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10 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for kids

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With social distancing at the top of everyone’s mind. Closures and restrictions all over the world children with birthdays are being affected.

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Here are 10 long-distance birthday party ideas to keep the celebration going and to make their heart smiles even through this difficult time.

These unique and fun ways can still gather everyone to create a truly memorable birthday party.

Some of these services are free and some have small fee’s you will need to check each service depending on what you pick.

Easy and fun virtual birthday party ideas

1. Do a virtual Birthday Tiktok challenge

Have the birthday kid pick a song on Tiktok for everyone to dance too and send their dance version back to the birthday kid. This fun challenge will get everyone excited and having a lot of fun. You can even use a special hashtag.


2. Host a virtual dessert party on Zoom

Invite all your friends to eat dessert at the same time and have fun chatting over yummy fun food. You can use a free tool like Zoom where everyone can see each other, chat and enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

Zoom is free to join and does have a 40-minute time frame for group meetings. However, with many people using virtual meetings many companies are giving away longer time frames and specials so be sure to check.


Zoom has an option to use a simultaneous screen share. To make it even more fun you can use the virtual background feature to change the look of your background.

3. Create the ultimate printable birthday card with virtual messages

You can create the ultimate printable birthday card made by all your friends and family.

For a small price of $19.95, you can host a virtual birthday on the site

On this site friends and family can send messages and even send photos to the host to post on a gallery.

When the event is overall the heart-filled messages are collected together to create the ultimate printable keepsake.

How this site works is by allowing the host to create a webpage by choosing a party theme from the offered templates. Once created then host invites the attendees to share.

4. Host an online movie night together by using Kast

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Have your child pick out a movie they want to watch with their friends. Send an invite out and share the link to Kast.

After all the attendees download Kast you can watch a movie and have a live chat during the movie.

Kids will be sure to get a kick out of this. For a full explanation of how to create a private party click here.

5. Animated Greeting Cards party

How fun would it be for your child to open multiple animated birthday cards created by their friends and family?

First, shoot an invite out to all your attendees and tell them to create a free animated greeting card on Renderforest.

People can create fun animated greeting cards with personal photos they want to upload and heartfelt words they want to share with the birthday person.


Afterward, the birthday child can open them privately while enjoying their cake.

To add more fun record or Livestream the child opening each card for everyone to see. There are no right or wrong ways to do it. It’s all about fun.!

6. Create a Facebook pop-up party

Create a pop-up Facebook group and invite all your kiddos friends to the group. Go live and allow others to go-live with you. Have people post videos and pictures and just have fun interacting with each other in realtime.

7. Host a Virtual Surprise Party with Vidhug

Create a virtual surprise party for your kid. Invite your friends and family to create a video montage on an awesome site called Vidhug.  It’s free to get started but is a paid service ($15).

After sending out a special link to your guest they easily record & submit videos from any device. They don’t even need to download anything.

Vidhug then creates a fun video montage that can be shared with everyone. The best part will be to see the reaction on your kids face as their favorite people light up the screen with virtual love and hugs.

8. Host a virtual whiteboard party with games

If your kid is of writing age you can invite everyone to join Murual for free.

While this is really for business collaboration with a little creativity you can play online whiteboard games.

  • Win Lose or Draw
  • Hangman
  • Pictionary
  • Chess or Checkers

Get creative with the white space!!

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9. Have a virtual game party using Synaptop

This one is more like a 3 in one option. Synaptop allows you to play online games together with chat, watch movies with chat and even listen to music together.

The kids will surely have a blast play online games live with their friends and you can control the time limit. 😉

10. Have a Marco Polo virtual party

The Marco Polo app is a lot of fun. It’s like using a walkie talkie and video chat as well. You can download the app and add your friend’s list via straight from your contacts. Then you send short walkie talky videos to each other.

You can start a private group within the app and invite everyone inside the app. Then have fun talking back and forth.

The app is free and it notifies you when you have a video/chat waiting. You can see when your friends are active too.

Benefits of having a virtual birthday party

In these times of necessity and keeping everyone safe virtual parties can be a great alternate idea. While you could wait until everything dies down and reschedule a real in-person party. The truth is we don’t have a time limit on when life will resume to normal.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off something truly special for your kiddo.

Besides virtual parties are:

  • Practically free or a very low cost
  • There is no cleanup
  • No need to cook or bake
  • No kids running around
  • No exhaustion from hosting all-day
  • Your child still gets recognized on their actual birthday.
  • Social interaction can still happen even with the strict social distancing practice currently in place.
  • Guests don’t even need to buy a gift which is cost-saving to them and if your kid is like many other kids one less toy to land in the toy pile.

Love these ideas? What are your favorite party ideas for kids??


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