Our adventure through the BixBee Imagination Station

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We took the journey through a new placed called Bixbee Imagination Station Chicago. It’s a pop-up play museum created by the Bixbee company.

A pop-up play place is a moveable play place that can be transported to any location you desire. It allows the play space to be moved around city to city. Offering unique experiences for everyone.

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Every room is full of wondrous colors and fun activities for the kids to play. The theme of each room is inspired by the awesome designs of Bixbee kids backpacks, luggage and other fun products that they make.

You start out by entering the play place/museum in an elevator created to look like a rocket ship. You then are greeting by your tour guide for the duration of the experience.

  • Jungle Room
  • Bixbee Photo Op
  • Bixbee Sequence Room
  • Bixbee Neon Lights
  • Bixbee Space Room
  • Bixbee Ocean Room 1
  • Bixbee Ocean Room Shark
  • Bixbee Ocean Room 2
  • Bixbee Ocean Room 3

Bamboo Forest

Your journey begins through a walkthrough bamboo forest of pool noodles.

The first room is filled with jungle sounds and elephants with bow ties. The kids can play with fun buttons to create lighting effects and sounds. They get to also play with jungle drums.

As you move through to the next room you are greeted by a magical unicorn and tons of neon lights made of fun shapes.

One side of the wall is covered with sequence. As you continue to walk you can spin the circular shapes or stand by the huge cat with a bow tie.

The Butterfly Room

The adventure continues into my favorite room of them all.

They called it the butterfly room. It was like walking into an enchanted forest of butterflies, flowers, and bugs.

In this room, the kids were able to play with buttons that made piano sounds. Lighting up the huge butterfly with neon lights.

There is a neat tree that lights up when you push the button. Kids can talk to each other through secret flowers too.

Space Room

The next room you walk into is the space room. There you will find an interactive area made of screens.

These screens have moving lines. When you touch the screen shapes begin to appear like constellations.

You will find a TV area where it a mirrored image of yourself.

There are fun dome mirrors and chairs for the kids to sit in.

Ocean Room

This room invites you with an Octopus and then you get to stand inside the sharks head. There are some great photo opportunities in this room.

A room filled with fish and sea life. The kids will enjoy throwing the balls around with your guide.

Retail Store

When your adventure comes to an end you can walk through the retail store. There are tons of adorable bags, luggage, and lunch bags. They offer free water to you from Boxed Water.

All in all this a fun pop-up play place. I was able to get my Bixbee imagination station tickets through Groupon. Bixbee imagination station parking was in the parking garage using the entrance on Sheffield. For the amount of time we were there it was $8.

There is stroller parking in the building before you get on the elevator.

My kids thought it was cool. I wish the play place was longer though. It seemed too short. I would have loved another 4 rooms at least.

What was nice was that we had each room to ourselves and my kids got to enjoy each area.

After exiting each kid got free stickers.

They offer opportunities to host birthday parties there which is really cute. I think any guest would enjoy the party and fun rooms.

If you are interested in taking your kids you will need to get there before the place is gone forever. This location will only be available until September.

Interested in seeing a bit of our tour live check-out my Facebook page or Instagram account for videos.

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