Single Moms silent prayers, ways to increase your time with GOD

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You’re sitting at your desk or work area feeling grateful you made it within enough time.  However inside you are a frazzled mess.  It’s not easy trying to do a days work when inside you know…

  • you fought & yelled with your child(ren) to get out the house and on the road
  • traffic was horrible and you barely made it on time
  • financially you are struggling and you are working towards a paycheck that’s already gone
  • your struggle with depression
  • you are on the verge of a breakdown

This list can go on and on…..

Daily Grind

On average you spend around 3 hours a day with your child after work and most days are so exhausted. You worry the time you do have isn’t even quality time.  Trying to run a household with only one adult to handle everything is daunting and sometimes overwhelming.

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Most days you are just ok.  Some days you feel completely alone.  It’s these days that are the hardest to smile.  You give everything to your job because heck you can’t lose it.  You give every last bit to your child(ren) because a mother’s love is like no other.  But no one cares for the caretaker.  Some nights you cry your self to sleep.  Some days you run on coffee and on auto-mode.  It’s you and nothing won’t happen unless you take care of it.  You lie awake at night sometimes wondering how you are going to make ends meet.

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Hope & Faith

It is all too often that we as mothers forget to take care of our selves.  We give until we almost run on empty.  You begin to sometimes lose hope or question things.  But it’s in that very moment that you MUST turn it over to the one who can carry your burden.

Matthew 11:28-30 New International Version (NIV)
28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Let me ask you, mom when things in your life become unhinged how well do you do with keeping your faith and trusting the lord?

Trusting & asking God

If I can think back to when I was a single mother.  I had many nights where I laid in my bed with thousands of things on my mind.  But often I found myself trying to figure out the next day’s problems, the current problems and all too often worried about future problems.  I again felt and thought I had to do it all alone.

If this is you, I am here to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Proverbs 3:5-6[Full Chapter]

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

The time is now! Get serious, specific, and strategic in your discipline of prayer by turning challenges and discouragement into opportunities for prayer.  See God wants you to depend on him.  He may not give you anything you can’t handle but, he may also give you too much so that you will depend on him.

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Daily Prayer & intentional devotion

Prayer Releases All Your External Resources
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Praying can do wonders.  But maybe you were like me, distant with God.  You didn’t grow up going to Bible study.  You maybe have a personal relationship with God in your occasional prayers, but don’t regularly attend church.  That was me.  But that’s ok.  You see even if it’s been a while or it’s been a never, you can start today.  God doesn’t keep track of your imperfect record.  He is a forgiving God, all-seeing and knowing God.

One of my favorite motivational speakers is Priscilla Shirer a mother herself.  She motivates women and mothers around the globe but stays grounded in her motherhood journey.  With multiple kids, she knows a thing or two  She is real in what she speaks because she knows motherhood can be messy.  Motherhood comes in season and with each season comes new battles but nothing last forever.  Your children grow and your life will change with each new stepping stone.

Your Plan

My daily devotions and prayer time with God start with my Bible, journal, and pens.  The Beautiful Word Bible has a gorgeous cloth bound and with pretty pictures of scripture.  Girly Bible just how I like it!  Writing in the Bible with fun colors is soothing and less intimidating.  I love my pens!  I get to write in fun colors all over my Bible.  My journal is a record of scripture I enjoy, sometimes a record of God’s responses to my prayers and lastly prayers that I wanna focus on.

You see there is no right or wrong way to talk to God or pray to him.

So here are a couple things you can do:

  • Download the Bible App
  • Read the  Fervent Prayerbook
  • Spend 5 mins of quiet time reading the bible before bed each night or before your day begins
  • Listen to inspirational speakers on youtube or while driving

When you reconnect with him things will begin to change.  It may get harder but that doesn’t mean he isn’t there.  Stay faithful!!!

You have to turn off the noise and pick up the Bible fist.  Pray about everything that frustrates you, the worries you have, what defeats you, exhausts you, anger’s you/taunt’s you, burdens you, make’s you cry, deflates you and most importantly the impossible demands that are upon you.

Think about it this way your prayers are creating hooks to hang your faith on.  Each problem you have, hang it on a hook and let God.  You can pick up the battle the next day but this time you will have the strength of a warrior and God on your side.

Hold on dear Mom cause you are not alone!

With Love,

your mom village, taking care of the caretaker.


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