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151 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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If you are looking for cute non-candy easter basket ideas that aren’t full of sugar but just as sweet. Check out my list of ideas for the kiddos in your life.

It tons of fun to make activity-filled easter baskets. And getting my kids excited about the season and outdoors is always my ultimate goal.

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I like to use Easter baskets as a way to prepare the kiddos for Spring. By buying outdoor-themed gear, books, and learning items. One of the best things I found one year was confetti eggs. It was a blast watching the kids throw the eggs and see a burst of confetti. I don’t mind the clean up either after. It’s not too bad if you only do a few.

Here is a fun fact. Google states it’s estimated 700 million Easter baskets are sold each year. Amazing huh?

This list will help you create the best non-candy easter basket. With no need to buy those premade ones. And when you are done creating your Easter dye eggs check out fun ways to reuse those egg cartons.

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What can you put in an Easter basket besides candy?

Each of my kids has an Easter basket that is special to them. Nether of the baskets are identical in color, shape, or size. I look for sturdy baskets that will hold up for years to come. I am willing to pay a bit more for a basket when it comes to price so I can re-use it each year.

Each year when I decide what goes into each kid’s basket. I take into consideration what they are really into at the moment.  When starting your gift search this is a great place to start.

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

  1. Babies first Bible
  2. Teething ring
  3. Musical Toy
  4. Mirror Toy
  5. Baby Utensils
  6. Light Up Bath Toys
  7. Play water mat for tummy time
  8. Soft activity book
  9. Egg shakers (Music makers)
  10. Drool Bib with a toy on it
  11. Jack in the box toy
  12. Plush Easter Basket Playset
  13. Softcover books
  14. Stacking cups
  15. Soft car toys
  16. Wooden rain stacking toy
  17. Wooden train set
  18. Wrist toy
  19. Sock rattle toy
  20. Foam blocks
  21. Foam balls
  22. Baby’s fist keys
  23. Link toys
  24. Pull chime toy
  25. Teething mitten
  26. Feeding pacifier
  27. Baby Dive toys
  28. Baby sunglasses
  29. Baby inflatable float
  30. Sequin pillow or stuffed animal
  31. Sand toys
  32. Touch and feel books

Easter Basket Ideas for preschoolers

You can get really creative when making your Easter basket for your preschooler. Thinking outside the box like filling a umbrella upside down and stuffing rain boots.

  1. Bath crayons
  2. Coloring Books
  3. Art Smock
  4. Bath toy basketball hoop
  5. Inflatable bounce toy
  6. Water paint board books
  7. Musical instruments
  8. Echo Microphone
  9. Pull back cars
  10. Kids Bible
  11. Spring toys
  12. Water drawing mat
  13. Wooden stacking rocks/toys
  14. Stuffed animals
  15. Rain boots
  16. Raincoat
  17. Mini bubble machine
  18. Umbrella
  19. Magnetic dress-up dolls
  20. Duplo blocks
  21. Dissolving easter eggs
  22. Beach toys
  23. Sunglasses
  24. Diving rings
  25. Water shoes
  26. Easter Hat
  27. Dot markers
  28. Stamps
  29. Bubble gun
  30. Sidewalk chalk
  31. Soft plastic balls
  32. Silicone squishy toys
  33. Liquid motion bubbler
  34. Figuring toys
  35. Glitter bouncy balls filled with water
  36. Slap bracelets
  37. Parachute guys
  38. Bath squirt toys
  39. Rubix cube
  40. Bath bombs

Easter Basket Ideas for Elementary kids

  1. Scratch books
  2. Walkie talkies
  3. Figure
  4. Coloring Bible
  5. Egg dig kit
  6. Dino hatching eggs
  7. Easter Egg slime
  8. Easter egg playdoh
  9. Butter-fly garden kit
  10. Coloring Books
  11. Reusable sticker book
  12. Card games
  13. Easter Egg Terrarium with Paint Set
  14. Mini lego bag set
  15. Mini Grow Pot Kit
  16. Spring hat or baseball cap
  17. Easter notepad
  18. Mini Easter foam craft
  19. Kite
  20. Water doddle books
  21. Bubble wand
  22. Rain boots
  23. Nature/Outdoor explorer kit
  24. Camping kit
  25. Glow sticks
  26. Kids garden toolset
  27. Garden gloves
  28. Windchime making set
  29. Window crayons
  30. Window clings
  31. Window art
  32. Window stain glass kit
  33. Birdhouse kit
  34. Mini shrinking art kit
  35. Mini pottery painting kit
  36. Bird feeder kit
  37. Easter sticker books
  38. Magnets
  39. Madlips
  40. Wordsearch book
  41. Crossword book
  42. Mandala coloring book
  43. Stamps with pads
  44. Journals
  45. Bug catcher kit
  46. Crayola no-mess marker books
  47. Finger paint
  48. Clay
  49. Mini cookie and baking tools
  50. Chef apron
  51. Fun water bottle/container
  52. Sunglasses
  53. Water shoes
  54. Water gun
  55. Play foam
  56. Drawing pad
  57. Markers
  58. Colored pencils – think pastels or different colors
  59. Twistable crayons
  60. Smelly markers
  61. Temporary Tattoo
  62. Jump Rope
  63. Mini Puzzles
  64. Mini bank

Easter Basket Ideas for preteens

  1. Gift Cards
  2. Jewelry
  3. Easy to read Bible for teens
  4. Cell phone accessories
  5. Nail polish
  6. Makeup
  7. Body spray
  8. Watch
  9. Journals
  10. Books
  11. Mini Bluetooth speaker
  12. Amazon echo
  13. Google Mini
  14. String lights
  15. Mini picture frames

Some of the best places to find these gifts are: Amazon, Target dollar section, Dollar Tree, Walmart Holiday section, Zulily and unique items on Etsy.

What fun things do you like to put in your kid’s Easter baskets?