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8 Fun Outdoor activities you can do on your garage door

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So this Spring with not being able to take my kids to fun play areas. Being stuck with only hanging around the yard we needed some new ideas. Spring weather has begun and we are spending more time outside around the house. So I am needing to up my game with activities.

My kids don’t have a playground and we can’t go to the park with social distancing. So we are limited in our fun time daily outings.

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I saw a mom friend post a picture of her boys using magnatiles on their garage door. We don’t own any of those. But that put me on a hunt to use what we did have, research other ideas and come up with a few of my own for my kiddos.

We pulled out our magnets that I got from the Target Dollar section. We have had them for a couple years so we took them out to play.

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This list contains a few ideas I found others had done. Then I came up with my own ideas that I am keeping in my back pocket for the near future.

These activities are great for memory, learning math, sorting colors, grouping skills, motor development, recognition, reading, spelling and learning about the world around them.


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The best part turning your garage door into a fun place to learn and play.

1. Outdoor Sticky Mural with nature

This cute idea I have done inside on our patio door by using leaves and contact paper. Jenea from takes it to a new level. She sticks contact paper to her garage door. The kids use natural elements they find in the yard to create art work. What a great idea and so fun to go seeking in the yard for art supplies.

2. Magnetic Letters Alphabet beach ball Game

Danielle over at fun learning kids got creative with using a beach ball. She places magnet letters on the garage door and calls out letters for her kid to slam with the beach ball. Learning recognition tool for sure.

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3. Chalk Mosaic

This fun activity can take your blank garage door and turn it into a piece of artwork. Chalk mosaic designs on your garage door. Pragmatic parent shows you exactly how to do this with a few easy steps.

The rest of the ideas below I came up with. My two youngest are 2 and 5 so I wanted things they would both be into.

4. Butterfly wall

Create a fun and exciting seen with these magnet butterflies. The kids can arrange in a rainbow or whatever fun design they can come up with. Perfect for fun Spring time fun or a summer art project.

5. Learn to sort your colors

Make fun squares out of colorful painters tape.Have your little ones put the right colors into the right box. I found the colorful tape below that would be perfect. Though you can use regular painters tape too and just use construction paper for the colors. The magnets will still stick.

6. Fun with magnetic foam pieces

My kids have a couple foam puzzles. I actually prefer to play with those because they are more durable and versatile. We have animals and sea creatures. If you have some foam items you could stick some magnet tape to the back. If not I found a few on Amazon that were different then what we have that I am considering. To change up collection. There are 3 magnet sets in this section but different categories.

Build your own roads and construction sites.

Build roads with painters tape. Use magnetic strips and draw dotted lines for streets. Then let your kiddo arrange the magnets the way they want.

If you see below I found this road tape. It says it is easy to reposition and play with. I have never used it but it seems really neat. So I am thinking of placing an order for my kiddos.

Create a farm adventure

Create a fence with tape or magnetic strips complete with a farm house or barn. Then have your child create a fun zoo with these foam zoo animals. Call out the names of the animals and create fun stories as you place each piece.

Build your own zoo

7. Create simple and easy math problems with these magnetic numbers

Good ole’ traditional magnet numbers of course work. We have a a mini set of these and my son thinks its cool. What you can do is take them outside and do math with nature.

For example say I have two trees and 3 birds live in a nest and then one flys away. How many birds are left?!

8. Practice your shapes and patterns

You can pretty much turn anything into a magnet by using magnet dots. Cut pieces of paper or magazines pictures. The fun aspect of using the magnets in a new and exciting way is tons of fun for kids.

Being able to get out of the house and use the garage door is an easy way to get some fun in the sun and learning time in.

What other fun ideas do you have for using the garage door for learning and fun?