Creating “me time” with essential oils

Let me take a wild guess and say that hardly ever do you do anything for yourself. You feel guilty if you do and you find it difficult to manage everything. Me time is hard to schedule and you feel like everything would fall apart if you walked away even for a little bit.

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There are ways though to fit in self-care on a daily bases with essential oils.
When you use essentials oils they can help balance your mind, body, and spirit. They enhance your well-being and can boost your moods.

I use essential oils daily and throughout my daily life even as a form of alternative medicine. These little bottles of oils work wonders on me and my family. I use them to help me sleep, de-stress, relax and sometimes to perk me up after a long night with a sleepless baby.

How essential oils help

Think of Mother Earth as you.  She is a life giver and sustains life.  But she also needs certain things to remain in balance.  If mother Earth lacks in certain things she would die.  

As a mother, you are pulled in many different directions and often run on lack of sleep. Essential oils assist in many ways. Such as the quality of sleep, increasing your energy, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Using them can be a base self-care that benefits you in many ways.

Essential oils can be diffused and rubbed on topically to create a set-it and forget it type of self-care. Making essential oils one of the easiest self-care routines you can incorporate in your life at this very moment.

Experiencing the benefits of essential oils doesn’t take much time. There is no need to look at your calendar or to find a baby sitter. Most importantly, mom guilt doesn’t exist for this self-care routine.

Where do essential oils come from?

Essential oils are extracted from various plants around the world. Each plant is carefully selected for the essential oils they create.

The oils are obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, expression, solvent extraction, sfumatura, absolute oil extraction, resin tapping, wax embedding, cold pressing or resin tapping. Essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore super powerful.

Once extracted these aromatic oils bring joy to your life and just a few drops can alter any bad day you may be having.

Self-care and aromatherapy

Diffusing essential oils is a form of aromatherapy which improves psychological or physical well-being. I don’t know about you mama but I am sure you could use a boost to both of those areas.

Let me share how I created a self-care routine that works for me. I am a busy mom of 3, trying to run a business/blog, I work part-time at my park district, I stay at home all day with the kids and manage our home.

10 great ways incorporate the use of essential oils

  1. Diffuse in your home
  2. Diffuse in your car
  3. Place them in your bath water
  4. Wear diffusing jewelry
  5. Create a roll on
  6. Add them to your lotions
  7. Clean your house with them
  8. Diffuse in your workplace
  9. Create a massage oil
  10. Create a room spray

Whenever I diffuse oils in my home I typically will gage the mood of the household or how I am feeling. If I am feeling stressed I will diffuse Lavender and the blend called stress away. Sometimes the kids need a little whine down which helps too.

One of the ways I create some me time with oils is after the kids are in bed I will run a bath. In the bath, I will use some Epson salt and Eucalyptus oil to help relax my body. The Eucalyptus also helps boost my mental energy and open up my respiratory area because I suffer from allergies.

As an essential oil user, it is so hard to pick just one favorite oil. But I have a few that I love to use often. My top favorite single oils to use are Lavender, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree. My favorite blends are from the Young Living essential oil company: Stress Away, Panaway, Purification, R.C., and Thieves.

Creating your self-care routine with essential oils

Energy Booster: Instead of a cup or pot of coffee opt for natural energy boosters. You can use a blend such as Energy Synergy Roll-On from Plant Therapy or diffuse some Peppermint. *Be mindful with peppermint around young children it can be harmful

Peppermint will perk you up and help you felt more mental clarity. It also can help with your abdomen to relieve cramps or nausea.

Hydrate your skin: After you get out of the shower grab your favorite carrier oil and put a couple of drops of lavender and cedarwood oil. Give your body a moisturized rub down. Helping you to relax and take care of your skin.

Calm yourself: If you have had a stressful day diffuse a couple drops of the oil blend from Young living called Stress away. This blend will help to calm your tense body and bring you to a more calm state of mind.

I use Stress Away a lot for my husband. I like to diffuse it right before he comes home. Usually, within a half hour, I can see a drastic mood change.

Headaches: If you are struggling with a headache try applying Grapefruit oil to your temples. Skip the Tylenol.

Daily self-care habits

So mama now you know that self-care with essential oils can be the easiest thing to incorporate in your day as a busy mom. It’s also possible to create a little serenity in the midst of the chaos.

Create a habit of diffusing oils on the go or while you are home or at work. They can be such great companions for a more balanced life. Self-care doesn’t just mean a mani & pedi.

Mental health and physical health are all part of a self-care routine as a mom. “Me time” is the dedication to rejuvenate your body and soul. Inside and out.

Ready to get your set of essential oils? My two favorite brands are Plant Therapy and Young Living. Check them out.

Are you new to essential oils? If not, what are some of your favorite ways to use essential oils in your life? Send me a message and share


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