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2021 after Christmas sale guide for a cleaner tidier home

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Looking to get a jump start on your new year organizing goals or ready to sort out the aftermath of all the new stuff?

After Christmas sales are one of the best times to buy organizing and cleaning tools. 

This is the 2021 guide for you.  I pick the top 5 items that can help you reach your goal faster for a tidier and cleaner home for the new year. 

*This post contains affiliate links and I am an affiliate with Amazon.  This means that if you click-through and make a purchase I receive a small commission (at no cost to you).  I only write and endorse products I personally use, love and what I find helpful in being an awesome mom.  For more details, Click here

SOFT MESH POUCH SET  – Container Store

They are perfect for puzzles, legos, makeup, art crafts, and more.  Versatile and lightweight use them in a file sorting fashion to create easy grab organized bins and drawers.


This year Target has tons of organizing bins, storage shelving units, baskets, and more.  Be sure to check out over 45 pages of organizing tools to help you get tidy for 2022

My top 5 are: 

IDESIGN Linus 6-Section Tray Clear – Container Store 

The key to an organized drawer is keeping this sectioned off.  These clear trays make it simple to achieve that.  Think office supplies, junk drawers, bathroom drawers, makeup, and more. 


iRobot Roomba 670 Robot Vacuum – Walmart

I love my Robot Vacuum and always wanted a Roomba.  I was given a Shark one but this deal is $177 for a Roomba and I think it’s a steal.  I love my robot vacuum. I let it run while I cook in the kitchen or when I am bathing with the kids to help me clean up messes from the day. 


Do you love crafting?  Or maybe have a section of the playroom that needs more organizing.  I have had my eye on these rolling storage carts for a while.  They are easy to sort things and keep it neat without the eyesore of seeing everything that is inside.

My top stores that are having these amazing deals are Target, Walmart, Container Store, Bedbath

&Beyond, and Athome. These stores are having amazing deals on items to help you store everything and get your home in tip-top shape.  

If you like this list be sure to share it and save it.  This list will be done once a year after Christmas to help you reset your home for the new year.  

I know how costly it can be to organize a home and get cleaning tools that help cut cleaning time in half.  This is why I created this post with a few ideas that I think can help. 

Do you shop after Christmas? What are your favorite sales?