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Flexibility in the workplace and why it’s a second chance for moms

Flexibility in the workplace and why it’s a second chance for moms

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Flexibility in the workplace and why it’s a second chance for moms


With more companies offering remote opportunities and flexibility in the workplace the traditional 9 to 5’s are changing rapidly.  It’s creating a shift in not only how employers are recruiting but also their job descriptions.  Job seekers are more in control of creating a more realistic work-life.  What started this transformation?  Why have more companies joined the shift and do away with the traditional work model?

The Movement

As moms, we experience life-altering changes when we bring little people into the world.  It’s magical!  But it’s also demanding psychically, mentally, and financially.  And if that is not enough you worry about working 40 hrs a week while trying to nurse a baby or function on sleep deprivation.  With the high cost of daycare and life, in general, there is a 50/50 chance you leave your job and stay home or keep working.  What I find interesting is the history of woman equality in the workplace and how it paved a way for us to work.  Now a new movement is moving forward for moms to have a second chance at a career with flexibility in the workplace.

The 21st-century workplace has had to keep up with the demands of its workforce.  People are wanting more freedom from the desk and to truly live a fulfilled life.  People are standing up and taking a stance and are tired of being tied to their desk jobs.  They are tired of trying to fit work into their life and vice versa.  The rate of woman who leave their jobs is more than 43% to stay home and raise their families.  Sometimes this decision to leave is easy and sometimes it is a huge well worth sacrifice.

The revolution has begun

If you are one of the many parents out there frustrated with trying to keep up with work demands while trying to raise a family you are not alone.  When I was a Benefits Coordinator I felt the impact not only as a mother my self but as a professional.  Day in and day out I would process documentation and have conversations with mothers who were invoking their right to exercise the FMLA law.

These women were applying for maternity leave and short-term disability pay.  Each conversation was the same they were allowed FMLA leave per the federal law, were allowed 6-8 weeks for maternity leave and would receive short-term disability pay at 60%.  The excited mothers would sign the paperwork but the overwhelmed glance back was always the dreaded look I hated to see.  Leaving your baby at six weeks is so hard!!

So it’s not difficult to see why mothers/parents are fighting back.  People taking a stand against the 9-5, commute, overworked life it was bound to create a bond between them.  In fact, they started a whole initiative. These people got together and created a picture/glimpse of the changing face of the working world.  But the fight is not over.  By giving people a voice and supporting the objective of more flexible workplaces they have a set goal in mind to get one million people to also raise their hands and join.

The common goal of flexibility

So who/what am I talking about.  This organization I am referring too is called M1illion for work flexibility.  It’s a place where you can join the movement too.  But it’s not hard to see why the brave people at M1illion came together.  They created a voice for the many.  I included.

After having my 2nd child I asked for the possibility to work remote but it was not an option.  After all the factors such as work hours, my husband’s travel schedule, cost of daycare and after-school care, I chose to walk away from the corporate world.  It was the best decision I ever made!  But my heart will always be in Human Resources/Benefits.  I enjoyed helping people and it was gratifying work.  Which is why I stumbled across blogging as a way to regain that.

The goal of M1illion is to create the necessary change for more flexibility in the workplace.  It’s not just a few people either it is a collaboration of companies, non-profits, and businesses who believe the traditional work schedule is outdated and desire for change.  They understand the stress people are under and working hard to support the initiative of work-life balance.

Doing what’s best from your family

If you are a mom or parent who is trying to decide on the best way to manage a family and your career/job the door for more opportunities to do that has already been opened.  Not every mom wants to become a stay at home mom/parent, not every mom/parent can afford to stay home.  You need to do what is best for you and your family.  There are 100’s of job categories beginning to offer flexibility in the workplace with job options for the future.  This alone creates the chance for moms and parents to have a career that works for their lifestyle.

Are you a work from home mom?  If you found this information helpful would love to hear from you.