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How to kick-start your annual home cleaning goals

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Monthly goals you can accomplish now to change your home

It’s a new year! A new year often brings a renewed sense of motivation and a desire for positive change in our lives. Maybe this is the year you are saying I am going to stop being a hot mess, finally.

If you struggle with keeping up with the home or are someone who tends to procrastinate or hasn’t had time to organize, now is the perfect time to set annual home cleaning goals so you can rest in your home and create the inviting space you long for.

I want to share the benefits of annual home cleaning goals and offer some tips to help you get started. We all kinda have an idea in our heads of what we may want to try to accomplish in the new year. First, you must remember to create a plan you can work with.

It’s important to understand that life has a way of throwing curve balls.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Using the S.M.A.R.T Goals method works like this. S stands for specific, M stands for measurable, A stands for actionable, R stands for relevant, and T stands for time-bound.

SMART Goals can really assist you in taking larger decluttering and organizing goals and focusing them on achievable actionable steps that lead to momentum and, finally, results.

Remember that our homes are living and breathing creatures. Trying to tackle whole rooms or large projects may make it difficult to find a starting point and feelings of overwhelm before you even begin.

Starting small projects can transform your home in a manageable way, such as decluttering and organizing your hall closet.

Here is an example of some monthly decluttering goals:

  • Sort through old toiletries.
  • Pair down your jeans
  • Toss out old food and spices
  • Toss out makeup that is no longer used or damaged
  • Get rid of old toys

Here are some ideas on small organizing tasks you can do

  • Organize the hall closet
  • Organize one drawer of clothing
  • Organize all your bathroom products

Create a power hour routine

If you struggle with keeping your home clean and tidy, you might want to adopt the method of the power hour routine.

You set the timer for an hour or break it into two thirty-minute sessions. You can get as much cleaning as possible within the hour or create a daily power hour. Then repeat each day.

Do this daily inside your home to start getting your home into a state of cleanliness with consistency at your side.

Tackle small decluttering tasks each month

Clutter equals chaos! When was the last time you de-cluttered your home? Each month, designate a day to declutter a specific area of your home. Maybe start with your wardrobe, and then move on to other spaces. Donate or discard items you no longer need to free up space and reduce clutter.

A monthly decluttering calendar might just be what you need to gain momentum.

Each month, we tackle one (small area) to declutter and keep doing this until the end of the year.

If you need help with a starting point, check out my decluttering ebook, which comes complete with monthly decluttering calendars.

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Organize your paperwork

Do you have piles of paper waiting for you to get through them?

Create a bin inbox and put all the week’s mail there, then take fifteen minutes per week to tackle a small part of your old paperwork pile each day.

Then, every week, make sure to empty your in-bin.

Repeat this until all the old paperwork is dealt with.

Organize a storage closet with clear plastic bins

One of my favorite things to use to organize my home is small clear plastic bins. Imagine how awesome it is when the kids and hubby can all find what they are looking for and can easily stack the bin when they are done. So easy my 4-year-old has been using this organizing system his whole life, and the options are endless.

This month, pick just one area of your home where you can use these plastic bins and schedule a time to organize it. You will be glad you did it and can check off a completed task for the year.



Create a cleaning schedule- Conquer the mess

House cleaning might be a drag when you always feel that you have to do a huge overhaul only to have the monsters that live in your home mess it up in minutes. There is a saying to embrace the mess when you have kids. But I am not talking about the messy toys on the floor. I am talking about the yucky toilets, never-ending laundry piles, and sticky floors. The deep cleaning that needs to get done.

Create a daily, weekly and monthly

Let’s reduce the cleaning process for a cleaner home by creating a cleaning schedule. For example, Instead of doing piles of laundry in one day. Do a load of laundry a day or every other day. This will help reduce the loads piling up. Here is my 5-day cleaning schedule.

First, you will need to do a deep clean, but after that, each room should have a designated day during the week. It will take so much less time, and you will have more time to do the things you want.