Best Gel for easy curls as a busy mom

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Are you a busy mom with curly hair who just needs a product to last all day? Have you tried to tame the frizz and keep your curls from looking like a lions mane by mid-morning?  Are you looking for a gel for curly hair that is affordable and actually works? Then Dep Gel is the gel for you.

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I have been using Dep gel for many years now. It has been the best hair gel for frizz. It also is a great gel for humidity.

However, since becoming a stay at home mom combing my hair has become an even lower priority. Typically you will see me rocking a messy bun look 5 out of the 7 days in a  week.

Let’s face it moms taking a shower some days is a luxury.

As a mom who has time for long hair routines.  I know most days I don’t. Which is another main reason I love Dep gel.

Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair

On the days when I do want to rock my curls.  The first thing I do is wash and deep condition. My hairstylist introduced me to Aveda curl shampoo and conditioner

Aveda curl shampoo and conditioner adds moisture, fights frizz and adds shine.

It leaves my hair feeling so clean and it is a plant-based product.

It smells amazing and it leaves your hair not feeling heavy. But clean and light.


Taming the curls

If you have curly hair you know that some type of product in your hair is a must!  I have tried many different curly hair gel products. With no luck of finding anything better for styling my hair then DEP GEL.

Many of the curly hair gel products I have tried didn’t hold up to my active mom life and severe weather I typically deal with in Illinois. 

Dep gel has a very sweet scent and doesn’t flake.  I love that it leaves my curls bouncy but controlled.  No flyaways or frizz EVER!. 

One of the best things about Dep gel is that it lasts the whole day!!  My curls look and feel hydrated and healthy. And During the summer months when humidity is the highest I can confidently go about my day and know I won’t have to run to find a bathroom to try to tame a poof on my head.

Styling curly hair with dep gel

After I towel dry my hair.  Next, I comb through it with a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom working my way to the top of my hair. 

Once all the tangles are out I generously apply Dep gel combing it with my fingers through my hair.  Making sure I cover all areas of the head and the ends I then spritz a bit of hairspray. 

My final step is to diffuse my hair with the blow dryer.  Recently I had to buy a new hairdryer and I love it!

This hair dryer was a must have now and I am so happy with it.

It’s called the VAV 1875W Professional Hair Dryer Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer. 

It has a  far infrared function AC motor with attachments of a  diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and comb. 

First, let us start with the amazing color of this dryer.  I mean a pearl pink, YESS!!   The diffuser is HUGE!  It can gather all my hair and the drying time is quick because of it.  The power behind this blower dryer is awesome which is a must for long hair.

Most people when they see my hair think I spent hours doing it.  Nope!  Not this mama. 

Affordable Dep hair gel for curly hair

When looking for hair products sometimes things can get very expensive.

That’s why I love Dep gel.

It’s so affordable!

So if you are Mom with curly hair and want to face the world and show off your mane give Dep gel a try.  What products or advice do you have for your curly hair?


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