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Is Mighty Nest Box worth the investment? Pros and Cons

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Mighty Fix is the simple way to switch to high quality healthy products all in one place

Mighty Nest Box is the easiest way to save money and take all the time and effort out of switching your home products to more eco-friendly ones.

As a mom I had started the journey of switch one item in our home per year to a more sustainable product or non-toxic option. It felt like a slow process as I researched items. And then sometimes I would find the cost would be too much to make the switch.

I discovered a simpler method. It’s called Mighty Nest Box. This monthly subscription box contains handpicked products to help parents create a healthy home. All for under $11 per month.

Learn More About the MightyFix One Simple Change Each Month

What is Might Nest Box?

Might Fix a.k.a

How much does Might Nest Box cost?

The affordability was a huge factor on why I chose to join Might Nest for my family.

For Just $11 a month my family gets to try new innovative products that make a difference in our lives as well as the world.

I was able to get myIf you are interested in trying it out for your self use the Might Nest promo code. 👉 Shop MightyNest.com for non-toxic products and create a healthy home

The total cost for my monthly box comes out to $12.13. Figured it would be best to show you all the deets. As honesty and transparency is my number one priority. So here is a screenshot of my account.

Might Nest Box Discount Code

As you can seen the extra cost is tax.

The subscription box comes with free shipping all the time. And members get member-only sitewide savings of up to 35% off everything every day.

If you go to the main site you can search for tons of environment-friendly products for your home. Including wellness, kids, cleaning and so much more.

There is no contract and NO obligation to continue the service. You can cancel at any time.

You can choose to upgrade to an annual plan which comes out to about $ 109 dollars a year. I don’t think that is a bad price at all for 12 months worth of products. But you can’t cancel this one year until it is up. So monthly would be a better option if you aren’t wanting to be locked in.

What comes inside the Mighty fix subscription box ?

Each monthly shipment you receive comes with one product. Packaged with all recyclable material.

But what I love the most is that within each box you find a card.

This card gives you the full description of the product and how it helps the earth. It also list information on how to care for the item.

The cards are a great reminder of how you are making an impact and how you are reducing the toxins in your life and home.

Can I change what comes inside my box?

YES!! That is the best part. Once you log into you account you can “Choose your fix
as they call it.

Here is how this works:

Step 1: Click on the icon box on the right hand side or click account.

Step 2: Click manage my box

Step 3: Click on “Choose my fix” this will take you to the products page. Where you can choose what you want in your box.

Note: There are some items not included in the original box subscription cost. Meaning there will be an additional cost for some of the available choices if you choose it.

As long as you stick to the ones with no additional charge then your cost does not change.


What is FIX +?

So as I mentioned above there are tons of products that the company offers. A unique option is to opt in for a FIX+. This means you can upgrade your account to receive even more premium type products.

Here are somethings you need to know:

  • you can’t pick what the premium product is
  • you can’t return or exchange the premium product
  • the frequency of the premium product is not monthly it varies

But there hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked yet.

Can I change my delivery?

Yup!! You can change the ship date and this will also change the payment processing date.

What kind of products does Mighty Fix offer?

  • Kitchen
  • Housewares
  • Storage
  • Cleaning
  • Body Care
  • Wellness
  • Kids
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Travel Gear
  • And many others…

My Mighty Nest Review

So now that I have given you all the facts about Might Nest. Let me give you a honest review from a mom/homemaking point of view.

My limited time searching for better products for me and my family was hard. That’s why joining Mighty Nest is truly a homemakers dream.

Before Might Nest I was spending hours researching products. The pace at which I was upgrading our family to more eco-friendly products was slow. The price for some items held me back from making the switch.

Mighty nest took all the guest work out. Between the time I was spending researching, it offered a low cost option. WIth high quality products. And it streamlined the process by sending it right to my door.

This ultimately gave me more time to do the things I wanted to. While still being able to change to better products for my family constantly.

Their website is very easy to navigate and I love that I can change items as I see fit.

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