32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas & Family Traditions

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easter basket making

32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas & Family Traditions

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I absolutely love Spring!! The breath of fresh air, sunshine, getting able to enjoy the outdoors again. I am a mom who loves to decorate my home for each month with just a couple of items to celebrate and change up the way the house looks. But I have a couple months that I really go all out for. April is one of those months. I adore all the cuteness of Easter, the pastel colors, the renewal feeling I get from the story behind Easter and of course the Easter basket.

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What is the story behind our Easter?

We do this yearly tradition of opening Resurrection Easter eggs about the Easter story. I have been doing this since my oldest was about 8 and continue to carry it on now to my younger two. It’s so simple to do each day in the morning and takes no effort but makes a large impact. You need no more than 5 mins to do it.

Resurrection Easter eggs are a set of 12 brightly colored plastic eggs which the kids get to crack open to reveal miniature symbols of Easter inside. My kids look forward to it each of the 12 days during that month. Also before your kids get to open the egg there is a booklet that has a short bible story for you to read and it also has a bible verse.

Easter Decorating at Dollar Tree

If you don’t know by now, I am a huge fan of Dollar Tree. From home organization, office supplies, homeschooling supplies, and decor. There is so much you can get from the Dollar Tree. I personally love their indoor Dollar Tree” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Dollar Tree seasonal decorations. I bought this cute tree that has glittery pastel-colored Easter eggs you hang from it and I have had it for almost 10 years.

My love for Easter is not as far off as I thought it was. Being a Google freak I did a random search. I would have never guessed that it’s estimated 700 million Easter baskets are sold each year. Say What!! I don’t buy a new basket each year I re-use mine. I even re-use my eggs I get from the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree carries a huge assortment of basket stuffer’s I like to be strategic when it comes to what I put into the kids Easter baskets.

What do you put inside your Easter basket?

I like to use Easter baskets as a way to prepare the kiddos for Spring by buying outdoor themed gear, books and learning items. One of the best things I found one year was confetti eggs. It was a blast watching the kids throw the eggs and see a burst of confetti. I don’t mind the clean up either after. It’s not too bad if you only do a few.


Each of my kids have a Easter basket that is special to them. Nether of the baskets are identical in color, shape or size. I look for sturdy baskets that will hold up for years to come. I am willing to pay a bit more for a basket when it comes to price so I can re-use it each year.


When it comes to the filler inside of each basket I use a variation of earth-friendly grass fillers. I use to buy the plastic fillers and reuse it each year but moved away from that and now use paper-based ones that can be recycled once I can no longer re-use it. I even tried edible grass one year. It was not a family favorite. This year for my youngest since she will be just under 15 months I will be using colored yarn.

Non-candy gift ideas

Each year when I decide what goes into each kids basket I take into consideration what they are really into at the moment. Lately, my son has been into the book “The Little Blue Truck” and there is a spring version so I am going to be putting a new series of the book into his basket. I love to get the kids new rain gear, bubbles, and anything they can do outdoors with the warmer weather.

32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Egg Slime

Easter Egg Playdoh

Butter-Fly Kit

Coloring Books

Reusable Sticker Book

Easter Go Fish Card Game

Sun Glasses

Easter Egg Terrarium with Paint Set

Mini Grow Pot Kit

Spring Hat

Easter Note Pad

Easter Foam Craft


Water Doodle Books



Rain Boots

Garden tool kit

Wind Chime Kit

Stain Glass kit

Bird House Kit

Bird Feeder Kit

Sticker Book

Easter Mad Libs

Outdoor Explorer kit

Outdoor Explorer kit

Rocket Book Color

Easter Chalk

Mandala Coloring Book

Bath Crayons

Window Crayons

Easter Stampers

What fun things do you like to put in your kids Easter baskets?  Do you have a Easter family tradition?  I love hearing what other people do during Easter.  Easter family pictures are so much fun too.  Leave a comment below.  
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