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Organization ideas on a real-life budget

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If you are looking for a way to organize your home that doesn’t break the bank or even better free, then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of inexpensive and free ways to organize the home that you can use for the whole family.

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I love finding ways to organize our home all the time. But when I get motivated to organize, sometimes the cost of organizing tools can deflate my excitement or even halt my progress.

When my progress gets halted, it usually means me coming to the drawing board to figure out how to create my organization system in a more budget-friendly way.

How can I be more organized on a budget?

Typically when I organize my home, I try to reuse everything I have its the best way to start organizing. And I love having a collection of ideas in my Pinterest feed.

  1. First and foremost, you need to reduce the amount of stuff you have – if you need a decluttering schedule to help check out my monthly calendars
  2. As I mentioned above, try to reuse items that you have in your home- think shoe boxes, empty jars, plastic food containers, and plastic packing from linens. Things that can store items and will last.
  3. Hit up a Good Will or secondhand place to find storage solutions and organize bins/containers
  4. Pay attention to Target and Walmart sales I find amazing deals with they put their organizing bins on sale. For example, these organizing trays come in 3 packs, and when Target puts them on sale, they are cheaper than Dollar Tree.
  5. Use containers from Dollar Tree there are so many options there that get overlooked.
  6. Look for Buy Nothing Facebook groups
  7. Check out the site –

Let’s get into the fun and amazing ideas my fellow blogging community has provided me.

iPhone cases

Iphones come with these perfectly shaped boxes, and inside them are all these fun, sleek pockets and little perfectly folded manuals. But what’s more interesting is how well-made the boxes for the phones are. And put multiple of those little boxes together, and you get a DIY organizing drawer kit.

Just tall enough to hold many small parts. In this case, I used them inside my bathroom drawers because they are very narrow, and the boxes fit just right. But you can use them all over the house. Even Marie Kando agrees it’s something she mentions in one of her books.

Just pop out the inside. The glue is pretty tough, so be careful not to damage the box.

After that just find the perfect spot in your home.

Turn (Free) Wood Pallets Into Amazing Crates

Kids craft room with a DIY storage box made out of pallets

Erin and Eric Nutter turned wood pallets into a fun craft room area for their kids by using reclaimed pallets.

Using wood stain to cover the pallet wood you can match your wood floors. You can also paint it fun colors or even chalkboard paint. Label it in chalk or design it with chalk transfer stencils.

Here are some other ideas you can use this form:

  • stuffed animal storage
  • bottom of closet storage
  • donation bings
  • storage in your pantry (potatoes, garlic, grocery bags)
  • ball storage

Make a Storage Box Out of an Old Sweater (Step-by-Step)

beige storage box made out of a sweater with rope handles

Karo from Craftsy hacks shows you how to take a well-loved sweater and a cardboard box and make it a cozy storage bin for FREE ( as long as you have the basic crafting glue gun).

You can create this fun storage box to match areas in your room decor. Adding rope handles creates a fun additional feature that sets it apart. These kinda boxes are perfect to set a cozy scene out of storage around the home during winter or cooler months.

You can even turn your ugly Christmas sweaters into something useful 😝

DIY LEGO Table Organization IKEA Hack

In my family, we have recently entered the lego phase as well. And I adore Phillips’s idea over at Saving Talents which even comes with a free printable. They turned an IKEA drawer system into the ultimate lego station.

Bedside Caddy to storage easy to reach items in bed

On my bedside table, I typically keep my bible and a book I am reading. Sometimes my bible pens and post-it notes. This is why a handy bedside caddy would be a perfect idea.

Karo from the blog Crafty Shacks has a DIY way to make your very own bedside caddy to increase storage in your bedroom. Another idea is to match fabrics to your bedsheets so that it blends in better.

DIY letterpress tray turned rock collection box

My kiddos love to collect all kinds of things just like Lora’s kids over at Craftivity Designs that’s where you can find this rock collection box. Such a great way to repurpose an old item. And the genius way to allow kids to still collect items without all the extra clutter and in a fun way.

Do you want to display a rock collection? This letterpress tray-turned rock collection box is an easy, stylish solution for storing rocks, gems, or minerals! I would have never thought of something like this. But it totally works!

Home organization hack and create your own fabric storage bin labels

Who doesn’t love fabric bins in fact you can find really basic ones from the dollar tree. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that ?” products to me. But they can be used all around the house. My only rule though is to not let the bins become catch-alls because then you are doing what I call pile shifting.

However, bins can really make visual organization a breeze for bulky or awkward items. Amber shares how she got Target bins from the second hand and used a handy trick to label them. Read her post to see how you can recreate this in your home and to learn her trick.

DIY Storage Boxes: Repurpose those old cardboard boxes!


With the number of cardboard boxes, we all get from Amazon and anything else we get delivered this one is a no-brainer. Turn those boxes into fully functional space organizers.

Check out this post from The DIY Nuts and sit back and think of how many ways you can reuse the boxes you get all the time.

Upcycle cereal boxes to make this DIY cabinet organizer

Under the kitchen sink is like always tons of things that need to go there but the struggle to figure out organizing them all is tricky sometimes. I love using the door as added storage space.

In this case, Karo used that space by taking old cereal boxes together and adding two-tier storage to her cabinet. See the complete instructions on how to make it here.

Make a DIY Essential Oil Shelf

Do you use essential oils and need a storage solution to get them together in an orderly fashion? You might find this $15 dollar DIY essential oil shelf the perfect solution to displaying your oils and keeping them organized.

