Killer Ways to use Essential Oils with Diffusing Jewelry

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Essential oils offer vast health benefits. Which means leaving home without them would be a crime. If you use essential oils my guess is that you have a roll-on that you created. You created the roll-on so that you can bring your oils with you wherever you go.

If you are new to essential oils being able to use them throughout your day is a must.

Regardless though if you are new to essential oils or a veteran you will be sure to enjoy diffusing jewelry.

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What is diffuser jewelry?

If you are looking a fashionable and practical way to diffuse on the go diffusing jewelry is king. It allows you to enjoy your oils anytime and anywhere. Diffusing jewelry comes in many forms. From beads, leather, stainless steel and a variety of styles.

No matter your personal style whether bohemian, sporty, casual or classic. You will be sure to find something that fits.

Some types of jewelry include:

My family knows that I love essential oils. I diffuse them, I clean with essential oils and I apply them topically.

I have a few pieces of diffusing jewelry and I love them. My teen daughter gifted me a diffusing bracelet last year. What I love about it is how pretty it is and how I can change out the felt pads to match my outfit.

I also love that I can wear the oils and create my own perfume and a form of self-care with essential oils on the go.

How does essential oil diffusing jewelry work?

Depending on the piece of jewelry you buy each function in a different way but with the same outcome. The oils absorb into the material and the scent will diffuse into the space around you. Your body heat will help the oils release as you are wearing the jewelry.

Diffuser pads: typically small round felt pads absorb the essential oil and release the scent over time.

Leather:  drop of your favorite oil directly on the leather and/or suede and it will absorb the oil.

Lava stone: Lava rock is a naturally porous rock which are small round stones and when you add a few drops of essential oil to the lava rock the essential oil is absorbed into the rock.

Clay: Clay diffusers are a great option for someone who likes to use the same oil on a daily basis. Drop your favorite oils on the clay and watch it absorb into the clay piece.

Once you have chosen your piece of jewelry and diffuser material you will place a drop or 2 of essential oil. Remember a little goes a long way, they are potent when not diluted.

You can place drops of oils on, by dripping a couple of drops, using a Q-tip, cotton swap etc. Being cautious not to drip.

After placing your oil on your diffuser material you will need to ensure the oils absorb. Do this before placing it on your body. You want to avoid any of it touch your skin or spilling on to your clothes.

Place the jewelry on a paper towel. You will want to place the jewelry on a surface that won’t harm it if the oils happen to drip. Leaving it to dry for at least 5 minutes is best.

Easy way to do this if you are going out for the day is to apply your oils before you get dressed for the day. That way once you are ready to leave you can ensure the oils have absorbed. Then you don’t risk the chance of the oils touching your skin or clothes.

Why opt for Surgical Grade Stainless Steel jewelry

As with most jewelry, you will need to find quality in the pieces you choose. Some people may be sensitive to certain metals. Not all metals can withstand essential oil properties. One of the best metals is surgical steel. It is hypoallergenic and won’t cause a reaction for people with sensitive skin.

Surgical grade stainless steel is a grade of stainless steel used in biomedical applications. It’s the same kinda steel used for implants in the body and body piercings.

The properties of this steel make it one of the top choice to use with essential oils. It is a strong metal and it is corrosion resistant.

Take care that when placing essential oils on your diffuser jewelry. the oils aren’t going to cause a chemical reaction and damage your jewelry.

You need a metal that can withstand the oils properties as well as the heat from your body. You want to avoid your jewelry from becoming tarnish or discolored.

How long do diffuser jewlery last?

Based on the type of material your jewelry is made out of, the length of time the oil last will vary. There is no exact length of time in regards to how long the oil/scent will last.

Most will last a couple of hours to around 24 hours. Remember you are using undiluted oils though one of the benefits is the fact that you will be using your oils less. Which saves you money when using it in your diffusing jewelry.

Pure essential oils is important you will want to always buy your oils from a reputable company. Which makes and sells 100% pure essential oils.

Why wear diffusing jewelry instead of just applying your oils topically

Applying oils topically is certainly beneficial. I apply it topically to my self and my family. Yet, there are a few things that you need to be aware of when you topically apply oils.

Here is what happens when you apply oils topically:

  • You have to use a carrier oil for some oils
  • Essential oils may cause phototoxic or photosensitive reactions when out in the sun or exposed to UV rays.
  • The oils absorb very quickly in your skin so you will have to reapply often
  • You need to watch out for chemical reaction when wearing other body products.

You have to use a carrier oil for some oils

Essential oils may cause phototoxic or photosensitive reactions. When you apply oils topically and go into the sun you are exposed to UV rays.

