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Does Dawn Dish Soap Work with Quartz Countertops? Pros and Cons

Does Dawn Dish Soap Work with Quartz Countertops? Pros and Cons

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Cleaning my kitchen daily is something I have to do as it’s the hub of the home.  But after we had our kitchen redone due to water damage.  We choose to refinish it partially.  Much cheaper to do this.  But we did include getting new quartz countertops.  So I wondered, Is it safe to use Dawn Dish Soap on quartz countertops?

During the installation, I was leery about their care and asked the stone installer how to care for them.  I had a basic idea but wanted to double-check.

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He looked at my supplies and said, honestly, just a cloth with water works, but for tough dirt, a little bit of your dawn dish soap and water will work just fine.

Dawn Dish Soap is one of the most popular brands of dishwashing detergent on the market today. It has been around since the 1950s.

Though I try to limit the number of chemicals I use in the home, Dawn Dish Soap is something I find to be very useful.  I have tried others, but nothing compares.  You can read my post on 49 plus ways to use Dawn powerwasher here.  And learn some of the mistakes I made.  


Can I use Dawn Dish Soap with my quartz countertop?

Dawn Dish Soap is an effective cleaner that works well in all types of kitchen environments. It contains no phosphates, which means it won’t damage it.

If you have a quartz countertop, you should be able to use Dawn Dish Soap without any issues. However, if you notice any discoloration or staining, you might need to switch to another brand of dish soap.

Reasons Why Dish Soap Can Be Used On Quartz

Even though Dawn Dishsoap has a lot of good uses but also includes ingredients that aren’t the best.  It works!  My hope is one day, the science of Dawn dish soap will get an overhaul to make it kinder to the environment and humans.  

It leaves no residue using the Dawn dish soap in a very small quantity will leave no residue using it to clean your quartz countertops.  

You just need to make sure that you wipe it down right away with a microfiber cloth and water. 

Dawn dish soap is considered mild because Dawn dish soap is not acidic and is considered to be more alkaline.  Dawn Dish Soap contains sodium hydroxide, which is an alkali. Alkalis can etch away at some materials, including quartz.  Which is why I say use with care.

Dawn is nonabrasive it doesn’t contain materials like small particles of minerals such as calcite, feldspar, quartz, and silica to clean.

Sadly though, regular Dawn dish soap is not antibacterial. 

This is why I recommend using microfiber cloths such as the Norwex or eCloth designed to kill 99% of germs with just water.  And the polishing cloth to bring back the shine.

On most days, this is what you need. 

How to dilute Dawn dish soap to clean your quartz counters

Using a small mixing bowl or bucket.  Add a few drops about 2-4 should be plenty. Then add warm water and mix well.  

You should have a mixture of bubbles and water grab a microfiber cloth and dip it entirely into the water and wring it out.  

Wipe down your counters and be sure not to miss a spot.  

Should I use Dawn dish soap every time I clean my quartz?

My recommendation is no.  I regularly will use microfiber clothes with just warm to hot water on a daily.

I will use Dawn dish soap if there is stuck food or stains to help remove it.  More of a deeper clean.

Even though I use this, I questioned if it’s still the best option for deep cleaning.  But I found the best solution for really cleaning your quartz countertops.

I have only had my counters for five months and was doing a lot of research.

To properly clean, protect, disinfect and polish your quartz, you need to get Granite Gold Clean and Shine.

Can I use Dawn power wash on quartz? 

Dawn’s newest product, of power wash, is a pretty strong product.  I did some research and found a statement on their website that they tested it on quartz to be safe.

Personally, I haven’t done it because since issuing Dawn powerwash on many other surfaces, I have seen its power and don’t want to risk it. 

If you wanna try, find a less visible spot and try it.

So there you have it Is it safe to use Dawn Dish Soap on quartz countertops the answer is yes.  And a little bit goes a long way.  But it’s the midway point, and you should invest in a proper cleaner like Granite Gold Clean and shine for long-term care and protection.