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Workout at work with these quick easy ways for busy moms

Workout at work with these quick easy ways for busy moms

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As a mom finding time to do anything is hard. Especially when it comes to your self and doing any type of self-care. But there are quick and easy ways to workout at work that you can fit in your schedule even as a working mom. Creating a more balanced and productive life as a mom.

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When I was a mom working in the corporate world I was a huge advocate for using my lunch break. First and for most because I was a Human Resources professional. So day in and day out I spoke daily about employee benefits and paid time off as a part of my core job. One of the most overlooked areas especially in the corporate world is lunch breaks.


Sure I had my fair share of working lunches and meetings. Even those days where you could catch me working through my lunch at my desk. Taking bites of my food while sending a quick email.

Yet, more often than not I used my lunch for more than eating. Getting a full hour to myself each day was something I looked forward too.

Quick and easy workouts you can do at work

  1. Walk up and down stairs – I knew a mom who worked with me who by walking stairs every day at work on her lunch break. She lost 20 lbs in a year.
  2. Arm dips – Find a stationary chair and do a couple of arm dips.

3. A quick walk outside – grab your headphones and phone and head out. Walk at a fast pace for at least 15 mins.

4. Move your head side to side and do shoulder rolls – staring at a screen for so long and being in that position can put stress on certain muscles. Relieve the stress by turning your head side to side and rolling your shoulders.

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5. Leg extensions – while sitting your chair straight up extend your legs out and in 15 reps.

6. Jumping jacks – Do 3 sets of 15 jumping jacks

7. Bicep & Tricep curls – grab two water bottles and do a series of curls. Like the video below.

8. Squats – Get off your chair and do 3 sets of squats.

9. Straight Leg Stretch – sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you and bend and reach for your toes.

10. Plank – find and area in the office where you can sneak in a quick plank. Each week try to increase the amount of time you hold your plank.

11. High Knees – Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift up your left then right knee to your chest alternating as you go

With a busy lifestyle as moms, a work-life balance is important. Even just mins a day of self-care can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you ever get the 2:30 feeling instead of grabbing a cup of coffee do quick exercises at your desk.

Use different tools to help break up the daily hours of you sitting at your desk. There are products like a yoga ball chair that can help you maintain better posture. While giving you a healthier core.

I can attest to the changes I saw doing these things during my workday.

A quick workout at the office helps reenergize you, destress you, improves your focus and keeps you active and healthy.

Don’t underestimate the small things that can make a great impact.

Desk Exercise Equipment

If you find that you are unable to leave your desk you can still find ways to workout in the office.

Portable desk exercise equipment can help combat the stationary slump.

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Under Desk Leg Swing – Sitting Exercise for Weight Loss, Increased Circulation, Burning Calories

Getting a quick workout in the office doesn’t have to be hard. Take 15 mins a day and see how it changes your life as a mom. I guarantee you will feel better and be more productive. Creating a better balance in your life.

Pro tips: Keep a pair of gym shoes under your desk with a change of clothes. Also, pack a small bag with toiletries to refresh.

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Do you workout at work? What creative ways have you found and love?? Share in the comments below.