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Surprisingly easy weight loss tips for stay-at-home moms that work

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Insanely easy weight loss tips for stay-at-home moms

I became a stay-at-home mom in 2014 and I quickly discovered the struggle of losing weight as a stay-at-home mom. And that I needed weight loss tips for stay-at-home moms. Because going to the gym was impossible nor was it within the budget.

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Most days I go go go but even with that. It is still so different when you are home vs when you work outside the home.

Keeping off the weight when I was working in the corporate world was a lot easier.

Losing weight when you are home with littles becomes a bit more difficult. Because you consistently make meals and snacks for kids. I caught the snack bug. I became a stay-at-home mom who was eating all day with the kids.

Another problem was eating crap all day because I was sleep deprived and had no energy. My kids didn’t sleep through the night until 18 months.

After my son’s birth though I lost 25 lbs. And I am going to share with you my best weight loss tips to help you lose the baby weight.

18 Weight loss tips for stay-at-home moms

1. Find a protein shake you like

So I recently have started to go Gluten free and I finally found a premade protein shake I like. It’s called ORRO. My favorite flavors are chocolate and vanilla. The coffee flavor I found to be to thick.

2. Start your day with an avocado

Say what! Yup, my mama friend. I am not a medical professional. But this trick has made a huge difference in my life.

I remember learning this from my natural path friend. I love avocados, to begin with. But when I started my day off with avocado toast and egg. I had no desire to snack. Would often times still feel full even when it was lunchtime.

You can check out this post from Huff Post that talks more about avocados are perfect for weight loss.

3. Create margin in your day

Set time aside in your day to exercise. I know easier said than done. But I promise you if you create a daily routine. Build in time for you at the same time every day.

It will be so much easier to work out.

Here is how you do this. Start one day at a time and build on it. This is known as habit stacking.

For example Monday work out for 10 mins and try to work out 10 mins each day or at least 3 times in that one week.

The following week is due 15 mins and see if you can keep to the 3 days a week or add a day.

Eventually, you will work up to the goal of having a consistent schedule.

4. Get up earlier some days/Before the kids

I have found success in getting up at around 5:30 each morning on some days to do me time. I am the clearest and my mom’s brain hasn’t turned on. Sometimes when I have already started my day with the kids I find it hard to turn off the mom-thinking brain.

But when I get up before everyone I can get into the zone and feel energized for the day.

But I will say it’s hard because than I get sleepy around 1pm so I don’t get up early all the time. But sometimes it’s a nice start.

5. Join No Excuse Moms

N.E.M stands for No excuse moms. This free workout support group is worldwide and offers local groups.

So after joining this group my motivation was at an all-time high. It was after joining this group that I lost 25 lbs shortly after the birth of my second son.

N.E.M is a 501 nonprofit support fitness community for women. It was developed by a mom for moms.

6. Drink more water

Not a new concept I know. But SO many of us still struggle with this. As moms, it is so imperative that we drink enough water. You need it!!

Between nursing kids and drinking coffee to keep up. You need to rehydrate.

Plus drinking enough water helps your skin. I mean we are lacking in beauty sleep. So at least give your body the water it needs. And I am preaching to the choir because drinking water more is always a struggle for me but I feel better when I do.

Check out this water bottle below. If you need some motivation. This is an easy way to get it done. You can buy it here.

7. Increase your daily movement

If you can’t find time to work out as a mom or find it too difficult to work out when the kids are around. Then increasing your daily movement might be an easy way to get some of that in.

Use your baby carrier – strap the baby on while doing the daily tasks. Or go for a long walk while carrying the baby instead of using the stroller.

Take daily walks

Get out twice a day at least. Take an early morning walk and then go for an evening walk. Take the kids with you. Something as small as around the block once is better than nothing at all. It will even help mentally.

Speed Clean

Sometimes I do my cleaning at a faster pace so that I can increase my heart rate. Like running up the stairs to put stuff away instead of walking. Wiping things faster. Stuff like that is small but mighty.

Use your stairs

Who needs a stair master when you can do so many different exercises up the stairs?