The oils absorb very quickly in your skin so you will have to reapply often.

You also need to watch out for chemical reaction when wearing other body products.

Inhalation is the most direct delivery method for using essential oils. The scent lasts longer on your jewelry. Also, jewelry eliminates skin concerns when using essential oils. As you can see there are true benefits in using and buying quality diffusing jewelry.

How to clean your felt pads or jewelry

Since essential oils can leave behind residue alcohol is best to use to clean your jewelry. Alcohol dissolves the oil. This helps ensure the removal of any residual oils that might have been left behind.

You will want to verify the type of metal your jewelry is made of before cleaning it. Alloy Metals and Stainless Steel are typically plated.

Because metal jewelry is subject to corrosion and to tarnish you will need to take care of it. Be sure to read the care instructions, don’t leave the metals near water and always put them in a proper storage place.

Most felt pads are washable which is helpful, be sure to let them dry thoroughly before using them. It’s always a great idea to have multiple pads on hand.

Beautiful Diffusing Jewelry

Perfect outdoor diffusing jewelry

The toxic chemicals in regular bug repellent is a matter of concern for many people. If looking for a natural bug repellent there are many essential oil blends that you can buy. There also many recipes on how to create your own at home.

Shield Me KidSafe Essential Oil

If you are an athlete you may also know that certain oils can help with performance during exercise and assist with recovery as well.

No matter the case having an awesome band such as this one can allow you to diffuse during any outdoor activity.

These silicone based bands are the perfect add-on to your outdoor adventure. They come in many colors and the center is circular with a lava rock. Water resistant bands and easy to care for.

There are even some awesome options for kids. Making essential oils on the go portable and safe. You will need to educate your kids about oils and to be cautious with the lava rock or touching it.

I bet though, these cute bands/slap bracelets will be sure to be a hit with your little ones.

Top notch diffusing jewelry companies

Below you will find a list of diffusing jewelry companies that you will be sure to enjoy. They aren’t in any special order just a few that I truly like/love.

Vitality Extracts was created by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who firmly believe in the natural healing of essential oils.

Drops of joy jewelry Christian-based essential oil jewelry company originating in 2014, owned and operated by a husband and wife team (Josh and Sara).

Edensgarden Founder Grace Martin traveled the world and worked for many holistic companies before deciding to create her own.

The Oil Collection A small, family run business whose main focus in gorgeous aromatherapy jewelry.

Anjaca Another small company founded by Dr. Judy Plummer Beale. A lifestyle accessories brand and it was created to not only inspire other women who are trying to balance the chaos of life while practicing a healthy lifestyle, but to promote the emotional, physical, and spiritual well being through the simple elegance of finely crafted life scent jewelry.

Lava essentials Husband and wife owned and run Lava line of aromatherapy jewelry. After researching classic designs and popular styles in the jewelry industry they recreated jewelry using natural lava beads.

Fabulous Esty Shops that sell aromatherapy jewelry

So if you still are in the need to carry your roller ball to be able to roll-on your oils. You will need to check out these awesome roller ball essential oil jewelry necklaces.

I know what you are thinking, wait what? You will need to see these beautiful handmade pieces.

These necklaces come with a tiny glass vial with a stainless steel roller ball. They are decorated with crystals and natural gemstones.

These wonderful necklaces can also be re-purposed when not in use. You can save herbs, keepsakes, tiny gems, dried flowers, shells, and sand etc. Let your imagination run wild with ideas.

If you find the roller ball is a bit to bulky for you. A second option would be a glass charm essential oil diffuser necklace.

They are slim and sleek, simply designed. To place your oils into the glass charm you use a syringe. There is a tiny hole at the top of the charm which allows you to insert your oils.

Many of the designs offer personalization of your roller ball, charms, gems, and chains. Some offer different lengths in chains and type of metal.

Etsy Shops

  1. Fabigems
  2. FoxLark
  3. BIJOUXbyMeg
  4. Boysenberryaccessory

Enjoy your diffusing jewelry

You can find all types of diffusing jewelry on Amazon of course. If you are looking for unique designs then Etsy is best.

Remember though quality and durability. All these types of jewelry offer a unique and fun way to diffuse on the go. In addition, they allow you to express yourself and your style.

Being able to take your oils with you on the go definitely adds another great way to support your health. You get to sport some beautiful pieces that can compliment any outfit.

Instead of using toxic perfumes you can make a custom blend of oils and create your own perfume. You get an awesome mood booster and look pretty while doing it.

What are some of your favorite essential oil diffusers? Any of the jewelry I found peak your interest?


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