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Clay deodorant switch & ditch review

Clay deodorant switch & ditch review

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An honest Zion Health Clay deodorant review after using it for two weeks straight. I was gifted a free product sample from Zion Health, this post is not sponsored. I tried & used Zion Health’s Clay deodorant extra strength stick. I would like to thank Zion health for allowing me to try this product.

Have you heard of clay deodorant yet? I recently came across it and had the opportunity to try it out on my self. It’s a natural deodorant option but instead of using baking soda they use healing clay. This natural clay is called Calcium Montmorillonite. Also, they use essential oils making this deodorant natural and all powerful.

I am on a personal mission to switch to more natural products in every area of my life. Considering that I use deodorant every day I wanted something that is not going to put more toxins into my body. I have been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that truly works so I wanted to try this one out.


So what’s the big deal on this clay deodorant?

Calcium Montmorillonite clay naturally comes from the earth as a by-product from volcanic ash. The neat thing though is that this clay has been used for centuries and has been found to actually help detoxify the body.

Helps detoxify the body

People today buy this clay and consume it as a detox as well.

Zion Health Sweet Amber Clay deodorant

How the clay works is it absorbs negatively charged ions in the body to cleanse it. How’s that for some neat science facts for ya.

But ladies that main point is that this deodorant does a heck of a job. Instead of just masking body odor and preventing you from sweating. It acts as a force of nature to keep you smelling and feeling clean.

The Zion Health company sources their clay directly from Palm Springs, CA. The clay has been found to contain more than 57 trace minerals to help absorb odor and balance skins pH.

What happened after wearing Clay deodorant for two weeks

I have tried other natural deodorants and found that with each one something would lack. Many natural deodorants have baking soda in them and I found me they did not work well. I would end up disappointed and defaulting back to Secret.

This review is not a paid review. But this is my truly honest thoughts and experience after using the deodorant.

At first glance, the solid stick is like a normal deodorant. The two scents I had were original and sweet amber. The scent was flowery and very light. Since I love essential oils I absolutely was thrilled that the scent was from them. The stick was a light yellow color.

Applying the deodorant

When I first applied the stick it was not as smooth and easy to swipe across my armpit like I used to with others. Clay deodorant and applying it is a little different than other deodorants. The clay is thicker and has more of a creamy kinda base feel. Basically, if you move slower it goes on just fine.

It was more like using real paint versus watercolor paints. Real paint is thick and offers better coverage versus watercolor that runs off. I had to apply it with slow even strokes.

After applying I lifted and lowered my arm to see how it felt. I did not feel sticky or cold. It seemed to adhere to my skin. I took my finger and rubbed it to see if the product would come right off. This was important to me because I didn’t want something that could rub off.

T-shirt test

After putting on my shirt I looked for stains on my T-shirt. Like with most white stick deodorants you get that stain on your T-shirt. Not with the clay. I had no residue.

Daily wearing test

As I went about my daily mom tasks such as my daily cleaning schedule. I felt fresh and clean the whole day.

On my daily adventures with my kids and swim lessons. The deodorant held up in all those normal activities and I never ever felt the need to have to re-apply. I stayed dry and smelling clean.

After working out and working in the yard I came in and checked. I did the sniff test and wanted to see if after an intense workout how the deodorant would perform. To my surprise, I was dry and still no body odor. This was shocking to me.

My last test was the 24-hour test. I applied the sweet amber deodorant in the morning and didn’t re-apply it. Amazingly, it still was working and kept me dry and I was odor free!

If you would love to try out the deodorant for yourself use this link here.

What’s great about Zion Health’s natural deodorant & why I liked it


  • Protects for more than 24 hrs – They offer extra strength and original.
  • Smells great – They have over 20 plus deodorant options & scents. Including deodorants for men and some for women.
  • Affordable – At a price range from around $7.99 and up it’s much cheaper than other natural deodorants
  • You use less product – you save money by not having to re-apply often
  • It’s good for the environment & you – The deodorant is Vegan and they don’t test on animals
  • It’s toxic free – There are no harmful chemicals such as aluminum chloralhydrate or aluminum zirconium, alcohol, dyes, or parabens.
Zion Health Clay deodorant Original


  • Shaving – I found that when shaving my underarms the product would still be on my skin making it a bit more difficult to shave. Not a big deal just something I noticed. After using my washcloth a bit more I was able to shave like normal
  • Applying technique – as long as I use slow long strokes it was easy to put on,

Why I am choosing to switch and ditch to clay natural deodorant

Overall, I truly liked the deodorant. I was skeptical. I have used many others. Including those that used baking soda and claimed to have more natural ingredients but they under-performed.

It is a high-quality product in my view and does everything the company claims. It rates a 3 overall in the site, which makes it a yay in my book. Reducing chemicals is always the goal.

I have decided to ditch my other deodorants and will be a customer of Zion Health after using up my trial products. I enjoyed the protection and coverage I received and love how the product performed.

I love the companies values and natural approach to body care products.

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If you end up trying the deodorant or any of their other products let me know in the comments section!