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Secret cleaning uses for Dawn Platinum power spray that has nothing to do with dishes

Secret cleaning uses for Dawn Platinum power spray that has nothing to do with dishes

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Genius Ways to use Dawn platinum powerwash in your home!

So the hype around Dawn’s new powerwash dish soap had me curious. I took a trip to my local Target and bought a bottle.

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I will have to admit that I was like, wow, more expensive than I generally thought it would be when I saw the price.

After taking it home, I looked over its design.

I read the instructions and overview of how to use it.

I liked the design of the bottle. It was very ergonomic and effortless to use. The power on the spray is powerful and generous.

I initially started using it on my dishes, except I didn’t just do the Spray Wipe. I couldn’t do it. So I sprayed and scrubbed as I normally would.

But even though I didn’t spray and wipe as the commercial said. It was clear that the product worked immediately. I could see the grease and food residue just come right off. There was barely any elbow grease needed.

So while this is not a full review, I can say it works and what happened next is what sold me.


How is Dawn powerwash different?

As I always do with every cleaner that I have in my home, I got a little curious. I wanted to see what kind of cleaning power this new Dawn. Platinum powerwash had.

The whole reason it’s different is that you don’t need water to create the cleaning power. It activates into bubble white suds the minute you spray it. And the grease/dirt starts to melt away.

So I began to use it around my house. And the first thing I started to use it for was to decrease certain greasy areas in my kitchen.

But be sure to head down to the post of areas where I don’t recommend using it. ALWAYS TEST AN AREA BEFORE USE AND REFER TO MANUFACTURERS RECOMMENDATIONS.

1. Backsplash

I get a lot of grease splatter on my painted walls at the top of my range and the wall behind the range. I don’t have a tile backsplash.

But the grease mess is still real. It builds. I sprayed the wall/backsplash area, and boom, it all started to drip down.

After wiping it down a few times because it was pretty soapy, I learned a little bit goes a long way. This product is concentrated.

I hope you are ready for this journey. Cause I couldn’t stop there, and over the course of a few months, I began cleaning and spraying as much as I could. I have a few pictures of some things and will start taking more to use this spray even more. But for now, let’s continue my journey to secret cleaning tips using Dawn Powerwash Spray, shall we.

2. Kitchen Cabinets/Handles

Next, I decided what it would look like to use it on my kitchen cabinets and handles. I mean, if you have never cleaned your kitchen cabinet handles, you are in for a surprise. This is one of the top areas that most people forget to clean.

Both my stove, the kitchen cabinets, and handles will tend to develop a layer of grease as I go through my normal cooking routine. And so I sprayed the dawn platinum sprayed onto the cabinets directly. And on to my the handles of the cabinets and let it sit for a few minutes.

And within a few minutes, you could see the grease yet again just falling off, making it so much easier for me to be able to wipe my cabinets.

After being wiped down and rinsed off, the handles were shiny again, and the metal felt clean against the skin. Yeah, I am that person that gets satisfaction from cleaning. But hey, it works for your benefit. Cause I get to share it with you.

A few weeks later, I decided it was spring cleaning season and going through my normal spring cleaning checklist.

I decided to clean the grill with the dawn platinum spray.

3. Outdoor Grill

As most people know, the grill is one of the greasiest dirtiest things that we’ll need a tough degreaser to get all of the extra barbecue stuff off.

And so I sprayed down the entire grill. And again, let it sit so that it could begin using its power.

And then, I started to rub away the grease in the product, and I was surprisingly shocked again. It actually worked way better than some of the grill cleaners I have ever used. Honestly, if I let the product sit for longer next time I clean the grill, it will take even more off.

When I got to the silver rack that is the top rack in my grill, that was one of the best results. It no longer had the burnt look. The silver was actually exposed.

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4. Folding lawn chairs

Well, I mean, let’s keep this Dawn powerwash uses party going. T-ball season has begun, and so I needed to pull out our lawn chairs. My toddler had this white princess lawn chair passed down to her. But I tried to scrub it last year and couldn’t get many deep stains out.

