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The 1st Rule of Cleaning is to Make It Fun

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Make the process of cleaning fun, ways to make housework more enjoyable

Housework or cleaning can be a daunting task for many people. It’s often seen as an unpleasant chore that needs to be completed. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some tips on how you can make cleaning more enjoyable.

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1. Get fun cleaning tools

Cleaning can be fun when you have cleaning tools that make the job faster but adding flair to cleaning makes it fun.  Get your favorite color gloves or feather duster.  Choose fun colors on the cleaning cloths.  

Scrub Daddy sponges are my favorite sponges to use.  The original ones are smiley faces.  You can’t help but smile when you see it.  But they make *Special addition ones.  Such as pumpkin faces, cat-faced ones, fun winter shapes, etc. 

How about cleaning your microwave with the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner.  She looks angry and lets out steam when heated to naturally clean your microwave.

2. Glam up your tools

Glam up your tools and add some bling.  I love glitter and shimmer, so I am thinking about adding some to my favorite cleaning tools.   Whatever your style, make it yours and make it fun.

Who says your feather duster can’t have a handle with rhinestones?

3. Get some mopping slippers

Do you ever mop the floors and see footprints as you mop away?  Or hate the feeling of wet socks.  Then you need to check out these mop socks.  As you mop, it leaves no footprints, and your feet will stay dry.  Not to mention you can choose all the different colors.  

The kids can even help you dust the floors while wearing them and would get a kick out of it.  You can use them with your hand and let the kids use them all around the house.  

To add extra fun, attach googly eyes and make them sock cleaning monsters.

4. Get your health in shape while getting your home in tip-top shape

I love adding extra steps to my cleaning routine.  Running up the stairs and down.  Use speed to increase my heart rate when I wipe or do other cleaning tasks.  

You can also add weights to your body while doing your tidying task.  I use ankle weights or wrist weights.

5. Set up a playlist of your favorite songs and clean to the beat

There is nothing more fun than jamming to your favorite songs while whistling while you work.  Make a playlist on Spotify or Pandora.  You can even create a playlist on Youtube.  You can also join Amazon Prime free with a 30-day trial and make a list there. 

6. Clean while watching your favorite TV show or movie.

Think you can’t clean and watch TV at the same time.  You totally can.  While dusting, wiping down walls, or sweeping floors, you can watch it.  Can’t dare to look away? Then on commercial breaks, do quick pick-ups or cleaning tasks.  

You can also choose to do mindless tasks such as laundry while watching TV.

7. Use the microwave minute 

Your standing in the kitchen waiting for something to warm in the microwave.  You can wash a few dishes or wipe things down.

It’s also the perfect time to switch the laundry to the dryer or do a quick pick-up. 

Sometimes I use it as a squat challenge.  Doing as many squats as I can before the microwave goes off.

You can get the kids on this too.  Tell them they have to put two things away before the microwave beeps.

8. Get creative with the way you clean 

Make DIY cleaners that are healthier options for you and your family.  For example, using tea tree oil.  

Or using essential oils to spray in the air that smells amazing and inviting.

Get your senses excited for a cleaner atmosphere.

9. Clean with friends and family members, so it’s more fun and less tedious.

Cleaning never has to be a one-person job, especially when you have family and close friends.

I get the kids involved in our cleaning adventures but let them wipe things down with Norex cloths.  My husband will take on jobs like vacuuming or picking up things.

But what about other family and your friends.  I have gone over to my cousin’s house and chatted about life while helping her clean as our kids played together.

You can invite friends over or create a regular date.  Everyone switches houses and hangs out.  This especially works well when you have kids, like my cousin and I did.  Then rotate houses. 

10. Turn it into a game

Gamification when it comes to household chores is something that totally can make it seem less a chore.  Just like above, trying to beat the clock.  You can see how many items can get rid of in one day.  Or say everyone races to clean. 

With my kids, I take an old Amazon box, and they pretend to be an Amazon delivery person.  Taking things from one room back to the room it belongs in.  

11. Use the Pomodoro technique

12. Stream Motivating Cleaning Videos while you clean

Does watching cleaning videos get you in the mood to tackle the cleaning to-do list you have been procrastinating on?  Then go on Youtube and watch them as you make your home sparkle.

13.  Create a satisfying checklist

A checklist can be a lot of fun.  Especially when you can mark a task done and feel so proud of yourself.  But don’t make the mistake of taking the checklist and making it too long.  Add 3-5 things at most and try to get those done in one day.  

Speaking of checklists, head over to my printables shop, where you can find all sorts of done for your checklist and calendars to help you eliminate the overwhelm.

14. Reward yourself for a job well done

Cleaning is hard work and requires energy and time.  Both are hard to come by in a busy world.  And if you are a mom raising kids, time is very limited. 

So give yourself a treat.  Say to yourself, for a job well done; I get to indulge in pampering time or binge-watch a show.  Whatever makes you happy, understand that you can take the break and relax even if you don’t get it all done.  

Celebrate what you did!

15. Use a cleanup song the kids love

Kids thrive on routines. But what if cleaning wasn’t a chore and instead it was a song. This is my kid’s favorite song that they sing and dance to. It also becomes an easy cue for them to know it’s time to clean up without me having to remind them.

15. Make your own gooey cleaning slime

The kids will love this!! But so will you. It makes a perfect art project and cleaning tool must-have. Or you can buy some,

How do you make cleaning less boring? Is there anything I should add to the list?