  • Don’t forget to do the daily kitchen chores

Dinning Room with Chandelier
I enjoy using my Saturdays for family time such as doing a fun activity together or plan an outing. Try not to let the mess of what may happen over the weekend stress you. There is a difference between clean and mess. You can spend minutes picking up after Saturday activities.  While you still will have the kitchen to deal with it is the only thing I do on Saturday’s.  On Sunday’s I dedicate it to recovery.  I like to call it the Lord’s day and try to spend time in my bible study.  I try to relax and enjoy my home, my kids and my life. Give your self the permission to live in the moments. The freedom to release all those busy thoughts you have most days of the week. After all, even the big man upstairs rested and looked upon all he accomplished.

What ways do you find balance in maintaining your home?  Are you person who likes to do all your cleaning in one day?


Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Wow thanks for the tips! This is quite the ambitious cleaning schedule! I am inspired to get cleaning :)


Monday 1st of July 2019

Thanks for inspiring me to try to make my own cleaning schedule!