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How To Get Your child To read 1000 books before kindergarden!

How To Get Your child To read 1000 books before kindergarden!

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Helping our kids succeed is the goal of any parent.  How to help them achieve success is usually the toughest question to answer. So where do you start and when do you begin?  There is no exact age but the earlier the better!

Why you should read to your kids when they are young

One of my favorite characters is Dr. Seuss not just because of the books but because of life quotes that even today can stop me in my tracks.  They encourage and teach every time.  In our home, I created a learning wall and the top of the wall has some awesome Dr. Seuss posters I picked up from Target dollar section. They are daily reminders for the kids and me.

Our learning wall

What are the benefits of reading to your child

Reading to your child helps strengthen their language skills.  Especially if you read to them in different languages.  It teaches them about the world around them and stimulates their imagination.  Children begin to love to read for the pure joy and it can reduce the feeling of looking at reading as an annoying task when they get older.

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If you read to your child daily you can better prepare them for when they begin to learn how to write and they develop better listening skills.  All this happens in a natural progression when you introduce reading to your child when they are young.

How to begin reading daily with your child

First off mom DO NOT make it difficult.  Keep it simple and casual.  Don’t make it task or some to do list and add pressure to yourself.

What we found that has worked for us has been reading to our children every night before bed with a goal in mind.  We developed a daily habit naturally and our kids took to it and even look forward to it.

  • We have bookshelves in each of our kid’s bedrooms that they can easily pick out any book they would like to read.  It gives them control of the learning process and keeps them excited about it.
  • We joined our local library and each child has their own card
  • We go to the library about every 3 weeks
  • We joined the reading program at our local library called 1000 books before kindergarten

Keeping your reading fun

Kids love working towards goals and the feeling of accomplishment. With the program 1000 books before kindergarten you enroll your child in your local library and get a log. Each log is meant to mark your number of books read. It doesn’t matter if you read the same book more than once. All readings count.

Our son loved the idea of marking off his books in his daily log. Once the log is full your return it to your library for a prize listed on their program. I do think our program could have better incentives. So we do sometimes our own thing on top of the library’s prize.

For pure reading enjoyment

We enjoy the freedom to read when we want and how many books we want. But the best part is that our kids ask to read now. They want to find new books, they look forward to reading time. That makes it all worth it.

My 4-year-old began the program when he was about 2. At the age of 4 now he has read almost 900 books we are very close to the goal of 1000.

The reward has been great his vocabulary is extensive and grows more and more. He has memorized some of his favorite books and sits down and reads them aloud to himself.

How to build your own library

One of the best ways to get your child excited about books is to get them excited about receiving books. LilyPost is an awesome monthly subscription program that delivers books right to your door at 50% of the cost of retail. They also donate a book to a child in need for every box delivered. That’s pretty awesome to be able to give the gift of reading. LilyPost is also a great gift idea for any occasion!! My son loves getting boxes in the mail addressed just to him. That excitement on top of his joy for books makes it all worthwhile.


I also recommend two awesome books you won’t find in the library at least not yet written by two mom friends of mine. These stay at home moms just like me became authors of their very own children’s books which teach great values to kids.

Creating a reading nook or area in your home can also be a fun way to get reading with your child. What ways have you instilled the love of reading in your home? Do you read to your child in other languages besides English?