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Mom and toddler

Hi! I am Lisa.

I am the mom/wife/blogger to this blog. My family and I live in Chicago. I am a former career-driven mom who is now a stay at home mom.

I have three wonderful kids who each have an amazingly unique personality.  

I am married to the most wonderful 6′ 8″ man ever; he is my world. Yup, you read that right my husband is super tall. : )

I enjoy cleaning, organizing, crafting, decorating my home, traveling the world, anything Disney, and my Jeep.

My background

I worked in the Human Resources profession for almost 10 years. From being an HR manager to specializing in employee benefits. It was through my career in HR that I discovered my passion to help others.

This blog came into existence after I decided to stay home and leave the corporate world to raise our children.

What motherhood has looked like for me

The journey of my motherhood is unique since I have been on both ends of the spectrum (single mom to now stay at home mom). In addition, I have almost 16 years between my oldest and youngest.

Each of my motherhood seasons has had its challenges. But through them, I have gained experience. Therefore I love to encourage other moms from my experience with love and true connection.

Helping overwhelmed moms transition into homemaking, master home management, and create a cleaning system. Allowing her to create more margin in her life and create the haven she desires.

What does Your Mom Village stand for?

I started my blog for multiple reasons. As a way to do utilize my skills and knowledge. I love being creative and I wanted to help contribute to the family finances. But in my own way.

However, it was a calling for me to help other mothers.

Check out this video I did recently for The Pink Book Club

Especially those who decided to leave their career to become full-time homemakers. I found that in order to be successful in transitioning from a career-driven mom to a staying at home there are many changes you go through. It is easy to become overwhelmed when homemaking becomes your everyday.

My mission

To be your friend. Sharing advice from my chronicles of life. Sharing ideas and helping you make your stay at home mommy life a whole lot better.

My goal is to help you create a cleaning routine and home management system so you can thrive as a mom.

I believe your home is your haven, and you should love what’s inside it.

I am a clean freak organizing enthusiast. I enjoy identifying products that can make a difference in a mom’s life by allowing her to simplify her life, live healthier, and have a more productive motherhood.

But what you will find behind these ideas are words of encouragement and a true passion for energizing others. I am a mom just like you!

Former single mom, working corporate mom, to stay at home mom and now work from home mom. I know the struggles and understand there are bad days and good days. A Christian mom just trying to share my God-given gifts. My H.O.P.E. = Help One Person Every day

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About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Lisa

I am your former career-driven mom turned stay at home mom of 3. Here you will find real life solutions to help you manage your home. Tips to help you organize and clean. So you can create the haven your desire while making time to do the things you love most. Check out the shop for printables!


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