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Ingenious Ways to Upgrade Your Spin Mop for Effortless Cleaning

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I am excited to write this post because finding new ways to use things inside my home is my jam. So, let’s get into it. I am going to teach you how to upgrade your spin mop and make cleaning even more accessible and efficient. I have seven ingenious ways to do this.

If you have an O-Cedar mop system or are considering one, these mop upgrades will change what you may already know about the mop.

  1.  Replace the clutch bearing

Has your spin mop bucket started to spin slower, or won’t auto-release when you push down on the pedal? 

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First, you want to grab these two-pack clutch-bearing replacement parts from Amazon.  Then you are going to want to flip your bucket to reveal five screws.  Remove the pedal.  

You will see the white clutch bearing; you only need to pull up on it to release it. Then snap on the new one. Your spin mop will spin just as fast I as when you first bought it and will pop back up, ready for action.

  1. Bristle scrub brush attachment.  

This next hack will blow your mind if you ever get stuck on junk and use your foot to apply pressure to get things out while mopping the floor.  Not anymore, my friend.  

Head to my Amazon storefront to grab this hard bristle scrub brush attachment.  

It’ll save your back from scrubbing and cleaning time. This accessory alone means you can now clean bathroom tiles, bathtubs, shower tiles, kitchen floors, and outdoor flooring.

3.   Separate the dirty water with a garbage can

Does the dirty mop water mixing bother you? Just grab a cheap small garbage can.  Put your clean water in it and place it inside your mop bucket.  Now, the dirty water won’t mix. 

4.  Add a Scrub Daddy in the middle

If you want to mop with a little more power than what a mop head offers, this hack is for you.  The center of the regular O-Cedar mop head makes the perfect nest for your Scrub Daddy or Scrub Mommy

And I promise you it will stay in place.  Even if you shake the mop up and down, it won’t fall out because the microfiber mop and rough edges of the Scrud Daddy cling to each other. 


5. Microfiber mop head with pad

This pom-pom-looking microfiber mop head with a center will be your new best friend. It’s also very soft and super absorbent. If you wring it out well, you will leave no water behind. But if you have a spilled liquid mess, it will soak up thoroughly.

Which is great for hardwood floors.

By comparison, it even has a larger diameter, which means it can tackle more in less time. 

It can be used wet or dry.  This mop head can clean glass, walls, and baseboards, reach under the couch, and can get into deeper corners.

The regular O’cedar mop heads are hollow.  And miss out on when you try to use the mop to clean other areas of the home.

I have used this mop with a pad to help clean the cabinets and create a deep scrub when cleaning.

Larger window cleaning and cleaning my anti-fatigue mats when needed. 

6. Add a Noddle duster

This leads me to the next best thing. If you have hard-to-reach dusting areas, add this Noodle duster attachment.  

It reminds me of the small telescoping one I bought from Walmart, but I can reach many hard-to-reach places without using a tall ladder.

And I toss it in the wash, and it’s done.

If you wanna see all these hacks in action, watch my YouTube video! click to watch

7.  Attach a steam mop triangular microfiber pad

Maybe you need a gentle cleaner without a super wet mop or to scrub a wall spot. This triangular microfiber pad is perfect for the job. It’s also versatile, so you can use it on glass and mirrors without having to deal with the mop strings.

I love using it on my huge window over the door.  I can reach it with no problem, and it gets it clean.  

8.  Self Adhesive Caster Wheels

If you hate having to drag your mop bucket around, I have the perfect solution for you. To make it easier to move, you can add self-adhesive caster wheels to the bottom of the bucket. 

I used a metal version from Amazon, but I didn’t like the way it came out. While it makes it so easy to glide around your floor, it’s loud on tile floors and works better on wood flooring without grooves. I recommend getting these as a better option. Now, you can just pull it along as you go. Just add some peel-and-stick stickers to stick them on.

Thanks to all these accessories, you can now save time and your back and get the cleaning done faster. 

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