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12 unbelievable and true things you will find in a moms purse.

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If you ask me what is in my purse and why it is so heavy I will only know about 50% of what is in there. Most of the time when I find things in my purse after pushing things around I rediscover something I forgot was in there. I cleaned off the face of one of the kids or shoved the random toy in for safe keeping.


Even after they get older let me tell you my purse is a dumping ground for everything nobody wants to hold or has no idea where to put it. Do you ever dread the “here mom” words? You know very well it means your kid is about to hand you some unexpected thing for you to hold.


Used Tissues of some sort – snotty kids are inevitable. Ya know, wiping your kid’s nose while grocery shopping and you just shove the tissue in your purse/bag only to be lost until you need a tissue again someday in the future and part of it is clean so ya know…


Gooey squishy toy – by the time you pull it back out of your purse it has fuzzy stuff all over it. It’s not so sticky anymore and you don’t even remember when you put it in your purse.


Random toy piece – a leg or maybe a head to who knows what


A regurgitated piece of food – when your kid spits out food with no warning and you find anything in your purse to wrap it in.


A Sock – do we dare ask where it’s pair went


Half eaten lollipop or stick of what once was – why is there never a garbage nearby when you need one 🍭


Soiled diaper – cause you can’t just toss that sucker anywhere and leave the evidence


Wrong size diaper – it was put there just in case like a year ago 🤷‍♀️


Dried up wipe – always cleaning up some mess when you have little ones


Part of a school project – oops you folded it to save it for the memory book. Don’t worry you will get another next week after pre-school


Restaurant Crayons – leftovers from the last time you ate at a restaurant. Those are a keeper though they could come in handy for the future.


Dirty teething toy – well it was clean when I put it in there. Excuse me where is the nearest water fountain to rinse this?

What random things have you found in your purse?