I took the lawn chair outside and grabbed this scrubbing brush and my silver bucket from Young Living.

Same concept as all the others. I sprayed the dawn power spray directly on the lawn chair and let it sit a bit. I repeated as necessary. And I began to use the scrubber to scrub.

Guess what!! It worked; there were food stains on this chair that had been there for so long. And like magic, the chair looked almost new again. The kids loved helping me with this process. I was a happy mama. Cause now I was gaining confidence like I can clean anything!!!

5. Crystal Chandelier

Moving on with my Curious George mind running wild. I thought, what about my chandelier. I had it installed 6 years ago, and it’s so hard to keep clean. But I refuse to pay several hundred dollars for anyone to clean it.

So like a mad scientist, I placed towels down on the wood floor. Then I climbed to the top of the stairs and began to spray my chandelier. All 100 balls of crystals. They were dusty, and the film had really built up no matter how many times I tried.

I was extra generous on the spray with the chandelier because as it broke down layers of dust and dirt, I reapplied to get the cleanist crystal I could. I used the drip method on this.

Then I used an empty Dawn Powerwash spray bottle and filled it with water. I wanted it with water to get the same spray power so I could reach it. I sprayed over and over again water, and little by little, the crystal began to shine, and I could see the little rainbows.

It’s the reason why I love this chandelier. It’s like looking up at a Swarovski masterpiece. I love me some bling!!

I did have to have my 6ft 8inch husband help spray the top as I couldn’t reach it. But after two good cleanings using the drip and spray method, boom! My crystals shined bright like diamonds!!

6. Crocs Shoes

Next in line, please step down! On to my next deep cleaning victim. My kids wear Croc shoes all spring and summer, and there is a proper way to clean crocs. Read about them in this post.

But one of the secret ingredients I used to clean my Crocs is the Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray. Of course, it worked like a charm.

7. Bikes

So one of the Spring cleaning tasks I do is cleaning our outdoor toys for the Spring/Summer season. Well, I had gotten my daughter the upgrade on her Weehoo ride used. And so it needed a deep cleaning but so did all of our bikes.

Without touching the chain and removing the needed grease, I began spraying the wheels and spokes: the seat and Ewwww gross handles. I told you I clean everything.

I waited a few mins and, using my silver bucket with warm water, began to wash it down. The spokes began to shine, and the handles dripped gross dirty water. But the rubber felt nice again, and dawn power wash renewed the grip.

8. Windows

So normally use my Norew window cloth for my windows, but the windows need a deep cleaning after winter. I have a huge glass window and several others around the home.

For this task, I used a combination of the water hose, our powerwasher, and squeegee. And yes, those windows were crystal clear again.

9. Stove Top

So back to the kitchen, I decided to try it on my stovetop, especially around the burners. The silver part of the burners is so hard to clean. But it worked again using my scrub daddy scrubbed to get it in there. (Be careful on your stove tops and research before spraying it on yours. This stuff is powerful!)

10. Outdoor patio furniture

During my outdoor patio set up for the Spring season. I decided to test out the Dawn platinum spray on my mesh patio chairs. The birds love to use them for target practice.

I let it sit and sprayed them down with the hose. I was shocked because the mesh looked new again. It was awesome.

I haven’t tried it on my cloth patio chair yet. But I will be trying it soon.

11. Tough stains on clothes

So I wanted to test Dawn platinum spray on a few clothes that my kids got so dirty I couldn’t get the stain out. Honestly, it was from them playing on the garage blacktop, and they left black marks on their jackets.

The smaller marks and ground-in dirt came out like a charm. There was a large mark my son had on his jacket, and nothing is getting that out, which makes me sad. But I think if I repeat the process, it will fade.

12. Grout

So there is a care process for grout, and as I learned from the flooring girl who is the floor master. But I still wanted to see if Dawn’s platinum spray would work.

Well, the answer is yes!! It works. I cleaned my tile floor with it and used my rotating cleaning brush to get it done.

