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How to remove white residue & stains from fridge water tray 2 ways

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Refrigerator water tray cleaning tricks to remove calcium deposits

Do you have a water dispenser on your fridge? Do you also have white residue or calcium deposits on the water tray that won’t come clean?

Please keep reading to find out 2 simple methods to remove water stains from my refrigerator door and tray.

How to remove calcium deposits from plastic tray

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After a while, the drip tray on your water dispenser will start to form with this white residue or stain that won’t remove easily with a normal wipe down.

And the longer you let it build up, the harder it is to get rid of. There are two ways to get hard water residue off of plastic.

My favorite and easiest way that I have found is using descaling liquid. It works immediately on contact. In addition, there is no smell. Not to mention I found that it truly takes away the most stubborn of all stains.

Option one: Descaling liquid

Step one: Purchase Descaling liquid from your store.

Step two: Remove the fridge water tray and place it in a plastic container or empty sink.

Step three: Pour descaling liquid all over the tray. You should start to see a chemical reaction happening. It should start to bubble up.

Step 4: Let sit for about 15 mins to allow the acidic compound to penetrate and clean all the residue away.

Step 5: Rinse and wash the tray and then dry it.

Now that the tray is cleaned, you will want to clean it inside the whole water dispenser area. This includes the nozzle.


How to clean the nozzle and entire water dispenser area with Descaling liquid:

Step One: Put on gloves

Step two: Damp a cloth with descaling liquid

Step 3: Wipe down the entire inside with descaling liquid

Step 4: Using a small drinking straw cleaner brush like this one, clean the water dispense nozzle.

Step 5: Rinse the cloth and wipe down all areas with warm water. Be sure to dry it all after

How to remove white residue from water
fridge water tray with vinegar

Option two: Vinegar

Step one: Purchase vinegar from your store.

Step two: Remove the fridge water tray and place it in a plastic container or empty sink.

Step three: Pour vinegar all over inside tray/container. Be sure to fill it until the entire tray is covered.

Step 4: Let sit for about 15 mins to allow the vinegar to break down the water stains and clean all the residue away.

Step 5: Rinse and wash the tray and then dry it.

Step 6: Repeat the same routine as cleaning the nozzle and entire water dispenser area as mentioned above. The same way you would with the descaling liquid.

How to clean the ice and water line in if it is clogged

Many people don’t realize that regularly cleaning the water line in their fridge is necessary.

Your owner’s manual is the best way to find the regular cleaning schedule. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, then look for it online.

First, you will want to determine the model number of the brand of a fridge that you own.

Then with a simple Google search, you can most likely find a downloadable manual.

Cleaning off the hard water stains on your stainless steel appliances

Water stains on the outside of your fridge or stainless steel appliances are so easy to get rid of.

This happens a lot in my household, with water drips from everyone using the water dispenser. Especially the kids.

All you need to do is grab a microfiber towel. It has to be microfiber so that it is gentle on the steel. And also so that there is no lint left behind when you clean it.

Step one: Take a microfiber cloth and fold it into fourths so that you can apply vinegar.

Step two: Begin wiping down the appliance in the direction of the grain. You must do it in the direction of the grain so that you don’t damage the finish.

Pro tip: don’t spray vinegar directly on the stainless steel because you may find that it leaves spots. It is much better to apply it to the cloth and then wipes it.

Step three: After you have cleaned the entire appliance. You are going to want to restore its luster.

Make your stainless steel shine after cleaning

To do this, all you need is a bit of olive oil. And I mean a little. Too much is actually counterintuitive. About a quarter size is about all you will need.

Grab a paper towel and fold it in fourths as well. With the oil on the paper towel, wipe in the direction of the grain until you have covered the entire fridge.

You should now have a shiny mirror look.

Cleaning tricks for water tray to help remove lime scale

I hope you found these tips helpful. Remember to always review your owner’s manual in addition to more stubborn hard water residue. You may need to do the process again.

Regular maintenance/cleaning, though, should keep the stains at bay once you have done a deeper cleaning. Please share this on social media to help others.

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