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Staying Positive during difficult times and 11 actionable steps

Staying Positive during difficult times and 11 actionable steps

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When you are overcome with panic, fear, stress, uncertainty, chaos, anxiety and many other emotions staying positive is hard to do. These 11 steps can help you stay positive during difficult times, help you cope and make a plan.

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Changing your way of thinking

If you are full of uncertain feelings it is important to know that those feelings need an outlet so that your mind can remain focused.

Especially for moms/parents who have little people depending on them.

Staying hopeful when going through tough times is possible.


1. Take a break from external stimuli

Take a break from the news, social media, or other people. It might not be easy but taking a break from external stimuli can help keep you positive.

The non-stop social media scroll can cause anyone to go into an immediate roller coaster of emotions.

Have you ever found a post that angered you or upset you? It’s those very posts that is causing additional unnecessary emotions to rise.

I have taken social media breaks from as little as a few hours up to a few days.

It is an amazing thing. Disconnecting gives you mental space. You aren’t processing information and reacting. Instead, you are living in the moment in which you stand.

Social media won’t fix your problems. Not to say you won’t find some helpful tips from some people.

The goal of social media though is not there to offer solutions to problems. Hence the phrase “Google it”.

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2. Acknowledge your circumstances

No matter what you are dealing with, ignoring it is rarely the answer. Neither is just putting things off.

While ignoring problems might feel good in the short-term, it will deteriorate your long-term positivity.

Acknowledging your circumstances first allows you the opportunity to then come up with solutions. It could be one solution or multiple solutions.

But once you understand your problem break it down into possible solutions and try them.

I truly believe when one door closes another one opens and I also believe that everything happens for a reason.

I love the way that Bob Burg describes this.

3. Make a Plan

One of the single best things you can do to maintain positivity during tough times is to make a plan on how to deal with it.

An easy step to making a plan is writing it down.

  • Write down the problem
  • List possible solutions
  • Write down steps to take
  • Keep a record of the results of those steps

When you focus on the solution rather than the problem, you will naturally feel more positive. You will feel like you are rising to the challenge.

5. Focus on Things You Can Control

When I am feeling like things are spinning out of control I try to calm myself and refocus by looking for the things I am in control of.

It helps calm my fears.

I often will read to my self the serenity prayer. It helps me get my mind right when the anxiety kicks in.

You can stay more positive by focusing on the things you can control. Focus on action steps and things you can do.

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6. Journal Your Feelings

When you are dealing with a lot you are going to need strategies to give your mind a mental release.

Journaling is a powerful tool to help you do this.

When your a mom and trying to deal with difficult situations your thoughts can consume you. Sometimes those thoughts can alter your emotions.

If some of those thoughts consume you to the breaking point you end up taking out your emotions on your family.

When you allow your self the freedom to write out your thoughts, feelings, fears, and concerns, it helps you maintain positivity outside. It also helps to clear your mind of reoccurring thoughts.

When it comes to journaling your thoughts remember there are no rules. Write whatever comes to mind, in any order, in any way it comes out. The goal is to brain dump.

7. Staying positive requires you to track your negative thoughts

We have thousands of thoughts per day. Many of them repeat and many of them are mostly negative.

Instead of little those thoughts consume your every waking moment. Write them down and track the ones that seem to reappear. That way you can address those fears.

8. Meditate

As a mom, you rarely get moments alone. However, I have learned the power to get up before the family. These alone moments are golden. The silence alone is uplifting.

This article is great for beginners in learning how to meditate.

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9. Contact your employers EAP program

Many companies offer what is known as an EAP program. This usually is apart of your employer benefits and available to all family members of the household. Typically this program is paid in full by the company.

The benefits of using your EAP are many. They offer free counseling sessions, discounts, virtual Counseling, employee Support just to name a few.

If you don’t know what program your company offers, check with your human resources department.


Prayer is so powerful. If there is one thing I know. God is all mightly and nothing is too big for him. He is always listening and he will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Those are words I often get repeated to me by my pastor but they are also words that I have testimonial stories to prove them.

A couple of years ago at a women’s ministry conference called IF gathering one of the speakers said these words.

Prayer Releases All Your Eternal Resources

The truth is this prayer is one of the best things you can do. When it comes to prayer nothing is off-limits. Pray about your worries, fears, frustrations and anything you feel you can’t handle.

Put all those requests into the hands of the Lord.

11. Ask for help

As much as us mamas like to pretend or even think we are super mamas, the truth is that there isn’t a woman in the world who has it all together.

In times of crisis, you need to ask for help. Maybe it’s a couple of hours of babysitting. Maybe it’s help making a call.

Maybe you need help with the house and so you hire a cleaning crew on Groupon for a great deal.

Staying positive in a negative world

As mothers, we are faced with many daily challenges. We carry the weight of the world and keep our homes together. While we will face many things in our lives we can use simple things to channel thoughts fears and anxiety.

What are some ways you stay during difficult times as a mother? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bob Burg

Monday 23rd of March 2020

Lisa, thank you so much for including my quote! And thank you so much for the wisdom you shared throughout the article; fantastic principles that will serve all who heed them!


Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Bob, you are very welcome and I love the content you put out.