13. Shower doors

So everyone who has glass shower doors knows they can be a pain. Well, I put Dawn powerwash to the test yet again. Sure enough, I sprayed and used my most favorite tool, my spinning cleaning mega brush. And the shower doors looked awesome.

14. Powerwheels

That’s right; I cleaned my kid’s power wheel with it. It took out dirt from the bottom of the floor and plastic tires.

15. Mirrors

Mirrors are another place I loved to use my Norwex cleaning cloths, but I wanted to see if it worked, and it did! It was shiny and left no residue after a few rinses.

16. Soap scum (ring around tub)

I tried Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray inside the tub to remove rings and dirt from the kids. It took less time to clean the tub, and it was shiny afterward. It also helped with the bath crayons—at least the version I have.

What else can you use Dawn powerwash for?

I am on a mission, and this list will continue to grow over time, and so will my pictures, videos, and such. So in total, 48 uses for Dawn powerwash dish spray.

But just cause I haven’t gotten to use it in certain areas in my home. I wanted to give you an extensive list of where else can you can use Dawn powerwash.


  1. Airfryer
  2. Baseball caps
  3. Rollup dish rack
  4. Baseball pants
  5. Canvas backpacks
  6. Shoes (some not all)
  7. Oven Fridge
  8. Remove sticker residue
  9. Whiteboards
  10. Vases
  11. Picture frames
  12. Greasy tools
  13. Tool Box
  14. Coolers
  15. Lunch bags
  16. Beach toys/bags
  17. Oil stains on concrete
  18. Dirty Car Mats
  19. Carpet Cleaner
  20. Range hood filter
  21. Camping Gear (tent etc.)
  22. kiddie Pools
  23. Plastic Outdoor playhouses
  24. Car Seat stains
  25. Stroller Stains – Cloth only -Don’t USE ON METAL PART/PLASTIC PART
  26. Remove grease from your potholders and kitchen towels by spraying it on. Rub together and then tossing in the wash
  27. Glass cooktop
  28. Seat belt stains
  29. Clean your broom
  30. Clean your Vaccum canister
  31. Stains on highchair tables tops
  32. Stained tubberware

The more I use it and clean with it, the more this list will grow. So come back for more tips and ideas. Cause I am kind of addicted.

Here is so far where I have found you should NOT use it!

Certain metals and hard plastics some metals will experience leftover marks when sprayed with the product and it can remove the finish. And the plastic will discolor.

Does Dawn Powerwash Really Work?

The Platinum Powerwash is one of the best products EVER! It’s a bit pricey at first look, but to save time, water, detergent makes it a bargain! I would say it’s a really great product.

Now because I am an honest person and I love mostly green cleaners. There is no way that this product falls in line with what I would consider a green cleaner. With that being said, I still like it. And have an understanding that in some areas like not even my best essential oils can tackle all my cleaning woes.

I will continue to buy it as it has proven its worth and I like it.

One pro-tips is that the smell can be a bit overpowering. So be sure to use it in well-ventilated areas when doing large jobs. Also, remember a little bit goes a long way, and it will get soapy if you use too much.

So will you take the Dawn powerwash cleaning challenge? Let me know your results below.

David D Erskine

Friday 10th of September 2021

Just for the heck of it, I shot the foam on several wasps and hornets, and flies to see if it affected them It killed after immobilizing them every time !! YAAAY !

K Johnson

Thursday 19th of August 2021

Hi! My daughter and son-in-law recommended Dawn Powerwash to me and they apparently use it on everything. However, reading reviews, Dawn says it has not been tested on everything. One consumer said it damaged a ceramic stove top (with pics). So after using this product on every surface are there some you wouldn’t recommend? Thanks! PS: I’d love to use it everywhere.

Lisa Van Groningen

Sunday 29th of August 2021

Hi, So far, I have found that some hard plastic surfaces don't all respond well as they leave marks. And some metal surfaces as well. This is why I only post about areas I have tried because I am aware that it can't go on every surface. It is a potent cleaner, so with all cleaners, I say test a small area first. And I always refer back to the company themselves.