  • Do squats
  • Jump up them skipping every other one
  • Do lunges
  • Run up and then walk down
  • Carry weights or even the kids up and down

Use Park time to exercise

When you take the kids to the park instead of just watching them. Use the monkey bars too. Run around with them. Do high legs.

8. Don’t snack after dinner

Bummer I know. Cause I love to eat good snacks when the kids are in bed too. But you and I both know we shouldn’t. 😜

However, snacking just for the sake of snacking is a fast and easy way that can get you into trouble with your weight.

9. Go for daily family walks after dinner

Our family loves to go on walks after dinner during the warmer months.

Walking after dinner is a fun way to talk and bond with one another. But it has health benefits too. Like helping with digestion plus it doubles as more steps towards your daily step count.

10. Meal Prep

If you struggle with being a stay-at-home mom who find her self snacking all day. Then meal prepping might make a huge difference for you.

Meal prepping helps reduce the risk of binge eating or bad eating habits.

I know first hand about eating badly. Look I am not perfect but I am real. I suck at this and when I do make the time to do it. I have my wins.

One of the best tools that helped me meal plan was having containers that had sections. I love these glass ones. Since I hate plastic containers to reheat food and all the toxins. Especially when they turn gross from food.

Meal planning helps with that guilt you feel at the end of the day after eating badly all day. It also helps with your budget too.

But this brings me to my next tip.

11. Join Revive Superfoods

I joined Revive Superfoods in 2020 and love their cups. Especially their bowls.

They offer fresh ingredients ready-to-cook meals in a cup and smoothies. Delivered to your door frozen.

The smoothies have been easy ways to increase my veggie intake. Including the opportunity to try veggies, I never heard of or would have boughten myself.

The third benefit has been getting my kids to drink the smoothies too. Increasing their veggies in a fun simple way.

If you wanna try out Revive Superfoods and see what I mean you can use my code to get 55% off your first box. Use this code during checkout: VAN776240

12. Get your Groove on

Increase your happy hormone and crank some of your favorite tunes. Dance with your kids and let loose.

If dance cardio is something you are into. Check out this post all about some awesome dance cardio channels to follow.

13. Do Commercial Sprints

Beef up your TV binge and sneak in mini workouts. While watching your favorite TV shows. Use the commercial breaks and do a quick couple of push-ups or jumping jacks.

The goal is every step counts!!

14. Use Aromatherapy /Essential Oils

Using essential oils can aid in weight loss. They can be natural alternatives for many things. Before using essential oils I highly recommend seeking a natural path doctor. And do your research!

However, here are some ways essential oils can help you lose weight as a mom.

If you drink coffee for the caffeine benefits only. Incorporating a few drops of peppermint essential oil can give you a similar effect. But without the caffeine addiction and calories.

Let’s just say I am two spoons of sugar lots of cream kinda girl. So finding alternatives to help get me through my day was so helpful.

Here are some other ways a few essential oils can aid:

15. Drink Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar can help you feel full which means you eat less.

It has also been said it helps with belly fat.

16. Drink Lemon Water

Sometimes we think we are hungry but it can be a sign that our body is dehydrated. Lemon water in the morning helps with support weight lost. My favorite way is to squeeze a freshly cut lemon into my water.

17. Join stroller strides/Fit For Mom classes near you

One of the best things you can do as a stay-at-home mom is to find a support system. This is an integral part of my own weight loss transformation.

While my main group was No Excuse Moms. You may find a stroller strides in your area that can help.

Stroller strides is a “total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow”. They do 1-hour workouts and meet up at certain times.

18. Eat an apple every day

Ya know…”Eat an apple a day keep the doctor away”. But really here is how an apple can help with weight loss. So apples are healthy for you but when we struggle with snacking all day.

Apples can help you reduce the bad snacks and the number of snacks you eat. Because they make you feel more full. They have tons of fiber in them.


I know it’s hard. I know lack of sleep sucks. But I know you can do it. Give yourself grace and if you only get it in two times a week celebrate that win.


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