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Ecoegg review sustainable living laundry alternative

Ecoegg review sustainable living laundry alternative

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As a family of 5, I do a lot of laundry. I have one child with eczema and I suffer from sensitivity to artificial fragrances. I am conscious of the products we use. That’s why when I discovered Ecoegg I found it to be the best sustainable living laundry alternative.

My Eco Egg review is not sponsored from Ecoegg however but after posting my review and love for it on Instagram. Ecoegg did send me the dryer eggs for free. As a thank you for sharing their product and bringing traffic to their new U.S. Instagram page.

*This post contains affiliate links and I am an affiliate with Amazon.  This means that if you click-through and make a purchase I receive a small commission (at no cost to you).  I only write and endorse products I personally use, love and what I find helpful in being an awesome mom.  For more details, Click here

Eco egg what is it

Ecoegg box

The Ecoegg is an all in one product. Made into the shape of an egg. Inside the egg, you place mineral pellets.

These mineral pellets are not made with harsh chemicals. Unlike traditional laundry detergent is.

The pellets dissolve to release the cleaning agent and clean your clothes.

This laundry egg replaces the need to buy laundry detergent and use of bulky plastic jugs.

It has no harsh chemicals, its dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and easy to use. It also saves you money. It is not tested on animals either. The company says one egg can wash up to 1 year worth of laundry.

The Ecoegg comes in two versions. 210 washes or 720 washes. The 720 would last up to 3 years worth of washing according to the companies site.

When you open the package you will find a hallow egg, 4 bags of white pellets, and 1 package of grey pellets.

After aligning the triangles you twist the egg to open it and place the pellets inside the large side of the egg. Once in you twist and lock. The egg is then ready to use.

The Ecoegg does offer scented eggs as well as a non-scent version. I have tried both scents and I prefer the spring blossom.

Where is the Ecoegg made?

Founded in 2008 the Ecoegg was introduced to the UK and made there. It’s an Allergy UK’s ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award winner since 2011. It also won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in 2016.

How the Ecoegg works

When submerged with water the cleaning pellets activate and release their cleaning power. The water dissolves the mineral pellets. What is released cleans your clothes by weakening the bonds between dirt and the fabric.

It does this by ionizing the oxygen in the water. Cleaning your clothes with-out toxins, artificial fragrances, and harsh chemicals.

One of my readers asked me: How does the Ecoegg know how much cleaning solution to release during a wash?

I reached out to Ecoegg to get clarification on this for my readers: The Ecoegg works with the water level in your washing machine. The two mineral pellets work together to deliver the cleaning solution. It is delivered based on the load size and length of wash.

Where the Ecoegg is not a soap-based detergent you don’t have to worry about adding too much. It also is a two in one soap and fabric softener.

Before using your Ecoegg the company recommends using detox tablets for your washer. To help get rid of scum and buildup. This also ensures the egg can work at peak performance.

Also before use of the Ecoegg for the first time you need to pre-soak the egg.

Does the Ecoegg work?

Ecoegg soaking in water

I used the Ecoegg for a week and washed over 10 loads of laundry. When I first wrote this review. This review has now been updated a year later with some tips and things I have learned while using the egg.

After opening the package when I first got it. I placed the egg in a white mixing bowl to pre-soak. I was curious to see if the water would change during the pre-soaking process.

I found the water did change. It became cloudy white. When I placed my hands in the water I could feel the cleaning agent that had been released.

Now after using the Ecoegg for over a year, I can tell you it works and I highly recommend it.

My experience with using the Ecoegg as a family of 5 is it does deliver the cleaning power needed. My clothes are clean and they smell great.

With kids though they tend to make huge messes and have a lot of stains on their clothes. I purchased Ecoeggs stain remover product and instantly fell in love with it. It has taken out several stains with no problem.

Pro tip: If you have a heavier soiled load I would suggest using the stain remover first. Then using the pre-soak option on your machine. To allow the clean pellets time to release the bonds between the clothes and dirt.

Tips for getting the most out our your Ecoegg

Can you use Ecoegg in any machine?

Yes, it works for both top and front load washer. I have a top loader.

Using the Ecoegg in an HE machine

I noticed something when washing larger loads in my H.E. machine the cleaning quality was a little lower. I tried a couple of different methods to figure out why.

If you remember above. The company told me that the Ecoegg releases the cleaning solution based on load size and wash. But the key point is that is works with the water level.

HE machines are designed to reduce the amount of water used. So heavier loads weren’t allowing enough water to flow through the Ecoegg. Here is how to fix this.

  • When loading your washer be sure not to overload it. The water in HE machines adjusts by weight. But if there too many clothes in the machine there isn’t enough room for clothes to agitate. When means that there isn’t enough room for the Ecoegg to get enough water to dilute the pellets for maximum cleaning power.
  • Based on your machine see what works best putting the Ecoegg in before the clothes or after the clothes. You see if the weight of the clothes holds the egg down it could be not getting enough water. Which hinders water to flow through for the pellets to activate.
  • Add vinegar and baking soda to your load for heavy-duty stains. It might need a booster. As a mom, I have kids who love to get really dirty.
  • Adjust the water levels on your machine settings. For example, if I select heavy soil the machine will provide more water to the wash.

