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Firework alternatives & Tips to help Kids if they fear loud noises

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July 4th weekend for most families means they gather. Viewing and celebrating with awesome firework displays. But, for my two youngest the two weeks leading up to the 4th of July can be challenging. That’s why we started finding firework alternatives.

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You see my 4-year-old and 17 month old are fearful of the loud booms that come from the fireworks.  Do you have small ones that are fearful of them? Looking for firework alternatives and less stressful ways to celebrate the 4th of July?

baby with hand on ears

Fireworks mark wonderful family memories to see the wondrous burst of colors in the air.  Kids love to watch the fun shapes, colors, and designs that come with fireworks.

But, kids are more sensitive to loud sounds.  There are solutions to help with your kids. While reducing the harmful effects of traditional fireworks.

Young children benefit from using noise canceling ear protection.  Sound canceling headphones can protect your child from the loud noises. Creating softer celebrations which mean less stress for you and noise-sensitive children.

You may also want to consider earplugs.  You will need to find what works best for your child and what is age appropriate. 

Silent Fireworks the future of firework alternatives?

While we may be years away from this in everyone’s town. Firework alternatives are definitely on the rise. , a town in Costa Mesa, Ca has raised $50,000 to put on the U.S.’s first silent fireworks display.

It is said these quiet fireworks have been around for a while in the UK.  There are even the beginning stages of laws being passed for quiet fireworks. While not completely quiet they are better for children, animals and people with PTSD. You can check out more about this here.

Another awesome firework alternative called the successors of firework is light drones.

There was a huge display done by Intel to celebrate their 50th years. They launched 2018 drones to put on a light show like never before.  

Alternative firework ideas for parents

As you plan your 4th of July celebrations with your kids and consider this fun alternative to light up the sky.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are neat for everyone.  These sparkler paper lanterns are pretty and offer a little flare compared to regular paper lanterns.  You can watch as the sparklers sprinkle while lifting and lighting up the sky.

Music dancing firework led lights

We don’t go to downtown Chicago Navy Pier to see the fireworks show because of crowds and chaos. It’s too hard with little ones.

You can create your own light show though with these neat led lights.

Imagine your kids surprise when you play their favorite song and the lights dance along to them. You can go to a park and hang a whole bunch in trees or create a line of them. Let your own imagination go wild.

These lights are battery operated, waterproof and you can mold them into the shape you want.

View them from a distance

One of the best things we ever did for our kids was viewing the fireworks from a distance. We started this when our son was about two. We found a local park near us that allowed full viewing of the fireworks but the booms were less intense.

The best part was that many other families joined in on the fun in the open fields so the kids could run around.

It was the best of both worlds. The kids got to play and run. I added a little more fun by lighting up my kids so I could keep track of them.

View them in the car

If you wanna avoid the hassle of unloading all the gear and the large crowds. Considering finding an awesome parking spot that you can see the fireworks from.

Got a sunroof, even better the kids would get a kick out of looking up and seeing all the cool colors.

The need for firework alternatives ends

All in all firework alternatives may be temporary solutions. Until your children get a bit older. You may have to make some adjustments. When the kiddos are small it’s harder but the older they become their sensitivity reduces.

However, the world is pushing for greener, safer and better firework options for all. This is the true change and for parents who struggle with kids, it will be a brighter future.

Where does your family watch the fireworks? What other ways have you enjoyed the 4th?