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A blog dedicated to moms. I help find solutions, share advice and identify products that can make a difference in a mom’s life by allowing her to simplify her life, live healthier and have a more productive motherhood.

Hi! I am Lisa.

I am the mom/wife/blogger to this blog. My family and I live in Chicago. I am a former single working Mom who is now a stay at home Mom to three wonderful kids who each have an amazingly unique personality.  I am married to the most wonderful 6′ 8″ man ever; he is my world. Yup, you read that right my husband is super tall. : ) I enjoy traveling, crafting, dancing, cleaning, searching the internet, decorating my home, going on day trips (Adventures) with my kids, homeschooling little ones, anything Disney, and my Jeep.

This blog came into existence after I decided to stay home and leave the corporate world to raise our children. The journey of my motherhood is unique since I have been on both ends of the spectrum (single mom to now stay at home mom). In addition, I have almost 16 years between my oldest and youngest.

I started my blog as a way to do something outside of being a mommy. I love being creative and I wanted to help contribute to the family finances.

If there is one thing I have learned about being a mom is that is takes a village! You need people to help you through your mom journey people who will be there for you. My goal is to be your guide in helping you find stuff to make your mommy life a whole lot better.

Mom Gadgets & Gear

We live in an awesome time as mother’s because the internet and technology have changed motherhood in ways I am sure our own mothers never expected. I can contest to that! With having 16 years between my oldest and youngest, the tools I have now were only a dream back then. The invention of food pouches for on the go is like a Godsend!!

I have a passion for research, gadgets, gear and finding healthier options for my family. I love anything that makes motherhood more efficient, productive and that is safer for everyone. Most importantly I love sharing everything I find with the world.

Being an active mom is what I am all about, so you will find products that I love to help achieving being active with your kids. I take daily adventures with my kids and we are a family who loves to travel. Products to help us along our journey is a must.

We have taken our kids around the world. Let me just say preparing to take our kids to China with one of them being under the age of two took TONS of preparation. We managed an 18-hour direct flight and no screaming toddler tantrums.

I invested in some awesome products to create an almost flawless trip happen. That’s why you will find products on this blog that I believe will truly help you live your best motherhood.

Getting things done as a mom

Do you need help cleaning your home? Maybe organizing your notes and notebooks.

These blog post might just help:

Are you a mom who loves the outdoors? Check this post out:

Ready to join me? Let’s rock this motherhood journey together!!!

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