When do you refill your Ecoegg?

At about 70 washes or so you will need to add more white pellets to your Egg. Initially, when you first put the egg together you don’t use all the bags it comes with.

I did not keep track of how many washes I did before I needed to replace the pellets. Yet, I could tell by the scent of the clothes and when the cleaning power wasn’t as strong.

You will be able to see the difference as the pellets inside will look a lot smaller after several washes.

Do the clothes smell clean after using the Ecoegg?

Most people do the sniff test when cleaning their clothes. But, most natural detergents don’t have scents.

What I loved about the Ecoegg was that it offered two scents as I mentioned above. They also have one non-scented option. The scents they currently offer are fresh linen and spring blossom. (check the company’s site for new scents/products)

When using the scented Ecoegg your clothes will have a faint smell. If you are used to that other liquid or powdered soaps overpowering your clothes. This is not what you are going to get nor should expect.

As I mentioned above. I personally can not use regular detergent because of the artificial fragrances.

But the scented Ecoeggs have a very pleasant smell.

Ecoeggs are scented by infusing essential oils in the mineral pallets. I found that to be fabulous.

Ecoegg review

Something unique I did find was that my clothes felt softer. Since the Ecoegg is a two in one with softener I found that to be a pleasant surprise.

The Ecoegg worked great and exactly as claimed.

Benefits of using an Ecoegg

  1. Simplifies your laundry chore. Fewer steps in loading your machine to wash and a no thought process. Just toss it in. I actually leave my egg inside the machine the whole time and keep the lid open so it gets airflow. I toss my clothes in and hit the start button.
  2. The ease of using this egg is perfect. No more measuring liquid for each load. No more liquid to spill or clean up from spills on my machine. All the build-up that would happen in the dispenser I no longer have to deal with.
  3. When it comes to the kids I will no longer have to worry about them being wasteful or spilling the detergent.
  4. Easy for travelers. I took the Ecoegg with us during two vacations and I was able to use it to wash out clothes on the go. You don’t have to worry about laundry detergent spilling. Especially on clothes or things in your travel bag during transport.
  5. Perfect washing things by hand quickly on the go. You could travel with this in your car or backpack. All you need is water.
  6. It’s lighter to pack and easy to store.

Cost savings

  1. Cost savings is greater than any prior laundry detergent I have used. $17 dollars for a year’s worth of laundry. It doesn’t get any better than that. But I have to note we are a family of 5. So we do more laundry than an average two-person household or 4 person household.

Even with that, you will see significant cost savings. Because you are no longer buying, for example, a container of tide pods for 81 washes.

The pods don’t adjust to the water level and so a new one will need to be used each wash. Where the Ecoegg will adjust per load.

Replacement pellets are very cheap.

Environmentally Friendly

The Ecoegg is plastic and can be used over and over again. The pellets dissolve. And everything including the box is recyclable and biodegradable. This company is really great about being truly Eco-friendly.

Ecoegg eliminates the use of plastic jugs completely. Besides, it is so compact. When you buy traditional laundry detergent in bulk it is heavy and awkwardly shaped. Making it difficult to store and limiting where you can store it.

Review of the Ecoegg Dryer Balls

Ecoegg offers a few other laundry products as well. One of those products as I mentioned above was gifted to me.

This is my honest review and this section is not sponsored in any way. I love their products because I believe in them.

The dryer egg balls according to their website can reduce your drying time by 28%. But what I love about the dryer balls is the reduction in chemicals. The great smell my clothes have and how fluffy even my towels come out.

The Ecoegg dryer balls work with scented sticks. These scented sticks are also infused with essential oils.

Ecoegg dryer balls are easy to put together. All you do is insert the stick into the center of the ball. When it is time to replace the scented stick you can buy replacement ones.

I will mention though the scent sticks don’t last as long as the Ecoegg. They are good for 40 dries. The dryer stick costs $12.95 for replacements.

Where to buy an Ecoegg

You can buy the Ecoegg on Amazon here. You can also visit their US site at If you go to – that is their U.K. site.

As I mentioned above Ecoegg offers dryer balls in addition to the laundry egg. They also have stain remover and detox tablets to clean your machine.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I found the Ecoegg to work as they described and have used it on all of my family’s clothes and linens.

I do recommend you do the detox tablets first. To rid your washing machine of the prior stuff other laundry detergents have left behind.

The Ecoegg truly is amazing and does a great job. Your clothes smell clean and you feel great about the factor you are reducing your footprint with a sustainable living product.

Join the forces and help save the planet from the detergent that is damaging our waters. Buy using the Ecoegg you are reduce the toxins you are introducing to your family. Not to mention this egg can save you on average $100 a year by switching.

It’s another tool I recommend that can make mom’s life easier. I give this a two thumbs up.

Wanna try out the Ecoegg for yourself?

Buy it here.

What laundry detergent alternatives have you tried? Let me know in the comments below??