Drawer Dividers Out of Cardboard

Drawer Dividers Out of Cardboard

Solve your cluttered drawers problem and stop spending hours trying to find the stuff you own. Karo at Craftsyhacks shows you how to organize your drawers on the budget and keep your office decluttered

Organize baking supplies is with cork tiles

Create a baking cabinet in your home that will not only look adorable but learn how to add a pop of color to the back of the cabinet with a double-sided paper roll. This is a really cute idea to add flair to a boring kitchen. Learn how to create your own over at

Add cabinet pull out shelves

Does your kitchen need a few upgrades that can truly make it better to work in daily? It’s sometimes the simplest changes that can transform rooms in our homes. Adding cabinet pull-out shelves can be just that. Ashley knew her kitchen cabinets could be of better use. So she added cabinet pull-out shelves check-out her before and after pictures and it was under $100.

Minamalist jewelry organizer ideas

Looking to display your jewelry in a clean modern look for a budget. Learn how Ashley showcases her jewelry with clear glass cases that a beautiful and functional, from wooden trays to antique china. Get inspired to tackle whatever jewelry you have in all different kinds of ways.

Make a Spice Drawer Organizer

Turn some simple plywood into a customer spice drawer. That is what Ashley did in her full tutorial which is a budget-friendly way to create a customized kitchen. You can watch the full-video tutorial on how to make it for your own kitchen.

DIY Printer Stand with Paper Storage

If you need ideas on where to store your printer and might be thinking about a custom cabinet to work in your office or home. Check out how Danielle created a custom cabinet with part butcher block and also made a special parking spot for her robot vacuum. It’s the perfect vertical space saver that is multipurpose.

Create a storage bin kids clothes system

Kids go through a lot of clothes and switching them up can be a hassle if you don’t have a great system in place. Over at DIY Danelle, she creates a custom easy-to-pull-out clothes bin system that kids can easily reach and grab the things they need. While still maintaining the aesthetic looks of an organized closet.

How to Organize Toys – Simple Storage Solutions

Organizing toys is always a huge understanding because they can come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are over 8 clever storage ideas to fit any budget and space. The categories include:

  • Coloring Book Storage
  • Crayon Storage
  • Puzzle Storage
  • Small Toy Storage
  • and more

See all the storage ideas over at

Create a school lunch storage station on a budget

I believe in organizing your home to foster your kid’s independence. It works well to get the kids involved in doing more and teaching them how to learn life skills.

Haeley created an affordable lunch storage station under her kitchen cabinet that anyone can do on a budget.

Easy home hack that is fast and afforable

Did you have a messy closet of hats and gloves? With a few command strips and clothespins, you could have an easily organized closet. Learn how to do this home hack here.

Get your kids art supplies organized

I think is one has to be my favorite one. The uniqueness of the odd cabinet space that is inside Chelsea’s home is just adorable and totally perfect for how she organized her kid’s art supplies inside. You have to head over to see exactly what I talking about.

How To Store Reusable Bags

Get control of all those reusable bags around your home and car with these simple, stylish tricks!

Purse Storage Ideas

Are your purses losing shape and gathering dust who knows where? Try these closet storage tricks to keep your purses in their best condition!

Luci shares some awesome purse storage ideas.

Don’t toss your your diaper boxes!

Learn how to create organization boxes from old diaper boxes. I actually already used my old diaper boxes for my decluttering/donation boxes already. I haven’t covered them yet but it has been a plan of mine. Michelle gives a really awesome before and after transformation that makes it look simple to do.

Tackle and Create an Organized Linen Closet

In this post, you can learn budget-friendly ideas on how to create a functional and organized linen closet for real people.

If your linen closet is overflowing. If you want a functionally organized closet then this post is for you.

How to Organise Ottoman Bed Storage

I love the idea of having one of those cool beds that adds extra storage space to a bedroom. This is why I love how Donna creates a well-organized under-bed storage with Amazon bins. It looks so neat and well labeled. You have to read her post.

How To Organize Cleaning Supplies | 15+ Clever Ideas

Organizing your cleaning supplies doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re constantly looking for that bottle of cleaning solution or searching from room to room for your broom while cleaning, it is time to get your cleaning supplies organized in one spot! Learn 15 different ideas in this post.

DIY Key Holder with Modern Farmhouse Style

No more searching for keys all over the house. This DIY key holder turned out so cute! Can you believe it was made from a thrift sign, paint sticks and recycled leather and NO nails?

Get Your Kitchen Drawers Organized

Got cluttered drawers? Get your kitchen drawers organized quickly in this two-part series

Organizing the Corner Lazy Susan

Does your cabinet lazy susan got you spinning? See how easy organizing the corner lazy susan can be! I love my corner lazy Suzan. I used it slightly different than the one pictured below but turned it into a spice rack.

Organize Important Paperwork and Documents at Home

These are awesome tips from a residential organizer. Who shares that there is more than one way to organize your paperwork and how you can do it.

10 Simple Steps To Organizing Your Pantry

Learn how to maximize your space and use a variety of storage containers to create the most organized pantry you have ever had.

Brilliant Toy Storage Ideas For An Organized Home at Every Budget – From a Mom of Six

This post is has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly ideas or need ideas for storage because the toy collection has grown. You can get a ton of ideas from reading this post.

Genius Shoe Storage Ideas for the Whole Family

Are you tired of the shoe piles by the door or taking up floor space? This mom of 6 shares tips and tricks for creating shoe storage to fit every budget.

Learn Some Easy Decluttering Tips

In everything in life, we must take baby steps to achieve our goals. Give yourself the goal of filling up one trash bag every few days or once per week. That’s a very doable baby step. Read on to read more baby steps that can make real change in your home.

While it may be true that some methods of organization cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands, you don’t need to throw your budget out the window to feel organized. In fact, with a little bit of research and a few of these tips, you can organize your life on a real-life budget!

What are some fun ways you have found to organize your home on a budget? Is there a favorite on this list you think you wanna try? Be sure to share this post to inspire others or to your Pinterest favs!!