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How to enjoy virtual annual fireworks from home: 5 fun ways

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Fourth of July is such a fun family event that most people go out for. You find the perfect spot to sit and see the display of colors and shapes that fly in the air. Enjoying the summer breeze with awesome music synchronized to the explosions.

We will be doing something different this year as most people. But what if I told you that you could enjoy annual fireworks from home.

Below you will find 5 Virtual fireworks display ideas. You can watch from your couch, backyard or where ever you choose.

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I am also going to share ideas on how to celebrate the fourth of July and create your own lights in the sky display.

If you don’t want to ruin the surprise of the virtual videos that are on here. Pin this for later and when you are ready for your 4th of July celebration click on the videos or create your own.

1. Disney’s Park Youtube Channel

Did you know that Disney has a Youtube channel where you can watch their epic fireworks displays from the comfort of your home. You may wanna grab your ears and say cheers while watching amazing fireworks displays with your children at home.

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2. Canada’s Wonderland amusement park fireworks

Canada’s wonderland amusement park. Throws awesome fireworks displays each year. You can watch their 2019 fireworks display virtually. For added fun you can even ride roller coaster virtually.
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3. FWsim fireworks simulator

Design/create your own fireworks display. Yup you totally can with a free trial to FWsim fireworks simulator. The simulator gives you full control to create your own virtual firework show. You get to choose from 1000’s of free effects, choose 3D buildings, pick your favorite song, and render it in 4K.

Get your kids to help you create the simulation and timing of all the effects. Build your dream firework show in a place you have never been. Then sit back and watch your masterpiece.

4. 4K Aireal Flying with fireworks

In 2017 AirPano VR had the opportunity to launch a drone right into the Russian main festive venues – Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. They were able to capture a 360 degree view of live fireworks. Giving you an inside look of watching the fireworks in air and what really happens when it explodes.

A new way to look at fireworks and the beauty of how they are made. It is also an awesome way for kids to truly understand what makes those magical lights in the sky.

5. Watch the 5 Biggest Firework Shells

People come to watch fireworks and the demand is usually the bigger the better. Pushing limits for more colors, more fireworks at the same time huge finallys. I mean those are the best right when they let loose hundreds of fireworkds at the same time. Its so amazing.

How about showing your kids some of the the biggest fireworks shells exploded. I am talking the largest explosion you have ever seen of one huge firework.

You have to check this out!

In addition to this one you have to see this fireworks shows where the Japanese fireworks show threw the biggest ending. It is beautiful!!

How to make these firework virtual videos extra special.

  1. Display them on your outdoor TV if you have one.
  2. Turn off the lights and watch them in the dark and give the kids glow sticks
  3. Take it outside on a big screen like this portable projector.
  4. Get your whole block involved and have everyone sit outside their front yard. Then display the virtual fireworks on a mega blowup screen like this one.
  5. Project it on your garage door and let the kids run around outside with glow in the dark gear.

Fun easy ways to celebrate fourth of July fireworks that you can do at home.

Alright so I mentioned above I was gonna share some cool ideas on how you can create your own lights in the sky display.

If you remember I mention above the cool way you can make your own fireworks with the simulator?! What if you create a simulation. And let’s say you project it outside.

Firework hanging lights

You could also get this awesome firework lights to hang around your house.

These lights allow you to shape them however you want. You have a remote that allows you to control colors, and 8 different modes. String up multple of these lights and create your own awesome light show.

Release Multi Colored Chinese Sky Lanterns

What about lighting the sky with your own special lantern. These multicolored chinese sky lanterns would be awesome to do as a family. You can release multiple of them at the same time.

These are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Complete with markers the kids can decorate and with the help of mom and dad release their custom made lantern.

Enjoying the 4th of July is all about family time and the special things we enjoy together. These virtual fireworks videos or DIY lights/lanterns can still make it a special evening full of fun.

If you do go out for 4th of July fireworks you can check this post out on how to keep kids safe in a crowd.

Whatever you do make it fun, get creative, decorate your home. Get everyone in the spirit.

You can still enjoy a festive fourth of July with a little creativity. I hope you find these ideas helpful. And that your family can find new ways to celebrate this year.