Doing store loyalty cards the right way, store them digitally

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Do you have a store loyalty card?  Do you even know how many reward card programs you are a part of? I think I lost count after like 10.  Do all your loyalty cards even fit in your wallet?  Being a mom you probably have multiple cards to a numerous amount of stores for the things that your family loves and needs.

This importance of store loyalty cards/programs

Just about every store offers a loyalty card – why?  The true goal of a loyalty card is to increase the number of visits you make to their store or brand.  This is done by offering a loyalty card to their shoppers/members which offer discounts, coupons, and opportunities to unlock additional rewards/savings.  Believe it or not, it works because you as a consumer actually spend more money each time you return to that store.

More often then not you are enticed to return to spend more money in the store because you earn more rewards.  Some programs don’t have physical reward cards but offer bonus cash back or cash rewards via email.  Which can pose another issue:  have you ever forgotten cash backs coupon at home?  It can be frustrating and just one more thing you need to remember.

Keeping track of your rewards

The more loyalty cards you have the more you rewards you have to remember.  I am a fan of store loyalty programs but what I am not a fan of is trying to carry all those cards in my purse or wallet.  As if mom’s purse doesn’t have enough stuff in it already.  Doing loyalty cards the right way and being organized will simplify your life.

Chances are if you are Apple iPhone user you may have seen the wallet app preloaded on your device.  It’s a pretty nice app but I think it has limitations.  Typically the store loyalty cards that can be added will also need to be compatible with Apple Pay.

How to replace your loyalty cards with the Key Ring App

Conquering my store loyalty cards has been a life saver for me.  I am no longer fumbling around in my wallet or purse looking for the store loyalty card.  My Husband also doesn’t have to ask me a million times “Do we have a loyalty card?”.  He knows he better ask though cause I will be upset if he buys without using savings or discounts.  Saving money is always the game.

My favorite app is Key Ring.  This app simplifies your life by storing all of your store loyalty cards digitally.  No more bulging wallet.  The best part is during your checkout process all you have to do is open the app and select the store loyalty card.  The app then provides a copy of the barcode that is scannable.  Boom!  You get your rewards that easy.

I have found that keyring allowed me more opportunity to add more cards than Apple Wallet.  This is the reason I chose this app as my primary choice.  For example, you can add a generic card.  The app will store it just the same.  One of my generic cards is my library card.  It is a card with a barcode as well that is needed when I check out any books at the library and it worked just fine.

Using the Key Ring App with your store loyalty cards

You will need to download the app on your device.  It works for both iPhone and Android so no worries there.  Once you open the app you will create an account.  Once created you can begin to add your cards via the scanner.  This is a neat tool as it makes adding the cards very easy and quick.  You can also take a picture of the card in the app so the physical card can still be seen.  This comes in handy with certain retailers who have your name or a special character to identify you.

Once you are in the app you are going to want to click on the plus symbol (+) to begin scanning your loyalty cards.  Don’t fret if the scan doesn’t work you can also add it in manually.  Once you scan the barcode you will need to select a store from the drop-down list or select “other retailer not listed” for generic cards.

Make sure to select the “has a bar-code slider” and then go to the next step.  After scanning and adding the bar-code you can take a pic of the front and back for your card.  Select “finish” and you are done!!  It takes seconds to do each card.

Another cool tool in the app is the shopping list.  You can create a basic shopping list in the app to take with you to the store.  This can be helpful with eliminating the little pieces of paper left all around your purse of the many shopping lists you have made in the past.  So now all your store loyalty cards are loaded and you can focus on reaping all the rewards those cards are intended to provide.  As a side benefit, this also declutters your purse and wallet.


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