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Unbelievable unbreakable kids sunglasses that offer full UV sun protection

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Outfit your kids with affordable unbreakable sunglasses that offer full UV400 sun protection

How can anyone resist the Instagram worthy pics of cute babies wearing sunglasses in a bathing suit? I know I can’t. As much as we smile and get a kick out of seeing those adorable pictures most baby sunglasses aren’t protecting kids. In fact, kids will experience the most UV damage to their eyes before they reach the age of 10. The best polarized sunglasses for kids for kids though exist read on to learn more about them.

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baby wearing sunglasses
These eyeglasses don’t protect her eyes at all 😕

As a mom of 3, I have gone through my fair share of broken and lost eyeglasses. Mostly because my kids would scratch them so often. Besides the struggles to find glasses that actually fit my kids drove me nuts.

All my kids wore/wear sunglasses, though I will be honest it wasn’t always top of my priority list. If I remembered them great and if they left them on even better was how I use to think.

Now that I have better knowledge. I understand how important they are for young kids. So I hunted down the best unbreakable sunglasses for kids I could find.

Young girl wearing sunglasses
Too big but what we could find that she liked. Again the many issues parents will run into.

What are the best sunglasses for kids?

ro•sham•bo baby is the best! Let me start off there. ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses are engineered to the highest standards. While offering the true quality and care children deserve. This info-graphic highlights everything I loved about them as a mom.

Click to Get your pair here:

After doing some extensive research I found the best sunglasses for kids. There was nothing I found that covered so many bases. Also, nothing I found offered the dual purpose of sunglasses and prescription glasses. I was impressed with the company and everything they stand for. Plus my kids loved them.

Do kids and babies need sunglasses?

According to the cornea, lens, and fluids in children’s eyes are clearer than an adults eyes. Which increases the risk of getting more Ultraviolet rays then an adult would.

Secondly, the risk of retinal damage is greatest during childhood.

Infant wearing sunglasses
If you notice the baby sunglasses don’t fit her right

It’s a fact that most children spend more time outdoors than adults. Which increases the risk for cataracts and other eye problems. According to

Ophthalmologists recommend that all children should be wearing sunglasses. To protect their developing eyes. It’s especially important when the sun is strong. As well as during prolonged periods of being outdoors.

So the answer is YES! Sunglasses are an important accessory that must be worn. Looking cute is just an extra bonus. 😊

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How do I get my toddler to wear glasses?

The battle of keeping sunglasses on I know can get pretty old pretty quick. I am not a fan of the dropsies game either. So I hear ya!

Toddler boy with sunglasses
This picture shows you how big these toddler glasses were on my son and not fitting properly.

So what is a parent to do?

  1. Be consistent and start early – introduce glasses early on so kids can get used to them.
  2. Cheap sunglasses won’t do – many times those cute adorable sunglasses are too big and fall down. Especially when a child moves and they are too heavy for their face.
  3. Don’t buy ones with extra stuff – The fun glasses may look adorable but think about it. How functional and comfortable is all that other stuff?

How do you choose sunglasses for kids?

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for toddlers is not that hard. There are a few things you need to consider.

First, you want to ensure they actually protect your baby’s/kid eyes. Start by making sure the sunglasses meet the American National Standards Institute Regulations.

You want sunglasses that are polarized and block 100% UVA/B/C rays.

Don’t buy the children’s glasses for all the cool designs with stickers or covered with a decorative wrap. Those logos tend to rub off and little ones put almost everything in their mouth. It’s best to stick to simple designs.

Ensure that the lenses are scratch-resistant. Remember that kids are active and need lenses that can handle a lot of use. You also need to make sure that the eye coverage around the eyes is wide enough to cover.

The frame of your children’s sunglasses should be durable, lightweight comfortable and unbreakable.

Toddler boy in sunglasses
You can notice here that these glasses we had were to light and not offering the correct protection

Let me tell you a little bit about the company and its mission. Something that I also feel in love with.

child in sunglasses
ro•sham•bo Baby difference.
They fit covering his whole eyes. And have the proper darkness.
toddler in pink sunglasses
ro•sham•bo Baby difference.
They are snug and properly aligned. She can play in comfort.

ro•sham•bo Baby is owned and run by two San Diego parents of two adorable girls. So they get kids for sure. Their mission is to create quality protective safe sunglasses for kids all the way up to adults. “Little People Deserve Big People Shades” is how they word it.

Their name is a tribute to an Autism support mission. After learning that playing (Rock, paper, scissors) aka ro•sham•bo can be a valuable teaching tool for children on the Autism spectrum. Helping them succeed with personal interactions. They also are directly connected to Autism as a family.

All of their sunglasses are Italian made (not from China like most on the market) and assembled in the United States. That’s how they make the product so affordable for parents, passing on the savings. Which is pretty cool if you ask me.

You can even find product testing/certification information on their site. If you wanna see lab results and stuff.

I another neat feature I like on their site was how they explained everything in detail. The information related to what being polarized means and having category lenses. They extend helpful videos and show you proof of the durability of the product.

Customer Service experience

Naturally when I love a product and want to share it. I wanna experience as much as I can. So I contacted customer service to answer the additional questions I had. Using their chat feature I was able to get an instant reply. They sent me all the information I needed including links to where I could find it. My items delivered on time and I received notifications throughout the whole process too.

When my products came I was only expecting the sunglasses in a box. But I received the glasses in a cute box, a cloth carrying case, a coupon code to share with my family & friends, informational index card, and a Saved by the Bell trading card. That trading card tickled me cause I use to watch Saved by the Bell when I was young.

Unbreakable Prescription glasses

ro•sham•bo Baby in addition to sunglasses also offers a unique and spectacular prescription program. I wish I had this program when my oldest was little. Sure could have saved this mama over $600 plus dollars.

Get your pair here:

child in prescription glasses
Years ago when I had to buy my oldest her 3rd pair of prescription glasses $600 dollars later…sigh

You simply follow the easy to order prescription glasses steps and upload your prescription. Just as easy as that you have unbreakable prescription glasses. Check-out the video below for full details.

Are you ready to join in the ro•sham•bo baby love?


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Jordan | Mindful Mama Health

Wednesday 28th of August 2019

These are so cute! I love that they offer great protection and are indestructible! I will have to check them out!


Tuesday 27th of August 2019

These look awesome! My kids constantly destroy their sunglasses, so I need to check these out.

Lindsey | GreenMamaLife

Tuesday 27th of August 2019

I bought indestructible sunglasses for my little and it was worth the money! Thanks for sharing!