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Fall In Love With a Sunday Reset Routine – Learn how to craft your own weekly reset

Fall In Love With a Sunday Reset Routine – Learn how to craft your own weekly reset

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This Sunday Reset Routine is a complete guide to a pain-free week!

If there is one routine that I can not live without, it’s my Sunday reset routine.

It’s complete with prepping for the week, self-care, restocking, resetting my mudroom drop zone, resting, and only doing 3 of my daily cleaning tasks. 

I try my hardest to make Sundays the laziest day of the week because typically, all week long, I have been in go go go mode. It works most of the time, and sometimes there will be Sundays when I need to do more prep.  It just depends on the season we are in.

But also, my routine doesn’t start until after church, so around noon.  

First things first 

Why do you need a Sunday reset routine?

There is nothing worst than living in survival mode all week and feeling defeated with no plan in place.  

It helps reduce those let’s grab dinner through the drive-thru cause I forgot to pull out the chicken to defrost.  Or the house is a mess because we lived out of the car for a few days and just swapped things out and tossed them in the house to keep going. 

Having days strung together with no outlook or a basic outline of what you are doing decreases your productivity level.

And because kids thrive on routines, planning your week makes it less of a hassle for you as a mom. 

It’s also a game-changer when you can have everything ready to grab for all the week’s activities. This is why I love my mudroom drop zone.

Mentally you reduce your stress levels knowing what’s coming.

What do you do on a Sunday reset day?

The order in which you do these is totally up to you, but these are the pillars of my essential Sunday reset.

  1. Review your weekly calendar for the upcoming week
  2. Review your meal/lunch plan for the week 
  3. Prep/restock house for the week 
  4. Update command center/visual calendar 
  5. Do three daily cleaning task
  6. Rest/nap -sit in silence 

This list may sound like a lot, but it’s relatively simple to implement if you do it weekly and create the routine weekly. 

Above is my Sunday reset that I recommend, but yours might add or subtract to this with other items.

Such as: 

  • cook/meal prep
  • Pick out clothes for the week. 
  • Sleeping in
  • Creating to-do list
  • Create a shopping list
  • Go grocery shopping 
  • Change bedsheets
  • Do laundry /catch up 
  • Cleaning other areas of the home
  • Decluttering 
  • Review last week’s wins 
  • New goals for the week 
  • Working out
  • Charge all tablets, phones, etc

The goal is to wake up each day of the new week ahead, know what is happening in what order, and organize yourself for each day’s activity ahead of time.

How do I make a Sunday reset routine?

To create your own Sunday reset routine, you will need to time block your day to tackle each section.

Here are some sample blocks 

  • Cleaning 
  • Planning/Calendar 
  • Prep
  • Meal prep 
  • Rest 

Each time block section shouldn’t take long if you focus only on one task. 

For example, the cleaning block includes 3 of my daily cleaning task.

Block A

  1. At least one load of laundry 

{This includes washing, drying, and putting away}

  1. Surface clean the kitchen and dishes ( 15 min )

{This means wiping down all dishes, washing all dishes or loading dishwasher, wiping inside of the microwave, top of the stove and sweeping floor}

  1. Resting the home by putting everything back into its place (15 min )

Block B

  1. Review Calendar (10 min)
  2. Update calendar as needed 
  3. Update family command center/visual calendar (2-3 min)

{You can see my family command center here}

Block C

  1. Prep clothes for the week (5-10 mins) depending on how many people are in your household.
  2. Prep kid’s book bags (5-mins)
  3. Prep drop/supply zone (5-10 mins)
  4. Prep kid’s extracurricular activity stuff (5-10 min)
  5. Meal prep (30 min-1 hour) this depends on if you cook for the week lunches or just are prepping meal-starters 

Block D 

  1. Nap for at least an hour 
  2. Do some self-care 
  3. Relax 

Take all the time you want here.  Reward yourself; you are ready for the week ahead.  

So now you know how to create a Sunday reset routine and time block each section.

Let’s create your own blocks 

Practical tips for creating a good Sunday routine

Avoid activities and going out 

It’s essential to protect your Sunday routine to wind down for the week ahead and feel rested. 

So avoid social events or make sure you are home at a decent time to allow yourself enough time to reset and refresh.

This might also include social media disconnecting is healthy for you mentally.

Do a brain dump

When you sit down to do your calendar and planning, be sure to do a brain dump so that you can adequately prioritize all the things you need to get done.

Also, so you can plan for potential issues.

Create a backup plan

Things don’t always go smoothly, especially with kids.   So be sure you have a few backup plans if things go south.  

Like so, I have microwave-ready meals in case practice runs later or things don’t work out as planned.

What can you put off if you run out of time to get the cleaning done?  And what can you schedule a diffeeent day? 

Having a few of these can genuinely reduce the stress of those days when the poop hits the fan.

Create quiet time activities for the kids

As a mom, I need quiet time, like actual silence, to hear myself think and regulate my sensory overload.

This may or not happen to you but sitting in silence is helpful for the mind and soul.

But with kids, this can be hard to come by.  So create clear bins from the Dollar tree with activities the kids can do quietly on their own or in their rooms.

If they are old enough to read, they require reading time for at least 30 mins.  

Create a Sunday routine the whole family agrees on

As early as 4-5, my kids would tell me I wanna hang out in my room.  My son often will need to sit alone after a long week at school.

My toddler will ask for music on her head phone.

Kids can’t explain why they need a “ reset time out,” but when you involve them and create a relaxing day.

They will enjoy the process of getting to pick what’s happening.  But also reap the benefits of some quiet time too.

You can’t have a Sunday routine if the home is chaotic.  

And when the kids get older, maybe the rule is no friends over on Sunday.

Why I Started My Sunday Reset Routine

I started my Sunday reset routine because I was tired of living in rush mode and having those failed mom moments.  

Look, I am not perfect, but when I was a working mom, I would forget things and decided that I no longer wanted to feel unprepared because the morning battles were enough during the week.

I also know that living by systems and routines is one of the best things you can do to keep a well-run household that keeps you saner as a mom.

Why The Sunday Reset Makes Sense

The Sunday reset routine is a way to start the week with a fresh mind. It’s a simple concept, but it can make your workdays more productive and your life more balanced.

The Sunday reset routine is not just about what you do on Sunday – it’s also about what you do during the rest of the week.